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How to Purchase Wooden Blinds Online?

How To Purchase Wooden Blinds Online

Windows and doors are very functional and important focal points in our homes and hence these also need proper care and facelift. When dressing up the interiors of our houses, we give a lot of thought to every little detail whether it is the choice of wall paint, the kind of paintings, showpieces, furniture or any other decorative motif. Windows also need to be accounted for if you want a flawless home décor and a comfortable environment inside your house. Blinds, shades and other types of coverings are great options to dress up the windows and doors in your house.

Selecting the right kind of blinds can be a tricky task with so many options available across all the brands. Wooden blinds are a great choice when you are confused for so many reasons. Not only are these blinds very sturdy but they also provide very good insulation against the Sun’s heat. The light control is also very great with the wooden blinds. These last a long time and will outlast most other types of window treatments installed in your house.
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Why You Should Go for Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds have many things going right for them. These blinds are a very popular choice amongst the buyers who are looking for window coverings that go well with all kinds of interiors and don’t want to invest in the same too frequently. Let us look at some of the reasons why wooden blinds are perfect for you:

• Aesthetics: Wooden blinds look great irrespective of the décor around them. The familiar grainy texture stands out and completes the look and feel of the interiors. These are vibrant enough for home settings and sober enough to be apt for offices too. This aesthetic versatility makes sure that you never go wrong with wood blinds.

• Longevity: Wooden blinds are made from either natural wood, composite wood or faux wood. But what is common is that these blinds are very resilient and hence will last you a long time. This is a major perk of opting for wood blinds. The return on investment is also great thanks to their longevity.

• Better heat control: Wooden blinds provide better insulation thanks to the thicker natural wood which the slats are made up of. Superior insulation translates into better heat control. During the summers, these blinds keep the interiors cooler and keep the same warmer during winters by preventing the heat from escaping out into the outside chill.

• Superior light control: The wooden blinds also provide you with more control over the amount of light entering the house. The glare or UV exposure is not going to be an issue with the wooden blinds. If your house is situated in an area that receives plenty of sunshine, you will be better off having the wooden blinds installed to keep the interior cool and comfortable.

• Cost-effectiveness: Wooden blinds last long and hence prove to be very cost-effective in the long run. Since you do not have to invest in new blinds or maintain the ones you have that frequently, you end up saving up significantly on that expense. Better heat control also allows the air-conditioning system in your house to perform more efficiently. This again helps you reduce your energy bills.

• A high degree of customizability: Wood blinds are very customizable and hence are preferred for installation of awkwardly-shaped or difficult to reach windows. Also, if you want to make a unique style statement, some cool customizations will surely leave a lasting impression. With wooden blinds, you can do that without worry.
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Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Wooden Blinds Online

Purchasing things online is super-convenient and now with so-many e-commerce websites in play, you get a lot of variety and price options. The same is true for window treatment products too. You have both brand websites and multi-brand e-commerce portals selling the best window coverings for your homes and offices alike. While purchasing window coverings online is a great option, you need to be a bit more aware and careful to get the most out of your purchase. Let us look at some of the things you need to keep in mind while purchasing wooden blinds online:

• Awareness of your requirements: Before going ahead with the purchase, you need to be clear in your mind as to why you are buying the blinds, what your requirements are and such things. Once you have that sorted out, you will know which type of blinds will be best for you. If you are looking to minimize heat gain inside the rooms, wooden blinds are perfect for you. However, if you want some light-filtration but also want to keep the view of the outside while the blinds are closed, wooden blinds will not be the right option.

• Area of installation: You need to consider the specific issues and requirements that arise due to the location of the windows before finalizing your purchase decision. If you want to install blinds in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc., blinds made from natural wood will not be a great choice. The natural wood does not handle moisture too well and hence if you opt for natural wood blinds you will run the risk of blinds getting damaged sooner than your expectations. You can opt for composite wood or faux wood blinds in such cases. Composite wood is coated with water-repellent material and hence does not damage due to moisture and the same is true for faux wood blinds too.

• Your budget and better value for purchase: Investing in window treatment products is necessary but can also be costly at times. Since you normally don’t plan on getting blinds or other types of window coverings installed every year as that will be too expensive, you will be better off if you pick the ones which fulfill your needs and also last you a long time. Wooden blinds come good on both the fronts. You need to compare the products, their features, previous customers’ feedback and information about the longevity of the product before finalizing your decision.
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• An idea about your existing interiors: Doing the interiors is usually much more expensive than getting blinds installed on the windows in your house. Hence, it is only logical that you pick the blinds which go well with your existing interiors. Re-doing the interiors according to the blinds will be too expensive and also illogical. You can finalize the color and design that accentuates the aesthetic effect of your home décor.

• Safety: Wooden blinds or any other type for that matter, generally have cord mechanism for operating them. These cords, however, pose a safety risk, if you have kids or pets at home. You can instead opt for the ones which are operated by looped cords or are motorized. You need to further secure the looped cords via cord guides and cleats. You also need to ensure that the blinds are beyond the reach of the children and pets alike to avoid them getting hurt or the blinds getting damaged. Sturdy blinds here will be better suited and wooden blinds are ideal in that regard. So, when selecting the wooden blinds online, go for the ones which are either motorized or have looped cords.

• Manufacturer Warranties: This is something you should always do, irrespective of whether you are making a purchase online or are buying the blinds from a store. The products which are covered by a more extensive warranty cover will provide you with better protection against undue expenses in case any problem arises with the blinds. You should also compare the aftersales support policies of the brands you are considering. Go for the ones which ensure better peace of mind.

• Price comparison: Since you are buying the blinds online, you can easily visit multiple websites and compare the prices for the same products across e-commerce websites. You should go for the lowest price available while also ensuring that you get all the features you want your blinds to have. This will help you get the best bang for your bucks.

If you reflect upon all these aspects while buying the wooden blinds online, you will be able to avoid unnecessary and substandard products. It is very important if you want to make a wiser purchase decision. You should always make efforts to get the best quality products at the best value. These broad markers will assist you in doing that. Wooden blinds are a long-term investment and hence it is logical to finalize this purchase keeping the same in mind.