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How to Remove A Roller Blind for Cleaning

How To Remove A Roller Blind for Cleaning

Blinds Need Cleaning

When you have window blinds and shades in your homes, your job doesn’t end with getting them installed. Blinds need periodic and thorough cleaning from time to time to ensure that they are dust-free and prevent the breeding of viruses and germs. Blinds loaded with dust cannot function to the best of their ability. Sometimes blinds that are installed in moisture-laden rooms like kitchens and bathrooms may acquire stubborn stains that need to be washed and dried. Every blind needs special care and maintenance so that they are cleaned but not damaged and ruined.

What are Roller Shades?

Roller Shades are among the most versatile window treatment you can have for your homes. They come with straight clean lines and perfect for minimalistic and contemporary homes. They are available in fabrics ranging from light filtering to room darkening and blackout ones. There are dual Roller Shades that look to combine the best of light filtering sheer shades with blackout shades for addressing your need for natural light, privacy and complete darkness at different times of the day.

How to Clean Roller Shades?

Dusting & Washing
To maintain your Roller Blinds you need to vacuum and wipe your blinds on a regular basis. Use the brush tool attachment of your vacuum to thoroughly clean all the dirt, dust, and even small bugs that tend to collect from time to time. If you find stains that are hard to remove by dusting you can combine a mild detergent and lukewarm water and use a sponge to clean the shades. Completely squeeze the water out and wipe the shade from top to bottom. Do not saturate your shades as it can ruin them and leave watermarks on the shades.

Need for Professional Intervention
Sometimes none of these home remedies work. A tough stubborn stain may not be removable at home and you will need professional intervention. In that case, the shades need to be removed from the brackets. Dismantling your Roller Shades is easy and you need to follow a few steps to take the shades down.

Close the Shades
If you want to remove the Roller Shades close the shades completely. Give the blind cord a pull so that the fabric and the blinds rolls do not cover the windows. This step is important as it will help to protect your blinds when you remove them from the brackets. Also, it will not obstruct your view.

Undo Child Safety Device
Undo the child safety device. There will be a p-clip or a chain tensioner that has the child safety device in place. Remove these because the device can inhibit the movement of the blinds.

Assess Bracket Type
Once you have closed the blinds located on either side of the blind a mounting bracket. These are the brackets that help to hold the blind in place. On one side you will find a protruding piece of plastic or metal that goes into the center of the blind and holds it in place. On the other side, there will be brackets that clamp shut around the end of the roller. You may find some support at the middle of the blind but these remain unlocked at most times. When the other two brackets are released the blind will simply slide down without encountering any resistance.
The side of the blind which has the clamp needs your attention first. The clamp acts as a small door. Swing the clamp open like a door and it will allow the blind to be pulled forward. Pull the blind towards you to clear it from the window frame. Once you can pull the blind forward you can move it to your right or left to remove it from the adjacent bracket. During this time take precautions to prevent the Roller Shade from slipping from your hands and falling down now that it is no longer attached to the window.

Remove Brackets
If you are removing the blinds for a cleanup then brackets need not be removed as you will be putting the blind back once they come back cleaned and well treated. However, in case you are opening the blinds to get them replaced then the brackets need to go as well. Each bracket is fixed to the wall with the help of two or three screws. Unscrew them and take the brackets off. Apply a little filler where the brackets were mounted and add a dab of paint to finish it off.

You have successfully removed the Roller Shades from the windows and they are ready to send for cleaning. Get them thoroughly cleaned before putting them back to the windows which is simple as the mounting brackets are already in place. You simply need to slip the headrail and close the bracket clamps. Replace the child safety device and check that the blinds can be smoothly raised and lowered. Remember, before cleaning – make sure you check your manual or with your manufacturer to see what kinds of cleaning are appropriate for your shade material.