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How to Properly Dress a Square Bay Window

How to Properly Dress A Square Bay Window

Why Bay Windows are Awesome

Everyone has a favorite spot in the house where they like to spend time all by themselves while at home. The Bay window is surely at the top of the list when we talk about such favorite spots in the house. The bay window gives a stunning view of the outdoor landscape and also to just sit around and chill. The bay area is usually an outward extension of one of the main walls of the house. This outward protrusion not only gives access to a secluded space for enjoying the view of the outside but is also well-connected to the rest of the house at the same time.

Bay windows make for a stunning architectural feature in any house. These tall windows have an imposing presence and surely heighten the dynamism of the home décor. The large surface area of the bay window also allows more natural light inside. This makes the interiors brighter and more welcoming. You can also place a window seat right next to the bay window to make it a cool place to hang out and chill. You can use the seat by the bay window to do so many different things. You can sit there sipping on your morning tea, read your favorite book, or just sit there and enjoy the view outside.

Why Dressing Up Your Bay Windows is Important

A bay window is tall and comprises one front window and two side windows. The large surface area of these windows also allows more natural light and heat inside the house and that too for longer durations. While this helps keep the interiors bright and warm, sometimes it can be a cause for concern. Significant heat gains during the summers, heat loss during the winters and the issue of glare during morning and evening hours can get a bit uncomfortable.

The glare affects indoor visibility while the heat exchange causes the temperature inside the house to fluctuate. The heat control appliances such as the air conditioner and the thermostat have to consume more power to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside the house. As a result, the power bills see a rise. If you value your privacy, uncovered bay windows may present a challenge. The large bay windows provide easy access for the onlookers to peep inside your house. For all these reasons besides the aesthetic enhancement that window treatments bring to the interiors, dressing up your bay windows is quite logical and important.
Vertical Blinds for Square Bay Windows

How to Properly Dress A Square Bay Window

Bay windows are not only elegant and visually imposing, but they also come in a variety of styles such as the box, bow, circle, square, and oriel bay windows. Each shape has a unique architectural presence and surely adds to the visual appeal of the house. However, dressing such large windows up that also vary in design can be a bit tricky. You will need something that can provide coverage to the large surface area of the bay window without diluting the aesthetic effect of the unique shape of the bay window.

If we talk about the square bay window, the square shape surely gives it a more structured look in comparison to a bow or a circular bay window. This gives certain advantages in terms of the choice of window dressings you can use with the square bay window. Since there are no curves that you need to follow, you can get three different sets of window treatments to cover the three sides of the bay window.
Roman Shades for Square Bay Windows
However, you need to consider the fact that the bay window is not a regular window and hence will need a more specialized solution for effective coverage. You will need window dressings that can provide coverage to the large surface area of the bay windows. These window coverings should also have good heat insulation and light control to prevent UV exposure and heat exchange from outside and to keep the glare in check.

Your choice of window coverings will also need to be able to effectively safeguard your privacy as the large bay window can be an easy target for bystanders to look inside your house. Hence good blackout performance will also be vital when considering window coverings for your square bay window. If you want to add more visual interest to the décor of the bay window, you can experiment with different kinds of prints and patterns or can work with interesting color combinations to accentuate the bay windows.

All kinds of window treatment solutions such as blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains can be used to dress up your bay windows, though you may need to make adjustments such as the choice of fabric or material, color, and design depending on your requirements and preferences. Such customizations can easily be done and many brands and sellers also offer different customization options for your convenience.

You can also try a combination of two different window treatment options. You can try pairing curtains with blinds or shades. This combination will surely enhance the visual appeal of the bay window by adding more flavor and interest to the window frame. This combination will also ensure better privacy, heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance as the curtains will enhance and complement the capabilities of the blinds or shades you use them with.
Square Bay Window Curtains

To get the best aesthetic effect and effective coverage, you need to make sure that the window treatments are the right size for your bay window. The window coverings must fit snugly on the window frame so that there are no uncovered portions on the window or any gaps on the sides from where the heat and light may enter inside the house. Proper fit and installation will make sure that the interiors are more energy-efficient and your window coverings look good and work smoothly.

You can also use valances or cornices to add more flair to the window frame. They can also be an effective and elegant way of hiding the ugly-looking mounting mechanism. You can choose from a variety of material choices including wood, fabric, and synthetic material. There is no dearth of design and patterns that you can choose from. From solid to printed, from ornate wooden designs to patterned fabric styles, the valances and cornices are available in a variety of choices and can surely add more vigor and aesthetic fervor to the décor of your square bay window.

Another important factor is the final cost. The larger the size of the window, the larger the size of the window coverings you will need, and accordingly, the cost of the coverings will also rise. If you need specific customizations that will also contribute towards the final cost. Some brands offer free installation but you may have to pay for the installation as well. All these factors together will decide the final cost. Hence, in order to prevent cost overruns, prior cost estimation and budgeting will be highly advisable. Doing this before you go ahead with the purchase, will not only give you a fair idea about the amount you need to invest, but you will also be able to prevent unnecessary expenses.

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