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How to Prepare Your Home for The summer

A home with a great summer view.

As summer comes, you are immediately filled with thoughts of joy, freedom, and relaxation. And while many families are enjoying the luxury of having an outdoor patio, there are many common problems that can arise in the summer, and your home will need to be prepared. 

As you know, the warm summer months are a time to kick back, relax and have fun. But knowing how to prepare your home for summer and how you can make the most of your summer fun without breaking the bank is an issue to tackle. Here are some tips for preparing your home before rising temperatures arrive so you can enjoy the season to its fullest and avoid any unwelcome energy spikes.

Here are some tips for preparing your home for the summer:

  1. Installing a programmable thermostat is an easy way to ensure your home stays at the temperature you want all year long. These thermostats automatically adjust the temperature to keep your home comfortable without needing to constantly monitor the temperature personally. Programmable thermostats are also great for energy efficiency, as they can be set to turn off when temperatures are excessive. They are also compatible with voice command modules like Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use voice control over your air conditioning.
  1. Use landscape to your advantage. One of the best times to put your green thumbs to work is in summer. Planting shrubs and leafy trees strategically near your home’s windows is a fantastic strategy to keep those same windows from letting in too much heat while also creating a layer of privacy. If you have trees that are dead or have lost all their leaves, now is the time to take action and have them removed. 
  1. Install exterior window coverings. You can install exterior window coverings to protect your windows, so even if you can’t use nature to your advantage, you have an added layer of coverage. Exterior solar shades can be a great way to shade the exterior side of your windows, protecting them from the sun’s harsh rays. You can customize the color and design of these window coverings to match your home’s aesthetic. They also provide privacy, which is especially important if you live in a shared apartment building. ​
Exterior solar shades covering a deck.
  1. Clean gutters and drains. Cleaning gutters and drains are generally the last things on most people’s to-do lists, but it’s an important duty to complete before summer arrives. Debris such as leaves and dirt can clog drains, causing leaks into the walls and roof. Keeping any probable build-up out of your gutters will help to reduce the chance of water damage.
  1. Upgrade Your Windows coverings. The summer is the time to upgrade your window coverings. It’s the season of get togethers and barbeques. Getting new, cheap motorized blinds, or smart shades are all great ways to attract attention and can work within any budget. Like the programmable thermostat, they are operable with things like Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Cool air is easy to achieve with these together, really getting your home ready for the hot days of summer.
  1. Install ceiling fans in high-trafficked rooms. Ceiling fans draw comfort and air circulation to high-trafficked rooms. Ceiling fans operate on a “wind-chill” effect by pulling warm air up against the ceiling and then pushing it down against the walls to simulate a chilled brick or wine cellar environment. They work best in high-traffic areas like the main living areas, bedrooms, and baths.
  1. Search out and seal any air leaks. When your home is properly sealed, you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in cooling costs. First, check your ducts and make sure your home’s cooling system is operating as it should. Then, clean vents and register grilles on your home’s exterior to ensure proper airflow. Check your ductwork for leaks, and seal gaps and cracks around your doors and windows.  This process will help ensure you aren’t losing any cool air and aren’t leaking away any money.
  1. Swap out seasonal items. Are those hefty throw blankets on the couch really necessary in the summer? What about the candles on the mantel, which are heavily spiced? Before the summer, go through your house and gather all of your fall and winter decorations so you can store them for the season. Take out summer things like lighter duvets and blankets while you’re at it, and give them a quick washing if they haven’t been used in six months or more.
  1. Let there be air. When you can, open those windows to bring in a fresh breeze and get rid of the stale winter air. It’s ideal to do this in the late spring and early summer before the weather gets too hot to have your windows open comfortably. If you don’t turn off your air conditioner while you’re doing it, you risk overtaxing the system. If it’s already too hot and humid outside, open your windows in the evening when everyone is sleeping and the cool breeze brings a  wonderful fresh feeling.

10. Call in the professionals. Energy efficiency is important to help you save on your utility bills. With that in mind, you may want to consider calling a professional to conduct an energy audit and learn how to properly seal your home. You’ll have a better understanding of where your home is wasting energy, how to fix it, and whether rebates and incentives are available to make your renovations both energy and cost-effective by calling in-home energy experts.

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