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How to Remove Your Existing Venetian Blinds from Your Window?

How to Remove Your Existing Venetian Blinds from Your Window?

With spring just around the corner, it is time to give your home a new look. Spring is the time when your home gets a fresh breath of life, with the sunny spells becoming more frequent and the air starting to get warmer, giving a taste of what is yet to come. So, now is as good a time as any to start redecorating your home.

Venetian blinds have been around for a long time. They are a versatile option for windows in any room. Mostly used for light filtering, the blinds are also great for privacy and ventilation. Venetian blinds can be customized to fit any odd shaped window, giving them a well-defined look. Aluminium Venetian blinds are exceptionally popular, as these blinds provide great resistance to moisture, making them perfect for kitchen and bathroom. With proper care, these blinds can last for decades. No wonder Venetian blinds are so popular.

However, they do cover the whole window. If you are fond of the view and would love to get uninterrupted sunlight, you might want to replace them with something else. Innovations in the field of window treatment solutions have made it possible for homeowners to opt for different window covering according to the changing requirements of each season.

Cordless Venetian Blackout Blinds

How to Remove Your Existing Venetian Blinds

You will be able to remove your existing blinds all by yourself in a few easy steps. Give it a nice clean before you proceed, as it will save work later on. Cleaning and storage information are given in the following section.

Step 1: Use the cord to lift the blind slats all the way up, so that they are nicely bunched up together.

Step 2: You will notice that there are bracket clips on both the brackets which keep the headrail attached to the bracket. Lift the bracket clips up. This will release the blind.

Step 3: Use both the hands to grab the blind and gently slide the Venetian blind out of the brackets.

For spring loaded Venetian blinds, step 2 will be a bit different.

Step 2 (Spring loaded Venetian blinds): You will not have to release the clips. Just push the blind in and give it a downward turn, toward your direction, and it will get detached from the bracket.

How to Clean and Store Venetian Blinds for Future Use

If you have plans to use your Venetian blinds later, it would be a good idea to clean and store them away properly.

Cleaning: It will be easier if you clean the blinds before you get the blinds down. You can clean venetian blinds with a damp cloth or a duster. If you use a damp cloth, you need to dry the slats properly before you can pack it away. You can also treat yourself to a Venetian blind cleaner brush. Use a right to left motion, along the slats, to wipe-clean the slats.

Storing: You will have to store the blinds in a closed position. Try to keep the slats straight and compressed. Wooden blinds need to be stored in a dry place. A long, narrow box will be a good idea.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Some Spring Blind Ideas

Now that you have taken down your Venetian blinds, you can dress up your windows in coverings that are perfect for the beautiful spring weather. Here are some ideas that you might find helpful.

Solar Blinds

To get an uninterrupted view of the spring bloom, opt for solar blinds. These blinds would give you an uninterrupted view of the outside, white cutting off the glare and heat. You will also have protection against heat loss. So, now you can enjoy the full benefit of the sun, with none of the discomfort that comes with it. You will also preserve the privacy during the day, as these blinds obstruct the view from the outside, leaving you to enjoy nature in peace. At night time however, it is recommended to get another type of blind for privacy.

Solar Roller Shades

Vertical Blinds

Another great option for spring is the Vertical blinds. These blinds can be had in large or small slats. Large slats provide a better view and when closed, provide greater insulation. Smaller slats are great for privacy, but leave fewer gaps to see through. However, the slats, irrespective of size, can be tilted at different angles, to let in as much light as you wish. You can also position the slats to move the sun away from any furniture.

Safe Vertical Blinds

Dual Roller Shades

When a clever mix of light-control and privacy is required, you can go for dual roller shades. These shades have two fabrics hanging from a single headrail. You can have your room facing fabric in light filtering fabric, which would give you plenty of natural light without any of the glare. When you require a good sleep, or wish to cut off the light completely to enjoy your digital time, use the outer room darkening fabric to cut off all light. The same would be applicable to privacy as well. The light filtering fabric will shield the interiors from outside. But as the lights come on inside, you can lower the room-darkening fabric to enjoy absolute privacy.

Dual Roller Blackout Blinds

Natural Woven Wood Blinds

Go natural with natural woven wood blinds this spring. Usher in the summer with an earthen style with these gorgeous natural wood woven blinds. Sustainably resourced and bio-decomposable, these blinds would be a big step in reducing your carbon footprint. Available in a variety of weave-pattern, as well as density, these blinds will offer you great relief from rising temperatures, while weaving delicate patterns of light throughout your house.

Make your house look good this spring with these gorgeous window treatment options and enjoy the good weather in style.