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How to Remove Blinds with Metal Clips

How to Remove Blinds with Metal Clips

Knowing how to remove blinds is important these days. With the trending window treatments changing very often, you might have to change the blinds in your rooms very often to keep up with the emerging trends. You might even want to replace your blinds with curtains, shades or shutters to mix things up a bit. Or, it simply might be that you want to clean the slats of the shades and give it a thorough maintenance check.

Regardless of whether you want to replace old blinds with new ones, or simple detach them temporarily in order to clean them, you will have to know how to remove blinds. Thankfully removing blinds is a simple task that takes little time and less effort. It can be certainly considered as a home project or a DIY task. It is an essential task that you might need in your arsenal of home décor projects to make future tasks easier.

So How Do I Remove the Blinds?

In a step-by-step manner, you can learn how to remove the blinds in your room easily.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

Step 1 – Opening the Blinds to their full extent

If the blinds are not opened (raised) in their entirety, it can cause damage to the slats of the blinds while they are being removed. In order to open the blinds, the cords of the blinds must be pulled down to their maximum potential. Then, they must be pressed further against the cover and metal bar which is placed at the upper of the window.

 Step 2 – Undoing and detaching the top cover

In order to complete the process of removal, you will need to have unhindered access to the brackets of the blinds. The brackets keep the blinds in their fixed position. In order to get to the brackets, the cover at the top of the blinds have to be removed.

There will be a cover on the top of the blinds that can be popped open. This is usually a part of most blinds, however, if you find that your blinds do not have cover on the top, you can skip to the next step. The covers are fastened to upper portions of the blinds with multiple metal clips. You will have to unfasten the clips with a screwdriver or a flat tool to pop them open.

Often, blinds can have a box, valance, cornices or a box over the headrail that conceal the brackets from the naked eye. If you have blinds with such compartments, they will also be attached to the top of the blinds with metal clips which you can use a screwdriver to snap off.

A word of caution: While dismantling the top cover, make sure you are gentle with it. If pulled, pushed or prodded too hard, the pressure can cause the upper portion to crack into smaller pieces. They are somewhat fragile.

Step 3 – Determining the position of the brackets

There are different types of blinds that can be determined solely by where the brackets are located. In order to get the blinds loose and removed, locating the brackets are a necessity. Not all blinds have their brackets in the same spot. They differ from blind to blind.

In some blinds, there are metal clips that are prominent and visible in front of the blinds. One of the metal clips is on the extreme right while the other is on the extreme left. They hold the blinds around their front side. When the brackets are fixed in this position, it is extremely easy to find. If you do not find the metal clips on the front, you may be able to find them in the gap in between the blinds and the upper portion of the window that is fixed to the wall.

Step 4 – Loosening the Blinds

Procure a flat head screwdriver. Now, while holding the blinds in their position, use the flat head screwdriver to undo the fastening of the metal clips or the brackets.

A word of caution: It is crucial to make sure you are holding the blinds in their position while you pop open the metal clips. Failure to do so can result in blinds falling as soon as the metal clips come undone. This is because the metal clips hold the blinds together and since they are popped open in this step, you need to replace them with your hands.

Step 5 – Removing the Blinds –

Now that the brackets have been opened, this part is fairly uncomplicated. First, hold on to the top of your blinds. You might have to slightly change the position of your hands from the previous step to make sure you grab one end of the blinds on each hand.

Now, pull the blinds away from the window and towards your body, while holding them in the same position. If the blinds do not come off easily, it means that you might have missed some other metal clips or brackets and you need to pop them open. This means that the blinds need to be inspected once again. Perform the instructions specified in Step 4 with your flat head screwdriver until you achieve the desired result.

Step 6 – Installing your new blinds

This is an optional step. Once you are successful in removing the blinds, your next step is to naturally, add the new window treatment that you had in mind (which is probably why you removed the blinds that were already attached to the window). Your next step can also be to place back the blinds you just removed after cleaning them.

There are a variety of window treatments that you can try once the new blinds are removed. Different types of blinds than the ones you just removed, shades or event curtains. Here are some basic instructions to follow. If you do not want to use blinds again, check for hooks or brackets on the wall just to understand how your previous blinds were installed. You will find some of them which can be removed with the help of screwdriver. Once the wall is totally plain, the holes can be filled with putty. If you paint over the holes, your wall will look as good as new and you can treat your windows as you wish from now on.

Removing blinds are simple processes that can be figured out easily. As long as you can remove the top cover and locate the brackets and metal clips you are good to go. Obviously, different types of blinds such as spring-loaded ones or vertical ones have a slightly varied mechanism that might need some adapting from the general instructions. It is recommended that you read these instructions along with a video or  pictured steps of some sort.

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