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How To Properly Clean Your Window Shades

How To Properly Clean Your Window Shades

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Window Shades

Although most of us remember to clean our windows, we often forget to clean our window shades. If you live in a high traffic area or have children and pets, then you will definitely know how challenging it is to keep everything organized and clean. Well, cleaning window blinds can be intimidating for many but taking the initiative for a proper cleaning method will help you to get rid of all the dust, stains, and allergens that build up on the surfaces of shades. Window coverings are the right way to gain protection against the harsh sunlight and other beams while getting privacy, and to keep the sun shining through and to maintain their aesthetic appeal, we recommend cleaning window shades to keep them at their best.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy if you keep a weekly schedule and follow the steps listed below. Read on to know the cleaning procedures of different types of window shades and know the quickest ways of maintaining them for a long time.

Ways of Cleaning Different Types of Window Shades


  • Solar Shades:

Solar shades are designed to let in natural light while offering a clear outside view, and most homeowners prefer them because of their different openness factors that allow the perfect balance between controlling light and preserving the view. They are perfect for creating a shield against the sun. These shades can easily accumulate a great amount of dust and dirt from both inside and outside of your home. The good news of having these shades is they require minimal maintenance. If you notice dirty elements on the shade, first opt for dusting or vacuuming. Or use mild soapy solutions and use a soft cloth to clean them. Make sure to scrub them in multiple directions as they have a tight weave that creates a barrier against the harsh weather conditions.

  • Cellular Shades:

These are one of the most versatile and reliable window solutions because of their enhanced functionality when it comes to energy-efficiency. They are designed in a unique way and honeycomb structured air pockets trap the extreme temperature inside and prevent air from escaping or entering your home to improve your home’s insulation property. Though these shades are easy to clean but you will find hidden debris, dust, and insects inside the air pockets. After dusting, you can use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust from the cellular pleats but keep it in the low suction setting.

Vacuum Cleaning Cellular Shades

  • Roller Shades:

These window shades are widely popular and well-known for their light controlling capability and flexibility in providing privacy. For regular cleaning, take a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner and vacuum both sides of the shade gently to remove small particles of dust and dirt. Always start from the top and then go down. You can dab a mixture of warm water and liquid solutions to remove excess dirt or stains. If you have vinyl roller shades that are excessively dirty, then you can choose deep cleaning too. Remove the blind from the window and insert into a bucket filled with water and soak it for a few minutes and then dry them in a normal atmosphere.

  • Roman Shades:

These window shades are amazing in creating an elegant beauty and sophistication for your decor. They are the perfect blend of drapery softness and blind functionality. Roman shades are made of different fabric materials and you have to be very cautious while cleaning them. Keep the shades in the closed position, and take a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the folds. If necessary, spot clean any stain with a cloth dipped into mild detergent water. Be careful of using anything too harsh that will damage the fabric.

Easy Cleaning Roman Shades

  • Natural Woven Wood Shades:

These window coverings are an easy way to add a nature-friendly atmosphere to your interior. They are made of natural elements like jute, grass, and wood which form a perfect rich delicate texture. While cleaning these window shades, you have to be extra careful, otherwise, your shades will get damaged easily. For this type of shade, clean the surface with a duster or use a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner to lift dust away. If you find stains, then use a damp microfiber cloth and dab gently on the dirty areas. Do not use too much water on the fabric as they can warp.


These are the top window shades you will find in most homes. Though the process of cleaning them is almost the same depending on the fabric construction, the method can slightly vary from time to time. So, it’s always recommended to check with the manufacturers before you get started. Make a habit of cleaning them regularly, it will not only make your windows look stunning but also reduce your future effort. And never use any chemical solutions to clean window shades as they can ruin the product completely. You can opt for professional cleaning as well. In this case, experts will come to your place and clean the shades efficiently, making them look like new.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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