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How To Put Up Curtains With A Valance

How To Put Up Curtains With A Valance

While there are multiple options available for your windows, window curtains with a valance are surely one of the best. They can be your best bet as they enhance your home aesthetics to the highest level, along with putting more value to the space. You might feel that the windows need something to acquire a finished look; curtains with valances fill that void.

Adding elegance to your home and windows is not the only priority. Curtains hanging from valances also provide functional benefits. They can adjust the amount of natural light coming inside, provide better insulation, and also give you a better sense of privacy.

If you are new to this and don’t know where to start, lets start from what a valance is.

What is a valance?

Valances are decorative window treatments which cover the top most part of your window panes. They come with a variety of styles, designs, and materials to suit your overall home décor or individual themes of your rooms. They are also great for hiding the window hardware. You can easily pair them with curtains like sheer or translucent ones to give a proper finishing to your window décor.

Are valances out of style?

The answer to this question thoroughly depends on the type and style you’re choosing. Valances that match with the curtains can dramatically bring out the beauty and relevance of them, while adding a timeless factor. On the other hand, wrong matches for your windows can really make them look out of place and irrelevant. So, to decide what suits best for your windows, you must go through the designs and types available. After that, the rest depends on the installation and maintenance.

  • Putting up curtains with a valance:

Before installing your curtains and a valance, you need to select the type that will match with your overall décor. The styles you choose can make a noticeable difference in terms of design. In that matter, you primarily get two types of designs. One type is a board mounting valance and the other type is a pole mounting valance.

Board mounted valances hang from a lumber board, which are great for hiding the window hardware from showing. They allow the fabric to spread and fall more freely that it would from a curtain rod. The overall setup brings out a minimalistic feel to your windows while being functionable. Board mounting valances suit better with modern homes with a sophisticated design.

Unlike the former, pole mounted valances need stitching with a heading style of your choice in order to hang from the curtain rod. If you want to go with an informal or casual look, pole mounted valances are an excellent choice.

  • Matching the valance with the curtains :

It is essential to match your valances with the curtains to bring out the desired look. The fabric of both the items should go together. Although you can use the same fabric or material of your curtains for the valances, experimenting with other possibilities is certainly a great choice. For example, if you have solid colour curtains, going with a more patterned valance will complement each other. Or, bold coloured curtains will nicely pair up with a neutral valance. In this way, you can combine endlessly and come up with your personalised choice.

  • Valance heading and pleating styles :

Valance heading and pleating styles can really spice up your windows. Different valance headings require varied pleating styles, and sometimes no pleating at all.

For board mounted valances, there is no need of pleating. The flat look is more suitable for a minimalistic approach. If you’re after a more relaxed board mounting, pinch pleats or box pleat will look good. Scalloped valances also work excellently for informal spaces.

Modern pole mounted valances come with two options. Go with a flat panel if you’re after a sleek, simple look. Otherwise, grommet top heading with metal eyelets can be an excellent choice, too. The eyelets sit on even spacings, which allows the curtain to hang in loose and wide, allowing for a uniform design.

Designs like small pinch pleats go nicely with a traditional pole mounted valances. Invert box pleats also work well. They typically hang on rings, which gives them an elevated feel; structured pleats give a more relaxed look to complement each other.

A rustic pole mounted valance might be an odd, but wonderful choice for your windows. To create this, choose a heading that doesn’t show the hardware such as the curtain rod, or the tab tops. This design is best for concealing the flashy metal rod under the gentle pleats of the fabric.

  • Steps for installing curtains with a valance :

The first step before you put up a nice window décor is gathering the right tools. You can make a list of items to get the job done. The list will include – a tape measure, a pencil, drilling equipment, valance rods, curtain rods, wall-mounting brackets, screws, and a level.

Getting the measurements always helps you to get the installation perfect and in place. It is also important for choosing the right hardware.

The wall mounting brackets for the curtain rod will always be the half length of the mounting brackets for valance.

Use a measuring tape and pencil for curtain rod’s placement. You may need to go higher or lower depending on the curtain length. After that, place the valance bracket just above the rod.

Make sure to put the curtains first, always; Then put the valance over it, and you’re done.

Curtains with valances are essential if you want to add style and personality in your home décor. With elegance, the functionality they offer always puts them in high demand.  

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blinds manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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