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Outdoor shades outside.

Humidity. Heat. If these are the first two words that come to mind when you think of summer, then perhaps it is not your favorite time of the year. For many, summer presents a time for fun activities such as picnics, barbeques and festivals. But if the excess heat that the months of June, July and August bring force you to stay away from these types of events, then you simply aren’t a summer person. Moreover, the heat that comes in these months aren’t just limited to the outdoors, they also find a way to creep into your home, making you dislike the season even more.

So how do you keep this unwanted heat out? Do you simply just blast your air conditioning? Sure, you can do that, but it is certainly not cost effective nor a very eco-friendly way to keep comfortable. Allow us to suggest another way: by covering your windows with modern day window treatments that help you insulate your home.

Stop the Sun from the Outside

What if we told you that you can have a window treatment that gives you control over the sun’s UV rays from the outside. What if we told you that you can use this exterior shade in outdoor spaces like a deck or just outside your window’s exterior. Exterior solar shades are such a type of shade that can do all of this and as a window covering, it acts as a great way in blocking out the sun and preventing solar heat gain.

Outdoor solar shades in a deck.

Now what if we told you that this shade has the ability to be controlled with a touch of a button. Well with motorized exterior solar shades you can achieve this. They are extremely useful if you want to put the shades on a second floor or higher, as you can control them without having to reach outside or go up a ladder. With a remote control, you can operate the motorized outdoor shades to open and close as needed and give you the requisite light control, allowing you to help keep cool in the summer.

Combine Sun Blocking with Insulation

If blocking the sun and preventing solar heat gain isn’t enough heat prevention for you, if the hot air outside that comes in through your glass windows still overwhelms you, then we would like to suggest cellular shades for you. These shades are able to do this through its pocket structure of hexagons stacked on each other. When the shade is open, the pockets trap air, creating a barrier in front of your windows which keeps cool, air-conditioned air indoors and keeping hot, sun-baked air outdoors.

Glass windows are some of the biggest culprits in allowing all that unwanted summer heat in. They create a greenhouse effect as sunlight comes, known as solar heat gain, and they are very poor at insulation. The sun-baked hot air has an easy way in through the glass, further warming up the air inside your house. Shades offer a method of protection against this heat, and are especially important if your house does not have air conditioning.

Keep the Heat Outdoors

Air conditioning has become a necessity for modern homes in cities today. With climate change, the weather becomes more unpredictable and more extreme and warm summers turn into very hot ones. With that fact, you are forced to use your AC more and more, keeping your home comfortable but also eating up your hard earned cash.

With the shades mentioned above, you can help keep that heat outdoors and use the AC less, increasing your energy efficiency, lowering your carbon footprint, and helping you save on your energy bills. Sustainable living is becoming imperative given the planet’s current trajectory. Making your home more energy efficient is a great way to do this, as you won’t have to worry about blasting your AC too much. Keeping the summer heat outdoors with the requisite window treatments will help you achieve this, helping the planet and all of us even if incrementally.

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