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How to Protect Your Privacy While Preserving Your View


Need for Privacy at Home

In this age of digitalization and Internet, the threat of privacy getting jeopardized is looming large. Everyone is talking about the importance of privacy, what should be done to protect privacy and prevent it from getting compromised. It is at the back of everyone’s mind. But what is privacy? Is it only restricted to Internet and data or does it have a bigger dimension?

Privacy is that which allows every individual to preserve and uphold their autonomy and individuality. Privacy is extremely personal and every individual has a right to protect and maintain it from encroachments by governments, agencies as well as other people. It is a fundamental right of man. And zealously guarding your privacy begins right at home. Home is where you are most vulnerable and exposed. You put your guards down and relax. And the last thing you would want is an outsider to encroach upon this private time and take advantage. So once you are behind closed doors, you need to keep you and your family shielded from the outside world. In your endeavor to achieve this, your biggest ally is window coverings. Lower the blinds and privacy shades, draw the curtains or drapes and you are cut off from the curious outside world. Bare windows can leave anyone feeling exposed.

Privacy, Light-Filtration & Outside View: The Search for Balanced Shades

While preserving privacy is your top priority, you would certainly not want it at the cost of light and view of the outside world. You need a window covering that will protect you from the ruthless rays of the sun and view from the street without obscuring your view of scenic beauty.

It is important to understand that no window covering will offer complete privacy, full view of the outside and light control. They come in varying degrees and styles and you have to choose the dressing that best suits your needs. Let us run through solution that will help you to manage view with privacy and light control.

Block the Light not the View with Solar Shades

You have a garden in full bloom and you want to savor the view with your morning cup of tea. Or you have a stunning mountain range from the window which you want to cherish. But those glaring rays of the sun is hurting your eyes, spoiling your interiors and exposing your house to the outsiders.

You need shades that will help blocking the light but not the outside view. For your requirement, Solar Shades or “window sunglasses” work admirably well. These shades range from 0% to 14% openness.
Low openness value like 3% – 5 % will help to block the sun, and extend greater privacy but at the cost of the view outside.

Medium openness value like 7% – 10% will help to preserve view and offer protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.
High openness value of 14% allows the best in terms of visibility, protection against sun glare and preservation of privacy.

Solar shades provide fantastic privacy during the daytime. Nighttime privacy, however, is compromised owing to the openness of these shades. To counter this you can add a second layering like a drape to provide privacy after sunset.
Light Filtering Roller Shades
Keep Privacy with Sheer Shades
If safeguarding your privacy is your primary requirement, opt for sheer shades. They allow flexible privacy as well as light control. These shades have tilted veins with soft fabric. When tilted, these shades allow light to diffuse in and gives you’re an unobstructed view of the outdoors. When privacy is required, just close the veins and voilà! Your privacy is completely protected.
Sheer Shades
Privacy, Light & Outside View in Varying Degrees with Cellular Shades
When you are considering different window shades for the protection of privacy, outside view and light filtration, the shade that should feature topmost in your list are cellular or honeycomb shades. They are available in a variety of styles and you pick the one that best suits your requirements. Light filtering cell shades, room darkening cell shades, etc. each of these provides different levels of privacy and light filtration. But their Top Down/Bottom Up shades are certainly the best. Lowering them down from the top allows sunlight to pour in, offer an outside view and protect privacy by keeping the bottom covered.
If you are looking at greater privacy and some light to stream in, shades with double cell and light-filtering options work well. But beware! Your outside view will be restricted. These are also known as semi-opaque window coverings.
Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades
Privacy and Light Control with Sheer Draperies& Opaque Panels
Sheer draperies are a great addition to your rooms. They give an airy and dreamy feel to the rooms, allow a significant amount of light to filter in without obstructing the outside view. However, privacy may be compromised because as the name suggests, these draperies are made of sheer material. But we do have a solution for you. You may have seen many hotels resorting to a combination of sheer draperies and opaque drapery panels. The sheer draperies allow light to pour in while the opaque panels help to add that element of privacy to your rooms.

Roller Screen Shades
Roller shades come in varying degrees of opacity which will allow you to find the right combination of light and privacy setting for your homes. You have a range of styles and colors to choose from which will allow you light and privacy control without sacrificing the fashion element. If you are looking for maximum privacy you can opt for Room Darkening Roller Shades which are fused with white backing to block light almost completely.
Room Darkening Roller Shades
As is evident from the above discussion, there is no single fool-proof solution to your need to maintain privacy, allow outside view and control light-filtration. There are different products that can be used in varying degrees to achieve the optimum possible resolution for your needs. Before setting out to find the right combination for your homes, prioritize your need and your expectations. This will make the selection of light and privacy control shades easier and more effective.

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