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How to Operate Blinds That Are Out Of Reach

How to Operate Blinds That Are Out Of Reach

Does the sunlight entering your high windows directly stream into your entryway? Are you dealing with annoying glare, total lack of privacy, uncomfortable temperatures, and too much light? While high windows may look like a dream as they are often magnificent design pieces that allow ample amount of sunlight to enter, the fact that they are hard-to-reach means that they are more difficult to control. That said, there are solutions designed for your out-of-reach windows letting you have effortless control to create the perfect environment of style and comfort. These window-covering solutions transform your home and your lifestyle!

What Window Treatments Are Suitable For Hard-To-Reach Windows?

Here are four popular window treatment options for hard-to-reach windows.

  • Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Houses with high ceilings feature tall windows making it hard to cover them correctly. Also, they might be present in higher areas and open up your space to let in more natural sunlight. But, dressing them can be daunting as you would require a ladder for mounting and adjusting them with window coverings. Cellular shades are an exceptional window treatment for tall, out-of-reach windows. Based on the direction in which your window is facing, that space might be vulnerable to energy loss. Honeycomb shades are energy-efficient window treatments designed for trapping air between the fabric layers for developing an insulating barrier to maintain the room at a cozy temperature. Also, they are available in sun-filtering options that let in enough sunlight without warming up the space excessively. This also drops your cooling costs during summers and avoids the need for artificial lighting during the daytime while saving your utility bills. Cellular shades are available in larger sizes, and can be operated with a long cord (for customized shades, you should request a custom length cord longer than the window) or can be motorized to operate with a remote control.

House owners with pets or kids like cordless window coverings to prevent strangulation risks. This makes them one of the most secure window treatments for families. They can be operated using a remote control or a mobile app. This makes them perfect for out-of-reach windows as you don’t have to control them manually throughout the day. They are apt for skylights, high windows, elevated windows behind the furniture, and vaulted rooms. They come in honeycomb, blackout, solar, and Roman shade options. Also, they can be adjusted to raise/lower on multiple windows at the same time and can open/close when you aren’t at home. The mobile app lets you control the window treatments exactly the way you want them to. They can also be controlled with voice instructions which is an even more convenient option.

  • Louvered Shutters/Blinds

Manually controlled louvered shutters/blinds are one of the simple window treatments for out-of-reach windows. After installation, these window treatments can be controlled with a cord pulley mechanism. As an alternative option, many shutters and blinds have motorized options as well which allow you to tilt the slats remotely. Since they can be tilted at a 45-degree angle to direct the natural sunlight towards the floor or ceiling, you need not fret about glare or faded furniture. This also avoids anyone from outside from prying. They can also be coupled with other window coverings like cornice boards or valances for a decorative finish.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are available in a wide range of options like relaxed, motorized, and cascade. When installed on out-of-reach windows, they can be installed with a longer cord for easy accessibility. Their look makes them a good choice for the house as well as office. So, the mounting has to be equally accurate to make sure they appear good and function well. When opened, Roman shades provide a magnificent classic border to the window sill while being within the framework. When lowered, they are excellent at keeping out the light and providing privacy. But, the amount of blocked light majorly relies on the material of the Roman shades. These are available in motorized options as well.

How To Control Blinds For Hard-To-Reach Windows?

  1. Motorization and Automation

Automation has taken the world of house innovation by storm currently, and it is transforming our lifestyle. With its incredible comfort and simplistic control, home automation is an exceptional game-changer, particularly for out-of-reach windows. Motorized window blinds offer control at your fingertips. Adjustments that used to be complicated, daunting, or even impossible have become easy and simple at the tap of an app or a button. With the mobile app, your out-of-reach window blinds can be scheduled to open/close throughout the day even when you aren’t at house. A look on your smartphone determines what position your window blinds are in and a simple tap controls them from anywhere in the world!

  1. Customization

For the maximum control of your out-of-reach windows, appropriate window coverings matter. Not all windows in your house are built equally. While some are present way up high, other windows are low. While some windows are wide, others are small. While some windows are north-facing letting in an ample amount of sunlight, others would be east-facing bombarding you with morning sun. Customizing the features, design, and fabric opacity of your window treatments is important for operating and developing the atmosphere you wish for. Restore privacy, soak in natural sunlight, and enjoy the charm of plantation shutters with their directional control of light. The possibilities are infinite! Therefore, customizing your window coverings puts the required solutions easily within your reach.

  1. Rearranging Of Furniture

The layout of your furniture may create out-of-reach windows making it hard and annoying to achieve an ideal balance of privacy, comfort, and light. At times, a simple rearrangement of your room is all that you require to solve the issue. Shifting furniture away from the windows and walls and towards the center of a room is primarily a popular floor plan presently. Known as conversation areas, these personal, cozy spots are perfect for hosting guests while achieving access to the windows.

Bottom Line

Every home features at least one window that is almost impossible for adjusting the window treatment. This can be because of your dormered roofs, vaulted ceilings, or simple plain awkward spaces. These windows make it difficult to adjust, clean, measure, or even mount window blinds. However, the right window treatments change everything and help you see what an asset these innovative windows actually are in your house.

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