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How To Remove Extra Slats From Faux Wood Blinds

How To Remove Extra Slats From Faux Wood Blinds

Have Extra Slats? Let’s Fix That

Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to make some changes for your bathroom or kitchen arena, you should consider window decor as an integral part of the overall interior project. Window blinds play a major role in our house as they offer natural light to let in, preserve outside views while maintaining the privacy level. But these areas require some water and moisture resistant window treatments that can withstand high humidity without warping or cracking. In this scenario, faux wood blinds are a great choice which is practical, durable, long-lasting, and economical compared to other window solutions. When purchasing these blinds, nothing can be better than a truly custom window dressing. But problems occur. Sometimes the possibility is there that your blinds may come in an incorrect size, it can be due to a measuring fault or some other mistake and your blinds may seem to be too long for your windows. There might be several problems that can arise when you have got an over-sized product.

Though faux wood blinds are sturdy when you install the small-sized dressing forcefully on the window, it can easily blend or break, making the window look unattractive while creating functional issues. Even if the blinds touch the floor, it can create problems like strangulation for your little ones or your pet can easily pull them down from the window which could be dangerous for your home. The only solution to this problem is to take out the extra slats which are causing hassles. In this article, we will show you how to remove the extra slats from faux wood blinds, which is easy to do at home and does not require any professional help.
Removing Faux Wood Blind Slats

Eliminating Slats from Faux Wood Blinds

If your blind is longer enough than the length and width of the standard windows, then it’s highly recommended to take out the extra slats in order to maintain a functional smoothness while making the blinds look elegant on the windows. Bring the blinds to the correct size to fit the windows perfectly. Check out the below step by step instructions for removing the bottom slats to shorten the length of faux wood blinds.

● Step 1: Pull down the blinds completely and determine how many extra slats are hanging below the window sill. It is the very first and extremely important step to know how much length you need for the blind.

● Step 2: Find out the plugs which are made of plastic and situated on the side of the bottom rail(the last slat of the blind). Depending on the blind width, there should be 2 or 3 plugs available.

● Step 3: Lift the window blind, hold the plug, and you will see the lift cord. Now, slide the plug up the cord which will reveal a small knot. Trim the lift cord above the knot using a scissor. Then pull the plug off the cut end of the cord and repeat the same process for the other plugs also.

● Step 4: Take out the bottom rail from the ladder cord.

● Step 5: Pull the lift cords out from each slat and then take off the slats you want to eliminate.

● Step 6: Now, knot the bottom rail back to the ladder.

● Step 7: Use the bottom rail to insert the lift cords through the holes. Be sure that the lift cords are hanging straight.

● Step 8: Lift the bottom rail and keep it on the window sill. Rotate the blind slats in a horizontal direction. Then move the bottom rail from the sill and let the blinds hang from the string ladder.

● Step 9: The next step involves threading the cords through plugs and letting the plugs hang freely from the end of the lift cords.

● Step 10: Trim the string ladder about a few inches.

● Step 11: To hold the string ladder, tie square knots at both the ends and insert the knots in plug openings. Now, drive the plugs into the openings.

In this way, you can easily remove the extra slats from faux wood blinds. Now, open and close the blinds to make sure that they are working smoothly and evenly. These simple steps can shorten your faux wood blinds to your ideal length. But it’s always recommended to look for the help of the professional as a small mistake can ruin the aesthetics of the blinds completely while hampering the functions. So, before you get started, check with the manufacturers for an error-free procedure because ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage that happens during the task.

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