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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

How To Prepare Your Home For Winter


Winters are the months when we look forward to having a cozy abode for ourselves. If we spend some time and effort in finding the right kind of Energy efficient Cellular blinds and shades, it will be easy for us to beat the cold during the winter months. Since they are insulated, they will keep the outside cold weather at a bay and will reduce the percentage of heat from escaping your indoors.

If you thought they are an expensive option, then think again. At Zebrablinds, there are multiple options for you to choose effective Energy efficient Cellular blinds and shades at a reasonable price.

There are multiple varieties available, and we are sure there will be a few that you will find absolutely stunning.

  • 3/4″ CrystalPleat SunUp-SunDown Cellular Shades – Most Insulated Shades for your Comfortable Living

Available in inside mount and outside mount options, these shads are ideal for your precious home. You can choose between Spunlace, woven, or point bond styles and the 100% polyester fabrics will give a very different look to your home. The colors and patterns of more than 70 shades will leave your spell-bound.

These honeycomb shades are made with two fabrics. You can select sheer or light filtering fabrics to be arranged on top and room darkening or blackout fabrics on the bottom or vice-versa. You will get the benefits of two fabrics in one shade. You will remain worry-free as fire resistant coating will give protection to your cherished home from potential fire dangers.

Since they are great for insulation, these energy efficient cellular blinds will keep you warm and cozy during the winters. All the components of this day-night cellular shades are color coordinated to maintain uniformity in the looks.

In addition, these shades are very easy to clean and you can even use water and pressure cleaning techniques if the need be. Since the material is water-immersible, it will not spoil the material. Priced at close to $150 per piece, we would advise you to make use of the huge discounts available now.

  • CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades- CrystalPleat Graber® Blackout Cellular Shades is the ideal one for your home during the winter months. It is embedded with Cellular or honeycomb structured fabrics. 100% polyester spunlace is the material used in these window treatments. So, if you are planning to dress your French doors, this is the one of the best option available on our website.

Graber’s state-of the art technology has manufactured the highest insulation capability for your utmost comfort. The crisp and clutter-free pleats will add an elegant look to your indoors. For your furniture, these Energy efficient Cellular blinds will protect them from sun damage. The honeycomb material is available in different cell sizes like 3/4 inches, 3/8 inches and 3/8 inches double cells.

They are available in a handful of shades; however, you still can select your favorite Energy efficient Cellular blinds. Elegant Dove 5216, Llama 5201 and White Radish 5200 are three amongst the most sought-after shades in this category and all of them are in different shades of white.

  • Crown Premium Light Filtering Cellular Shades-

Due to the patented honeycomb structure, the indoors will remain warm during the winters.  Their noise-retardant property makes them ideal for bedrooms, study rooms, media rooms, libraries etc. Since work from home has become the new normal, and most of us have set up our home offices at home, we would love to be in a room which prevents outside noise when we are working or attending a conference call with the clients or the board members.

They come fitted along with color coordinated rails and the Green Guard certified fabrics will keep them looking fresh and new. The non-woven polyester fabric is dust-resistant. These Energy efficient Cellular blinds come along with a washable surface. You need not worry about fading or fraying. Most of the shades are close to white or grey and you will have a number of options of white blackout shades to choose from. Cloud 6500 and Dove 6508 are the most sought-after shades in the 1/2-inch single cellular light filtering variant and Khaki 6353 is the most sought-after shade in the 3/4-inch single cellular light filtering variant.

  • Crown Premium Blackout Cellular Shades-These shades provide style, privacy, insulation and light control for your rooms and are ideal window coverings for all your rooms, especially bedrooms and media rooms. The long-lasting Virtuoso fabric will block harmful UV rays from entering your home and impacting the health of your family and children. They will also safeguard your fabrics, expensive decor items, paintings, furniture, books and furnishings from damaging.

The non-woven polyester fabric is dust-resistant with a washable surface. The pleats made of crisp Virtuoso fabric will stay as is giving a special look to your home. Sagging or flattening are common problems with similar kind of materials, however, you can be rest assured that these shades will not. Hence, the investment of over $200 per piece is worth the investment if you are planning for a long-term stay in the house. With the current pandemic situations worsening by the day, and most of us spending a lot of time at home, it is advisable to invest in good quality window coverings to safeguard ourselves from the sunlight.

Even though they are available in multiple neutral colors, the white blackout shades are the bestsellers in this category. Shadow 6560 and White 6558 in the 1/2-inch Single Cellular Blackout variety sells out the most on our website. Putty 6654 are the perfect white blackout shades if you want the 3/4-inch single cellular blackout option.

We would advise you to check out the Winter White 6200, ice 6201, Parchment 6259, Glacier 6206 and Pearl 6208 variants too if you prefer to go for the 3/8-inch double cellular blackout option. They are more durable and elegant options. The price difference will not drill a hole in your pocket as you will have to add just $10.00 to the base price.


Cellular shades are definitely the best solution in the market for insulating windows. There are a couple of more options available on our website which you can check out to compare. Order our free sample to see those colors in person and check the quality of the materials used.

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