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How to Recharge Or Replace Your Graber Battery Pack

How to Recharge Or Replace Your Graber Battery Pack

When it comes to motorized window shades, one of the most crucial aspects that we need to consider is the power type. It’s essential to know what kind of power your window treatment requires because that decides other factors as well like how to mount them, what are the benefits after installation, longevity, energy efficiency, etc. There are different ways to power your shades including battery, solar power, and plug-in power. Among all, battery-driven motorized shades are the most popular as you don’t have to think about electric outlets or power cords after installation. It does not matter if your windows are not located near a power socket. Battery-operated shades are available in three varieties, namely, built-in rechargeable, external rechargeable and non-rechargeable.High tech Graber shades are always convenient, permitting you to easily open and close your shades to create an ideal indoor atmosphere. When you have hard to reach or large windows, these shades are highly recommended as they offer ultimate luxury along with pleasure. If you desire to maintain the smoothness of functionality, ease of use, then you need to be aware of the kind of maintenance that an automated shade would require, when it comes to changing or charging your batteries.
Z-Wave Enabled Solar Shades

Replacing Non-rechargeable Batteries

Generally, the number of batteries depends on the size and shape of the window covering but you might require a minimum of 3 to 8. Motorized shades usually require the use of lithium or alkaline batteries. For Graber shades, window specialists highly suggest 8 AA Lithium-Ion batteries. If you are concerned about the beauty of your windows, then these batteries are an elegant choice as they are unnoticeable and do not take much space.

The lifespan of these batteries is dependent on multiple factors including battery type, the frequency of usage, and window shade size. Let’s say it varies from person to person depending on how often they are accessing the dressings and how large your window is. And also heavier window treatments prone to use battery power more quickly. So, over time, these batteries reduce the work efficiency and they have to be replaced with the new one. Check out the below steps to of battery replacement –

  • Before you get started, unplug the battery pack from the shade to ensure safety precautions.
  • Look for the tube which is a part of the hardware and has a slot with it. Once you get the tube, remove the slot and you will find the batteries.
  • Remove the batteries and other components using a screwdriver. The tube has holes which help them to push out.
  • In the final step, push the new batteries inside. Look for professional help if you are not sure about how to insert them.
  • Check the operation once to ensure they are opening and closing without any complication.

Replacing batteries is not a big task and does not require any specific instruction. All you have to do is find the right slot and fit them into that.

Recharging Your Graber Battery Pack

Recently, Graber has launched the new virtual cord Z-wave rechargeable battery. The main advantage of this battery package is you don’t have to replace them every year. Charge the 12v battery pack for 5-6 hours and they will last about 1 year, depending on the usage and shade size. The batteries can be charged 500 times without battery degradation.

Recharging this battery is simple. When the shades stop working, take the battery charger and locate the rechargeable battery port. Plug-in the charger on the wall outlet and attach the other end to the shade charging port. It will take a maximum 6 hours for a full charge.

This battery pack is the best alternative to regular batteries which saves the user’s time and money. This package is compatible with all Graber’s Virtual Cord Z-wave shades and they can be fitted to your existing shades as well. Installing these shades with rechargeable batteries ensure a hassle-free installation that offers your windows a modern and smart appeal. These batteries are going to be the most demanding, especially for those who have more than one window in the house and don’t want to waste money.
Graber Z-Wave Rechargeable Battery Pack

Whether you are planning to give your interior a renovation or just looking for an update with smart window treatments, consider the advantages of this battery pack that comes with this treatment. Rather than opting for normal batteries, it’s great to have a Graber battery pack which requires only recharging and no replacement.

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