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How To Order Free Blind Samples To Go

How To Order Free Blind Samples To Go

Where should I start? What is the best way to choose?

The solution is to order free blinds samples.

It’s more convenient to try before you buy. Who wants to be trapped with something they don’t enjoy, after all? Especially if you’re investing in custom window treatments.

So, here are some pointers on how to order and use sample swatches to ensure you get exactly the correct product in exactly the right hue.

  • To verify the correct color, order a free sample. Smartphones, tablets, and PC monitors can give you a sense of how a product looks and feels, but nothing beats seeing and handling the genuine thing. Even if the images are fantastic, the various variations in lighting and color displays when viewing colors online make it very impossible to predict exactly what a product’s color and materials will appear and feel like. That’s why sample is a crucial first step in obtaining custom window coverings.
  • When selecting colors, keep in mind that sample colors may change somewhat from actual product colors due to the fact that the samples may come from different dye lots. There will also be a difference in natural materials such as wood due to natural color, grain, and other factors.  If you’re ordering many blinds, it is recommended to order them all at once to verify that they’re all from the same dye lot and match.
  • Take into account both form and function. For example if you are ordering samples of moisture or water-resistant window treatments for bathrooms or kitchens, try running your sample under water to test its properties. Do you have east and west-facing windows that get a lot of direct sunlight? Then does the sample seem capable of providing you with the light control you require to safeguard your privacy, furniture, flooring, and finishes?
  • Review the product description before selecting samples from various categories and product kinds to ensure that they will not only look fantastic, but will also satisfy your needs in a given place.

 It’s time to play now that you’ve received your samples!

  • Look for ideas for new designs. Tape your samples to the insides of windows and the outsides of walls. Place them on your room’s carpeting, furniture, and other accent items to see how your various design aspects interact. Allow yourself to walk by and “live” with the samples for a few days.
  • Use your samples in an inspiration/idea board like the one above if you’re working on a total room makeover. Combine them with other fabric swatches and paint samples that you’re thinking about.
  • Consider things in a new light. To test light control and privacy at different times of the day, hold your samples up to natural sunshine, lamp light, and dark windows. When contemplating light filtering, room darkening, or blackout window treatment alternatives, or if you’ll want or need to add a privacy liner to roman, bamboo, or woven wood coverings, this is very crucial.
  • Get a second opinion on your decision. Find out what your friends and family members think. (You don’t have to follow their counsel, but having a second set of eyes might be helpful.) When you’ve made your decision, spread the love by giving the samples to someone else who might be considering new window treatments. Alternatively, get crafty and recycle them. Use them as cool coasters or for arts & crafts projects with the kids, depending on the style of sample.
  • After some time with your samples, you’ll be able to tell what’s working and what isn’t. Put the ones that aren’t going to make the cut away, and your final decision should be easier to make.

Why Are Samples Beneficial?

  • Samples allow you to literally get a feel for the shutters, blinds, or shades you’re considering buying. Colors may not always display properly on computer monitors because they are all calibrated differently, so you may wind up with blinds that aren’t quite the appropriate colour.
  • However, with samples, you can see exactly how the colours look and quickly verify that they match the paint, window frames, and other existing window coverings in your space. Samples also allow you to see how sheer the material is, giving you an idea of its privacy and light-filtering capabilities.

How Can I Get Samples?

It’s simple to request free samples of shades, blinds, and shutters .Wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminium micro blinds, vertical blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, bamboo woven wood shades, roller shades, solar shades, Roman shades, external shades, transparent shades, and shutters are just a few of the product categories from which you can select swatches.

You can choose from a variety of products and colors within each category.

Now is the time to order your complimentary blind samples!!

Ordering samples is a simple procedure that will make it much easier for you to make the best decision. Samples will assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for your installation. Visiting a store and waiting in line can be inconvenient and time consuming. Customers receive the exact style and design they want in their homes at the moment of delivery, ensuring complete satisfaction. The best part is that most samples are free and come without any strings attached. Spend some time customizing them before placing your order.

Get in touch with a professional designer if you require assistance in selecting a product. They’ll help you get the most out of your money!

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