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How To Operate Cordless Blinds

How To Operate Cordless Blinds

Instructions to Operate Cordless Blinds

When we think of conventional window treatments, Victorian style, heavy drapes and curtains that used in Broadways come to mind. Needless to say, these window treatments required pulling cords and strings to adjust and close them. This entailed a lot of physical effort and also posed a danger to unassuming kids and pets in the house, who run the risk of getting entangled, destroy them or pull them out of shape. To deal with such a scenario, cordless blinds have become a necessity in homes. Besides keeping your kids safe, they offer a neat and tidy appearance, making your window spaces the focal point of your room.

To operate the cordless blinds in your room, here are some tips and suggestions.

1. Pulling down the bottom rail: Just pull at the bottom rail to adjust them or to bring down at a level you desire. This is done to adjust the level of natural light you need in the room.

2. Using a wand: In the absence of cords, many manufacturers provide a wand or a stick to tilt the shades. When the wand isn’t provided, you can simply use your fingers to adjust them at a desirable angle.

3. Using a Remote: One of the best solutions to motorized blinds, remotes allow you to operate your shades with a simple On/off flick of the finger. They are especially effective when you have hard-to-reach windows where adjustment is otherwise not possible without getting a ladder. Case in point: skylight blinds of tall windows.

4. Z-Wave Enabled Smartphones: the Z Wave revolution has affected all major aspects of home decor, from blinds and bulbs to music and television. You don’t even need a remote to function your peripherals. All you need are simple voice instructions that schedule the movement of your blinds. When these are set up using your smartphones, they can be adjusted even when you aren’t home.

Some of the most popular cordless window blinds are as follows:

One-Touch Cordless Blinds by Crown

Extremely stylistic, appealing and functional aluminum blinds by Crown are your go-to window treatments for swanky window space. Their highly resistant material makes them extremely durable while the 1-inch slats offer ultimate privacy and light control when necessary. The highly sturdy aluminum also allows them to be cleaned easily and makes them stain and scratch-resistant. These shades are suitable for all seasons and can thus last you even decades.
Crown One Touch Cordless Blinds

Cellular Shades by Crown

Cellular shades by Crown are some of the ideal window treatments you can find across the globe. Also known as honeycomb shades, these window treatments are made from thin fabric with pockets between them to capture light and heat. While these single-cell shades are best used for light control, you can also go for dual-cell shades for a room darkening effect in case you want privacy in your room and comfort from extreme weather conditions. These shades are also available in a number of colors and sizes for personalized user experience.
Cordless Cellular Shades

Woven Wood Blinds by Crown

With material made from nature’s elements, these woven wood blinds bring home a fascinating and rich user experience that will lend a luxurious and coveted appeal. From Bayhead Grey to Sarasota Cocoa, they have a palette of color options that you can choose keeping in mind the hues of your room. They can be easily installed and cleaned through dusting or vacuuming. The cordless mechanism makes them a pretty safe option for children and pets. However, they need to be kept as far from moisture as possible if you want them to last for years.
Cordless Woven Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

A sort of a replica, these window treatments are the hallmark of luxury at a fraction of the cost of wooden window treatments. They employ highly sturdy materials in their construction, which makes them highly resistant to moisture and dust and applicable in cold as well as tropical conditions. Their thick slats keep the outdoor weather at bay during summers while preventing the warm indoor air from escaping during winters.
Cordless Fuax Wood Blinds
To conclude, child proof blinds are what you must employ to keep your home safe for children and pets. Besides, they offer a neat and uncluttered appearance without the ugly old cords dangling by the sides. They can be adjusted using a wand or by fingers, through a remote or by voice instructions, thanks to modern technology that comes to save the day, yet again!

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