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How To Measure Your Blinds To Fit French Doors


What are French Doors?

French doors are, for the purpose of context, doors that are predominantly occupied with glass panes as its design, while they also open outwards. They are often used as French patio doors or conventional windows.

Why are they so popular?

French Doors are popular for many reasons. If you want to pinpoint the exact reasons, it is because of the aesthetic value they bring to a home. Since these doors are primarily made out of glass, they not only act as a way for you to move from inside to the outside world and vice versa, but it also gives you a visual connection with the exteriors as well. You can bask in the scenery and natural light from your French Doors and appreciate the contrast with the interiors of your home.

On the other hand, the doors themselves come with unique designs. You can experiment with different types of glass panes, the material of the doors, different color schemes and shapes as well. French Doors are some of those vintage types of doors that have adapted to modern homes giving you a classic vibe of a modern style with a touch of sophistication.

Even if you don’t want a French patio door, you can still use French doors as an elegant way of connecting one room with another. This is most prevalent in dining halls and living rooms.

What are the advantages of French Doors?

French doors are not only desirable from an aesthetic viewpoint, but they are also very adept at being a useful part of your home. Some of these benefits are listed below –

  1. Access to scenery – These doors aren’t just a ploy to get scenic beauty into your home. The access to scenery at any point of the day can really help in making it a calm, comfortable and soothing place for you to stay. If your work station faces a French door you are guaranteed not to have a monotonous day.
  2. Natural Light – Since French Doors are mostly made out glass panes, they allow a lot of sunlight to enter the room. This natural from of illumination lights up every part of the room and is an energy efficient feature. Moreover, natural sunlight can be beneficial towards health and can improve the mood of everyone at home.
  3. Adds value to your home – The fact that French Doors are so desirable can make it a valuable investment for the future. The addition of these doors can increase the sale value of your home in the event that you have to relocate.
  4. More space – The fact that these doors move outward gives you some more space on your walls to work with. You can use this space for cabinets or wall hangings as such.

What kind of window coverings should I get for my French doors?

You might not need all that sunlight throughout the day. Not to mention, privacy is also an issue that you will have to figure out. Another minor concern is that glass is not a good insulator of heat, which means that your home can heat up very quickly during the summer. Thankfully, all these problems can be solved by choosing the right window treatments for your home.

If you want to find the right window covering that will address all your concerns, while also making sure that the look of your room is not compromised, shades and blinds are your best options. From here on, it becomes a question of personal preference. Both shades and blinds have different features but will give you what you need. Getting the right type of curtain or blinds will depend on the amount of control you want on the amount of light entering your home, the colors of your walls and whether you need insulation.

What are the different types of blind I can use for my French Doors?

If insulation is a priority, cellular blinds (also known as honeycomb blinds) can be a very good addition to your home. These blinds have cells or honeycombs that will trap warm air that comes from outside and will prevent it from heating up the room. If you want to completely block the sunlight during certain times of the day, blackout blinds will come in handy as well. Depending on the size of your French Doors, vertical blinds is also a window covering you can consider. You can also think about mixing things up with faux wooden blinds as well.

How do I measure my blinds for my French Doors?

Measuring your doors for installing blinds can be a tedious process because of the precision it requires. The same goes for French doors. However, with the help of the following steps, you should be able to measure French doors for installing blinds without a problem –

  1. The first order of business is to measure the length and the width of the glass. If you want to cover the moulding surrounding the blind with the glass as well, you must start measuring from outside the moulding edge.
  2. Now, you will want to add at least an inch or an inch and a half to the width and three or three and a half inches to the length of the blinds on either side. This additional space can provide some extra privacy while also making some reserved space for installation and control mechanisms of the blinds. Just make sure that you account for the fact that the blinds should not interfere with the door knobs or door handles.
  3. These measurements are for an outside mount. Before you buy your blinds or attempt to install them, make sure you can go for an outside mount. An outside mount is an installation technique used when the headrail and mounting brackets of the blinds are above the door frame and the blinds hand down in front of the door. An inside mount is when the headrail is attached to the inner door frame of the glass by drilling a few holes into it. An inside mount is not possible if the door frame is not thick enough.
  4. If you feel like the lift controls of the blind are interfering with the use of the door handles or knobs, you can use spacer brackets to try and solve the situation.

Conclusion : Measuring your French doors for blinds is not very complicated. In order to make sure that you don’t spend too much time on this, it might be helpful to refer to a video for clarity. French doors are a worthy investment. Any complications that you may encounter is also easily rectifiable. With the right amount of planning, it takes your home to a whole new level.