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How to Measure Window Treatments for French Doors

Window Treatments for French Doors

French doors are the staple to any home that thrives on natural light. French doors are known for their more ornate appearance: their main body is mostly composed of a single or multiple panes of glass held in place by a wooden frame. French doors are a great way to let the light in, but as with all panes of glass a problem soon arises: they let in light, and they do it ALL the time! We’re sure we don’t need to tell you the struggles of trying to stay cool on a hot day, especially with the French doors letting the sun in with barely any pause. While tinted glass could solve your problem, you’ll find it hard to control the light given that tinted glass doesn’t come with lighting settings.

So the best option for light control would be blinds, but window treatments for French doors come with a slight catch. If the measuring isn’t done right, then you could have a very lousy experience. While it isn’t that hard to measure a door (French or not!) there are some nuances you may be unaware of. So we’re here to show you exactly how you can measure your French doors and get the blinds you need.
Cellular Shades for French Doors
When selecting your blinds, you will find that you have an option between two fundamentally different types of mounts, the inside mount and the outside mount. Inside mounts are for spaces where the blind will fit into an empty space set in the wall or the door, these are NOT the blinds you are looking for. The outside mount is the one you need; given that it’s meant for flat surfaces with no recesses for the blinds.

When measuring your French doors, make sure you cover the glass in its entirety, any moulding or beading you have already can be measured over as long as you know exactly how long you want your blinds. It’s important to note that your French door’s handles and hinges may get in the way of you using your blinds properly, so we suggest that your measurements account for them accordingly and ensure the blinds and handles do not interfere with one another.
You should start with the measurements of the area you want to cover from edge to edge. This area is usually the glass, but may include the frame around the glass as well. Then, according to the type of blind or shade that you are ordering, you need to add the height of your mounting space, which is generally the height of the headrail as you are mounting above the glass itself. Then you also need to add to the width to counteract any possible light gap. This is because for some shades, such as roller shades, the fabric comes shorter than the actual cassette or headrail at the top. Once you have added those measurements, you can then add extra height or width as needed for overlap. If you have any questions about the details of the shade’s headrail height or light gap, consult the manufacturer or retailer of the blinds.

Shallow blinds are easy to manage and less invasive when it comes to your French doors. Blinds or shades with a large headrail or cassette can be unwieldy or look awkward when mounted to a door. Try to choose something that is slim and low profile.

Here are some other tips that you might be interested in:
• If you’re someone who prefers to let light in at specific but regular times during the day then it is advisable to go in for motorized window treatments.
• Using brackets to hold down your blinds after installing them on the French door will keep them from swinging and moving unnecessarily when you open and close those glorious glass doors.
• As we mentioned before, the handle may be an issue even when trying to raise and lower the blinds if they’re too deep or if the controls are on the same side as the handles
• We suggest that you ensure the controls are set away from the handle and closer to the hinges of your French door instead.

We also recommend against using cords to control the window shades given that the cords may get snagged in the door gap or on the handle at the most inopportune moments. Cords also pose a very serious health risk to infants and pets, so it’s best to steer away from almost entirely in such a case.

And if you feel like you need more versatility with your French door blinds, we suggest you try our motorized smart blinds. With the motorized smart blinds on your French doors, you’ll be able to raise and lower them with just a tap of your phone or set them on a clock depending on what you when to schedule their opening and closing for the day.
Roman Shades for French Doors
It’s easier than you think!
Window treatments for French doors are a wonderful idea given that this opens up more room for incredible home décor options. And if you consider the steps above then you can be sure that you’ll have enough knowledge to get yourself sorted out with relative ease. We hope you found this information helpful and wish you a very happy and hassle-free installation.

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