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How to Remove Roman Blinds from your Window for Cleaning

How To Remove Roman Blinds For Cleaning

What are Roman Blinds?

Most of the homeowners who have used different types of window treatments like shades, blinds and drapes swear by the latter. Drapes are a classic beauty that has time and again stolen the show with their elegance and luxurious appeal. When in doubt, people have resorted to drapes as the easiest way out. This is also the reason which accounts for the sustained popularity of Roman Shades over the years. Roman Shades are made of fabric which gives them that touch of luxurious appeal and gracefulness. These shades are similar to drapes but designed to function as a blind. When raised they pleat and collect at the top. It is because of their similarity with curtains and drapes that they are often referred to as a hybrid of a curtain and a blind.

Types of Roman Blinds

You can choose from a plethora of materials, designs, textures and styles to suit your home decor and also appeal to your sense. They emit warmth and help to soften the tough edges and straight lines in a room. They are perfect for any decor and room. There are three styles that customers can choose from namely:
• Hobbled fold which consists of loops of fabrics that extends down to the bottom of the blind
• Flat fold made with a single piece of fabric and good for contemporary home decor.
• Relaxed Roman Blind that has a casual flair. They have cords that run vertically instead of horizontally.

How to Clean Roman Shades

With the right choice of fabric, Roman Shades can last for years and enjoy a stylish life. Much however depends upon how well they are taken care of and maintained.

Roman shades little maintenance and one of the easiest shades to maintain and care for. Regular cleaning is prescribed which will require less deep cleaning. It will help the blinds to last longer and look better. You can use a vacuum to help get rid of loose dirt and dust. When using a vacuum, take care to use the brush attachment so that it is gentle enough on the Roman Shades. Using any other attachment can cause irreparable damage to the blinds. Keep the blinds fully open and then use a downward stroke to clean the blinds. The top of the blinds tend to collect a lot of dust over a period of time and can also go unnoticed, so you must take special care to clean the top when vacuuming.
Cleaning Roman Blinds
Stain Removal
To remove stubborn stains from the Roman blinds all you need is a clean and damp cloth. Give a gentle rub on the blinds to help remove the stains. Do not scrub or use too much pressure. It can damage your delicate blinds. If the stains refuse to come off you can go ahead and use a fabric stain remover. But before you use it, check with your manufacturer to see if this type of cleaner is recommended or not.
Cleaning Tips for Roman Shades
Steam Cleaning
If Roman Shades become extremely dirty and machine washing is not feasible, steam cleaning is the best option. Steam is good as it will not cause any damage to your blinds as some materials don’t react too well with water. When using steam, check the heat to prevent the blinds from getting scalded or getting too damp.
Steam Cleaning Roman Blinds
Dry Cleaning & Removal of Roman Shades
Sometimes your Roman Blinds may need professional assistance in cleaning. If the blinds are heavily stained and normal home cleaning does not suffice it is advisable to take them to the dry cleaner for deep cleaning. For this purpose, the blinds need to be removed from the headrail.

How to Remove Roman Shades

The removal procedure of Roman Shades and Cellular Shades are similar as their mounting brackets are the same. Depending upon the type of Roman Shade you have the mounting brackets that can differ.

Removal of Standard Roman Shades
Standard Roman Shades have two mounting brackets on either end of the shades. To remove the shades, perform the following steps:

• The headrail of the shades needs to pressed backward. This will help to release the backside of the headrail from the headrail.
• Now the back of the headrail has to be tilted away from the brackets.
• Slowly pull the shades forwards which will detach them from the brackets.
• You can remove the brackets as well by unscrewing the screws. Since you are removing the shades for cleaning and will be put back once the cleaning is over there is no need for removing the brackets.

Removal of Cordless Roman Shades

Standard and Cordless Roman Shades function differently and hence the removal procedure will also be different. The removal procedure of cordless Roman Shades is similar to the removal of standard Roller Shades.

• By inserting a screwdriver into the bracket behind the headrail, release the back of the headrail from the mounting brackets.
• Next, the backside of the headrail has to be lowered away from the brackets.
• The headrail needs to be lifted up and then taken off from the front of the brackets.
• Next, remove the screws and the mounting brackets. If you are removing the blinds for cleaning the brackets need not be removed.
Place the shades back to the windows carefully once your Roman Blinds have been cleaned well.