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Are Your Blinds Pet-Safe? How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Tangled In Your Blinds

Are Your Blinds Pet Safe

Even when you think you might have taken all the precautions to ensure a safe home, there might be some things that you are not aware of. Not unless a mishap occurs in your home. If that sounds scary, be grateful that you are being warned. Ask anyone who has had disastrous consequences with their window treatments, especially when they have a pet in their home. These little beings don’t know any better, and they rely on you for feeding and playing with them. So when your dog or kitten is prancing around the house, they may be naturally drawn to the slats of your window blinds and the cords that control them. When the cord is within reach, they may chew on it, pull and twist them out of shape, and damage them permanently. What’s worse is that in some cases, your pets may end up getting choked and entangled in them. The US alone reports many such disasters annually. However, you need not worry, as there are more ways than one to make your blinds pet safe.

How To Ensure Safe Blinds

Different blinds promise different solutions. They have different opacity levels depending on the amount of privacy and natural light you need in your home. There are different fabrics that are used in their construction, and different patterns that can upscale the look of your interiors. Similarly, people’s choices also depend on different operating procedures as well. Many people go for cords, but when there are pets or children in the house, and when the blinds hang low enough for these unsuspecting beings to reach, they spell danger.

Steps you can take to ensure the safety of your four-legged friends are:

Go For Cordless Shades

Cordless blinds are your go-to solutions when you desire a neat and uncluttered look for your windows: a solution where there are no loops or strings to pull to adjust the blinds. Previously we had all shades and blinds corded and had to depend upon cords for their functionality. The emergence of cordless blinds and shades means that they can be operated with the help of a wand or a switch marked by the absence of cords.

Roller blinds, one of the premium window coverings are popularly used in areas that experience scorching weathers, and can now be operated through pulling the headrail down to the bottom and then pushing them back up to the level you want. For vinyl blinds, you just need to push the slats to keep the slats at an angle that provides just enough privacy and natural light in. These solutions keep things simple and uncomplicated. You do not need to worry about replacing cords or inserting re-inserting them into the headrail in case they have stopped functioning. A child proof blinds setup is, therefore, much more coveted in today’s modern setup, where minimalism is the new forte.

Go For Motorized Blinds

If you thought cordless blinds are a revelation, you will be stumped by the brilliance of motorized shades. These window treatments have done away with human intervention.

Here are a few examples of motorized blinds that you can choose.

1. Remote Controlled Shades: Why even resort to moving your slats or pulling the blinds when you can do that without getting up? All you need to do is keep your remote at a location where it will be hard for your pet to access. Since there are multiple storage areas that you can consider, this shouldn’t be tough. Through remote controlled blinds, you can also pre-schedule your shades to adjust themselves according to the weather outside. They can shut themselves when the weather is too hot or cold, and you can also set timers so that you don’t need to turn them on manually at the start of the day, or close just before you have called it a day.

2. Z Wave Enabled Blinds: Multiple homes now make use of Z Wave-enabled technology for every part of their home. So you have bulbs, secured locks and blinds that can be operated through a system that is at once reliable, secure and convenient. Devices such as Google Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa/Amazon Echo control require a Samsung SmartThings Hub or a Hubitat Elevation Hub. You can use a smartphone to operate your shades in multiple rooms, or multiple shades in a single room. This can be effective for hard-to-reach windows where the use of an external device becomes paramount. With scheduled timers, this entails more security and convenience when you aren’t home and you want to protect your home against burglary and theft. Needless to say, such a setup is extremely safe for kids and pets as it doesn’t involve the use of cords. Besides, the Google Home and Amazon Alexa setup is also voice-enabled, which enables you to give voice instructions to your blinds to adjust themselves and open and shut whenever you need them to be.
Z-Wave Enabled Solar Shades

Installing Skylights or Hard-To-Reach Windows

Only you can control your shades when they are located high up and out of reach of your pets. A corded setup can work in this case, but it can be very inconvenient when you use a ladder or stool to pull your strings. A motorized setup is preferable for taller windows. Cleaning can still be a major challenge, especially for skylights. The latter is, however, a great way to ensure that you get a daily and healthy dosage of sunlight. But you need to get the right blinds for such shades, usually double-cell shades as they can diffuse sunlight and create a natural glow inside the room without heating it up or damaging the belongings because of the UV radiation.

Getting Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

The top-down bottom-up blinds is also known as the day nightshades because of their unique setup. They are operated by a rail system, having three points of control: the top rail, the middle rail and the bottom rail. At Zebra Blinds, the day-night cellular shades are extremely popular, offering privacy and light control in equal measure. You can adjust them by controlling them from the top or the bottom, at a level that doesn’t compromise on your privacy yet doesn’t allow too much sunlight in. As the day progresses, you need to adjust the shades accordingly. By the time the sun sets, you need maximum privacy, so you adjust them in a way that blocks all outside light and prevents anyone from getting a good look inside the home. The rail system doesn’t require the need of cords, and you also get to keep your hands and your pets away from the shades.
Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Shades
There are multiple ways of ensuring that your blinds are pets stay safe. Going cordless is the most effective method, as you have no strings that your dog can pull for their amusement. Besides, having motorized blinds can also be extremely beneficial, not only for your pets but also to ensure convenience and ease of access.