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How to Optimally Control Light with Day and Night Blinds

How to Optimally Control Light with Day and Night Blinds

Is light giving you sleepless nights? Or has it added another challenge to the growing list of problems plaguing working from home? Whatever your reason might be to cut off light or exert adequate control over it, the answer lies in window treatment solutions.

Light is very important for our health. Not only is it abundant in Vitamin D, it also kills germs and naturally sanitizes the environment. No wonder sunlight lifts up the mood and enlivens the whole atmosphere. However, it comes with its pitfalls. Over exposure to sunlight can give rise to various skin problems, mostly due to the harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to sunrays also raises the temperature of the room, making you uncomfortable and raising your energy bills. So, what you need is a clever light filtering solution which gives you enough flexibility to control the flow of light into the room.

Day Night Graber Cellular Shades

How Do Window Coverings Help?

As most of the light entering your room gets in through the windows, window coverings are of great help. When you are selecting a window covering for light-controlling purpose, there are a few factors that you would need to keep in mind.

Material:The material of the window covering will have a huge effect on how well they control the light flowing into the room. Thicker material will provide a greater barrier against the light rays. Thickly woven materials can cut off light completely, which sheer material dulls the glare and fills the room with a muted glow of the sun. Solar shades cut of the glare and lets in plenty of light, while the material itself comes in varied levels of opacity, which is designed to cut off UV rays. On the other end of the spectrum is blackout material that is designed to cut of light completely. Most of other blinds fall somewhere in between, allowing you enough leg-room to have some control over the light that gets into the room.

Fit: Fit is another important factor that regulates the flow of light. For window treatment solutions that sit snug with the window frame, light control becomes easier. Window treatment solutions like venetian blinds and roller blinds, leave behind a thin line of light which stream in enough light to spoil the blackout effect. To minimize this problem, go for shutters, or vertical blinds, which boast of a closer fit with the window frames.

Design: Design innovations are probably the biggest tool that you can utilize to exert optimum control over light. Vertical blinds are great for achieving that clever blend of light control and privacy. The bigger slats allow you to adjust the direction of the light, so that you can position the glare away from the furniture or the screen.

Similarly, Zebra blinds come in a clever blend of alternating stripes of solid vanes and sheer fabric, which allows you to have limited exposure to sunlight. When you need it, you can position the solid slats to cut off the light completely.

Another fantastic design element that allows you greater flexibility over light, is Top-Down-Bottom-Up shades. This particular design allows you to open just the top of the blind, as well as the bottom of the blind, together or separately, while the rest of the blind remains bunched up in the middle. This clever design is very useful in keeping the privacy intact, while allowing in just the right amount of light.

However, nothing gives you the flexibility that Day and Night blinds provide. Let’s look at what Day and Night blinds are and how to optimally control light with them.

Day Night Cellular Shades

What are Day and Night Blinds?

Day and night blinds come with two layers of shades, which come on the same headrail. These shades come with the one headrail, one middle one, and one bottom rail.

If you go for day night honeycomb cordless shades, you will get two layers of honeycomb shades facing each other. You can lower the darker layer completely or partially to let in as much light as you wish. Similarly, you can open the upper layer to get an uninterrupted view along with light filtering.

When the sun becomes too hot or too bright, let down the light-filtering layer to fill the room with a muted glow. This imparts the whole atmosphere with an ethereal feel. As the room becomes hotter and the light becomes intrusive, adjust the darker layer to a desired height to create the perfect atmosphere. If you wish to watch a movie or catch up on some sleep, use the blackout shades to enjoy the full benefit of a blackout blind.

Another great option is the dual roller shades. These, too, operate on the same principle. The outer layer is made from solar shades, with varied levels of opening, ranging from 1% to 14% of openness. The blackout fabrics are shadow proof, which give you ultimate privacy. As seen before, you need to open the solar layer for a brighter room, with adequate protection against the harmful UV rays.

In this way, you can utilize day and night blinds to achieve optimal control over light and create a perfectly soothing and comfortable atmosphere any time of day.

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