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How To Pull Up Roller Shades

How To Pull Up Roller Shades

Stylizing your home space takes up a lot of your thought process. Having homes has become more than just a necessity, it is space where which is yours and you can decorate it any way that pleases you. When it comes to decorating home space, many people already have a preset vision in mind. They have a theme in their head and just look for inspiration of what works and what does not. With a plethora of options available on the world wide web, everyone wants to choose the best of the best. There is a mental checklist that we do before picking up any object, decor, accent piece and furniture. Only once we can tick off every criterion in our head will pick an item up. 


The same holds for window accents. It is one of the most underrated elements of the house but adds on an impressionable appeal. A well-dressed window paired with some decor accents or potted plants never fails to make a statement. But when it comes to window decor people often get stumped. From curtains, draperies to blinds and shades, people get confused with what to pick so they choose something less technical. But to introduce a warm glow to your home space that only you can control, blinds are essential. Amongst various kinds of blinds, the best pick is custom roller blinds

Custom Roller ShadesWhat Are Roller Blinds? 

These are blinds that provide a clean and cohesive design that can add minimalistic style to your space. It is perfect for a wide range of decor ranging from modern to contemporary. When it comes to choosing the right blinds for your space various factors need to consider. For a subtle yet stylish appeal, roller blinds are the way to go. 


These are blinds that feature fabrics wrapped around rods that are then fixed over the windows horizontally. When opened the fabric as a whole can be pulled down. These are blinds that don’t feature any slats or pleats and are usually a great way to uplift your interior in a formal and semi-formal decor scheme. They come in various options like a blackout, light-filtering, etc. 

Roller Window BlindsWhich are Recommended Places for Roller Binds to be Installed?

Roller blinds lend a unique style, but they’re great for uplift certain spaces as well. When it comes to choosing blinds, they need to match the room or space that they’re going to be fit in, this needs a certain amount of time and consideration. Here are a few places where roller blinds would look their best.


1) Office/ Study: When it comes to work or studies a bright space will motivate you to do better, but the glare from the bright sun can often be a hindrance. Roller blinds that help control light are ideal in such spaces as you can enjoy the best of both worlds that is shade and light as you require. 


2) Bedroom: The bedroom space is the coziest nook of the house, it’s a space that one often comes to relax or unwind. Having blinds that provide you extra flexibility becomes extremely important. Blackout roller blinds are just what you need to introduce in such spaces. 


3) Living Room: The liveliest room of any home is the hall and the dining area. These are the rooms that most used and filled with people. For setting the ambiance for any occasion like movie nights or date nights, you have had roller blinds that’ll help set the mood for it all. In fact, you can experiment with various types of roller shades so that you meet every mood you try to set. 

Roller ShadesAre Roller Shades Easy to Operate? 

Shades and blinds are often looked at as technical window accents. They come off as functional on a very surface level. Another issue expressed with blinds is their operation. Even though it comes with a cord mechanism or a wand mechanism, there are certain issues that people can encounter. The biggest question that pops in people’s minds is – how to pull up roller shades, are they difficult to handle, how to tackle problems encountered, etc. Here are three problems that surface with roller blinds:  


1) Difficulty in Raising the Shades: 

When it comes to using blinds that are operated via a cord, you can experience problems in raising them. This can occur over a period of time when the force used on the cord is too much or when the brackets may not be fixed properly. You’ll have to check and see if the pin on the side of the tension spring to see if it is well attached. You can use pliers to check on this. If you feel the tension and are unsure as to what to do, just try to hang them back up and then talk to your manufacturer.


2) Blinds That Roll Up Too Fast or Slow:

Another problem you could experience is with the tension spring. It could raise the blinds too slow or fast. In order to better fix this, you may have to remove the brackets and then adjust the blinds accordingly. The technicalities and details may differ on whether the blinds are too fast or too slow. 


3) Difficulty in Keeping the Blind Lowered Down:

This issue encountered when there is a problem with a dirty rachet. You’ll have to remove the dust, dirt, and grime on the rachet so that it functions as normal. 


Once you identify the problem with the shades it becomes easier to read up and understand the nitty-gritty details on how to fix roller shades and keep them look good as new.