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How To Protect Your Window From Your Dog Using Window Treatments


Pets are the heart and soul of any house. When a family pet steps into a house, it brings along happiness as well as love. However, sometimes they can be quite troublesome as they also bring along a bit of home destruction. It can be difficult to think of these pets as our companions through the thick and thin whenever they make a mess in the kitchen, rip our beautiful carpet, or chew off your favorite pair of slippers. While furniture, woodwork, flooring, and upholstery can endure the brunt of a dog’s teeth, windows are more prone to the wrath of these furballs. A puppy searching for something to chew up or a pet dog pawing at a squirrel present right outside the window can cause damage to delicate windows.

Why Do Dogs Damage Windows and Window Treatments?

There are several reasons why pet dogs unleash their destructive instincts on the windows and window treatments. While some of the below-listed reasons might be obvious, it is imperative to identify the prime reason your dog is behaving to have the best chance of fixing or avoiding the issue moving forward:

  1. When they See Pets, Prey or People Outside

Dogs are creatures with a territorial nature who always love to bark continuously, and scratch at windows when they view anything interesting outside the window. This can include humans, neighbor’s dog, cats, squirrels, birds, and anything else that sparks their interest. Your windows suffer when dogs get into these kinds of mischief.

You might not have much luck curbing these sorts of behavior. So, the best way to resolve this problem is by installing a completely opaque window treatment, which avoids your dog from viewing things present outside or using some kind of protective barrier that avoids your dog from coming in close contact with the windows.

  1. They Are Suffering from Separation Anxiety

Dogs who feel nervous when left alone at home often search for ways to reduce their anxiety and stress which often implies looking for something that they can chew.

Window treatments perfectly fit into this bill, and pet dogs might even end up venting their frustrations on the window frames as well. To solve these kinds of issues, you will have to address your dog’s anxiety by using a cave-like separation anxiety crate to make them feel more protected. Using puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys will keep your dog engaged and distracted.

  1. They Want to Chew

Every dog requires a way out to calm their chewing instinct. And, if you don’t offer them something to chew, they will look for things on their own. While the idea of chewing window frames appears unappealing to us, some dogs and especially puppies actually love it. To resolve this problem, you will have to offer your pet dog suitable chew toys to make sure that their chewing habit is not the demonstration of some kind of frustration or anxiety.

What to Look For In Dog-Friendly Window Treatments?

There are three important features that you would want to consider while buying window treatments that can bear your dog’s destructive tendencies and these are:

1. Cordless Design

Since dogs are curious creatures, they tend to naturally explore foreign objects when they come across a blind cord. Most dogs cannot control themselves from chewing the dangling cords of the window treatments. However, fortunately, several window treatments possess cordless designs that mitigate this problem completely.

2. Complete Window Coverage

By completely covering the entire window, your dog can be prevented from viewing the various things that might send it into a slobbering, barking, or window-destroying anger. Just ensure that you correctly measure your windows and their frames while ordering these types of window treatments to guarantee a perfect fit.

3. Robust Materials

Certain window treatments are made of dog-proof materials, while other window treatments possess fabrics and materials that are highly durable than the rest. Also, remember that heavier and thicker materials tend to block more light coming from the outside.

How To Protect Your Windows With Dog-Proof Window Treatments?

There are no commercially produced window treatments that are completely dog-proof. However, there are several window treatments that are quite dog-friendly and less likely to be damaged by pet dogs. Some of the best choices include:

  1. Vertical Blinds: Blinds are appropriate for controlling light as they can be closed to eliminate light completely or let in some light by angling the louvers while restoring privacy. With this said, you can pick vertical blinds over horizontal ones that are available in various sizes and materials. The length of the blinds can be cut correctly enough to perfectly suit any window size. Vertical blinds make a good option for pet dogs as they can easily stick their heads through the blinds and when they step back, the blinds fall back into their original position. It is also suggested that you should opt for a style made of hard plastic like PVC as it is a durable material and can be cleaned easily and a single section of the blind can be replaced at a time in case of damage.
  1. Roller Shades – Another solution to this issue is to use old-style pulldown roller shades.With the best pattern and color chosen, roller shades offer an exceptional way of fixing any ugly issue.Even though the pulldown roller shades may be a little old-fashioned, they possess their own set of benefits. Firstly, your dog will be able to slide its nose behind the shades and when they walk away, the shades will fall back in place. Secondly, the material of the roller shades can be improved or replaced easily. Thirdly, they don’t accumulate dust and dog fur like other kinds of shades that possess many surfaces which makes them easier to keep clean.

The actual trick is to pull down a roller shade to three-fourths the window’s length letting your dog a lot of headroom to view out of.

  1. Roman Shades

Roman shades are fixed to the windows at the top as well as the bottom so that they avoid any dangling fabric for dogs trying to climb. Additionally these shades can be adjusted easily to a particular height. So, if your dog loves lounging in the window just like other dogs, then the Roman shades can be adjusted for dog access as well as light control.

The trick to picking dog-proof Roman shades lies in the pulling mechanism. You wouldn’t prefer cords as they already appear like dog toys. Rather, you would opt for Roman shades that feature the continuous chain where even though the chain dangles, there is no dangling end to pull on. The chain can be secured to the wall using a tensioner. You can also consider picking shades having wand openers that aren’t appealing to dogs.

  1. Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are one of the sturdiest window treatments which makes them an apt choice for withstanding curious dogs. Dogs indeed are not much attracted to interior shutters than they are to the window frames. Whether the shutters are made of faux wood, wood, or other materials, they are capable of tolerating a beating from about anything. Most of them also possess a locking mechanism that can be the best way to keep your dog away.

Plantation shutters are a durable and elegant window treatment that can bear a decent quantity of pet attention. Interior shutters, typically attached to the window frame, offer negligible access to the windows making it difficult for dogs trying to paw their way through the shutters. Except in cases where you have a very aggressive chewer, thickly built interior shutters can bear more action from dogs than blinds.

Bottom Line

If possible, prefer cordless window coverings to improve pet safety at your house and avoid window damage. It is also a better idea to leave some shades half open during the daytime so that your dog can view outside without having to take down the window treatment.

Based on what exactly you think about dog-proof window treatments, picking the best window treatment can be a trial and error process for most of them. While some of them might be fortunate with their first choice of blinds, others might never find the best blinds, especially when they want something which is 100% dog-proof. With this being told there are some types of window treatments that many dog owners have experienced success with.