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How to Replace a Valance for Horizontal Blinds

How To Replace A Valance For Horizontal Blinds

Our home is a space that we can create or alter according to our preferences. While we have no control over the external environment, our home is the internal environment that we create. When it comes to building a house or choosing a home, we have certain preferences in terms of layout and arrangement. An important aspect of home decor that is often overlooked is window accents.

Window coverings seem like a very mundane concept. To add some fun personality to your space, valances are a great way to do so. These distinct window accents stay affixed on top of your window regardless of whether you have curtains or blinds. They’re an additional and versatile way to dress up your window as they come in various options to you to pick from.

Valances were initially popularly paired with curtains as they brought out the charm of drapery, but they can also be paired with blinds too!

What are Valances?

When it comes to decorating your space, every little item adds on to the effect. Right from the color, to the shapes and sizes, everything has to be aesthetically perfect. That’s where valances come into the picture. There is a huge space between the top of the window and the roof, you can introduce a fun pop of color to it through valances.

Valances are a unique form of window treatment that is fixed on top of a window. What is unique about them is that they can be a stand-alone piece or be paired with various blinds and drapes. These are also available in various shapes, patterns and sizes all dependent on you need or your decorative idea.
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What are the Benefits of Investing in Valances?

When people consider valances, they are considered for purely decorative reasons. They are looked at for how they contribute to the overall appeal of the house and not their functionality. They are known for their diverse range of shapes, colors, and sizes that they come for.

1) Valances are inserted on the top part of the window for that extra bit of personality while controlling the amount of light entering your space. You now enjoy sunny days away from the harsh hot sun rays!
2) Apart from adding some fun personality to your space, valances are also easy to maintain, now adding color to any room is easy and long-lasting as well.
3) Valances are functional as well. Apart from the design the bring they also protect the top portion of your fixtures. Let’s say you have some horizontal blinds attached, then these window treatments will protect the top portion of your blinds where they are fit. They are also great at hiding any unsightly brackets or blind mechanisms. The same applies to curtains too!
4) Looking for cute yet minimalistic ways to brighten up your space? That’s what valances are for. They brighten up your space but to give your space a truly cohesive and complete look are what valances are for. They come in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs and more! No matter what your window size is or curtain colors are what blinds you have, there are valances for it all!
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How to Replace Valances for Horizontal Blinds?

When it comes to installing or replacement of valances for horizontal blinds, people often get intimidated by the technicalities. For installing valances, you need to install the valance clips to the blinds. This way you install or position these clips that vary from the type of blind you have. To successfully install the clips, you’ll need to first identify the valance clip and also identify what kind of mounts do your blinds have whether they are inside mount or outside mount. You will also need to remove the C-shape dent of the valance clip before attaching them to your blinds.

Whether it’s for replacement or installing brand new valances, you’ll have to remove your blinds to install the new clips or take out the previous clips. Depending on the type of clip you have once you’ve identified it, you’ll have to look at the technicalities of attaching it. These are just a few things to keep in mind but the process is simple, quick and just what you need to do to introduce a pop of color to your space.