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How to Properly Hang Grommet Curtains with Sheers


Curtains are some of the most sought-after window treatments for their aesthetic value. While blinds, shades and even shutters are renowned for functionality and aesthetics, curtains are often regarded as the perfect combination of both. They can be quite adept at keeping the temperature in your house pleasant while at the same also making sure that you get enough privacy at home. They are visually more appealing and have a luxurious flair.

Light control is another aspect where curtains really shine. There is a type of curtain for every form of desired light control. While sunlight is usually good for you, considering that it is a source of Vitamin-D, there are some situations where you want absolutely no sunlight entering your home. This happens if you want to sleep in or rest during the day. With the current corporate work style, it is not so uncommon to rest during the day because you had to work all night. This is where blackout curtains can help you. On the other hand, you can get clear curtains that are almost translucent so that you can maximise the amount of sunlight your home receives. This is useful if you have indoor plants and garden windows. Sheer curtains allow you to filter the sunlight partially as it comes in so that you can get pleasant ventilation.

The aesthetics of curtains is their unique selling point. They come in different materials, fabrics, colors, designs and patterns and have the ability to spruce up any room. You have a lot of variety and versatile choices as your arsenal if you choose curtains to be your window treatment. You can have so much fun playing around with colour schemes. It comes down to a choice of personal preference, which makes the entire experience very satisfying.

What are grommet curtains?

Grommet curtains are also referred to as grommet top curtains. They make for an interesting choice as a window treatment amongst the numerous different types of curtains in the market. They bear a resemblance to tab top curtains, but the differentiating point is that they have metal eyelets (grommets) at equal distance from each other on top of the curtain.

While grommet curtains have a lot of inherent aesthetic value and more than commendable functionality, their uniqueness does not arise out of these traits. The main reason as to why they are prevalent window treatment choices in the market today is because of their user friendliness. They are easy to hang up. They are also easy to take down if you want to switch curtains a bit, and best of all, quite easy to use as well.

Grommets are small rings which are fastened to the curtains, that help in hanging them up and also to make tiny holes in the fabric. All you have to do is to put a curtain rod through the grommet and hang them up.

You need not worry about the grommets being too delicate to hold on to the curtain rod and the fabric of the curtains. Grommets are made out of metal and can withstand the weight comfortably. Some grommets are made out plastic and even rubber. Those work just fine as well. What will also put your mind at ease is that most curtains will come with multiple grommets, which means there is even distribution of the weight, so there is no need to worry about burdening the grommets.

What are sheers?

Sheers are a type of curtain or fabric used in curtains. They are mainly used because they can brighten any room. The fabric used to make sheers allow light to partially pass through (also can be understood as diffusion of light). This will give the room enough ventilation, while at the same time, making sure that the sunlight is not too harsh.

While this is an added bonus, sheers provide limited privacy. While it doesn’t exactly make the inside of your home visible, it still makes it easy for peepers to notice shadows and silhouettes that gives them some idea of what is happening in your home. This is why sheers are paired with other curtains and drapes. One of their best partners are grommet curtains because of the way they seamlessly complement each other.

How do I hang grommet curtains with sheers?

If you want to find the quickest, efficient and safest way of hanging grommet curtains with sheers properly, you will need to use a double curtain rod. With the help of the following steps, you can easily hang grommet curtains with sheers –

Step 1: The first step is to take proper measurements. From the top of the window frame, measure three inches on each side. Mark these points with a pencil or a light shade marker. Let these points be ‘A’ and ‘B’ from here on.

Step 2: Measure three inches upwards from point A and three inches upwards from point B. Mark these new points with a pencil or a marker as well. These newly marked points is where the brackets of the curtains rods must be fixed. One of the brackets will support the grommet curtains and the other one will hold the sheer.

Step 3: Now, you must place the brackets into the wall. It is important to make sure that the right bracket goes on the right side, and naturally, the left one must go on the left side. In order to be sure, check the brackets for markings so that you can fix it on the correct side. Hold the brackets on the marking and trace the holes where the screws need to be put in.

Step 4: You must now drill holes through the tracings and fix the brackets to the wall. You must have got a set of screws with the brackets. Use those for optimal results. If you think that a firmer fix is warranted, you have the option of using drywall anchors and fastening the screws to the anchors.

Step 5: Now, place the second bracket and make sure they are both levelled. Repeat this process for the grommet curtains.

Now that you have finished the process of installation, all the needs to be done is the fastening of the sheers and the grommet curtains to the curtain rods and hanging them. Remember that the sheer curtains go on the inner rod which is closer to the window to allow the sunlight to enter. The grommet curtains go on the outer rod. Grommet curtains are also unique in the sense that they are give an unorthodox look, while being simplistic at the same time. It is one of the best picks anybody would want, if they wanted their window covering to stand out, while at the same time, not wanting to appear like they’re trying too hard. You can achieve this balance perfectly with the addition of sheers as well. They are also durable, easy to maintain and cost-efficient window treatment options, making them perfect candidates for your home.