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How to Measure Sliding Glass Doors Perfectly For Window Treatments

Measure Sliding Glass Doors Perfectly For Window Treatments

Sliding glass doors are no doubt a great option to create a division of spaces. The spaces in question can be both indoors or it can be used to create a divide between the outdoor and the indoors. Either way, it provides the unique feature of letting you have an open view of spaces on both sides of the door while not compromising on privacy or safety. But leaving these sliding glass doors bare and naked is a décor mistake you would be making. You will be losing out on a great opportunity to customize your living space and give it a touch of your style and taste. Beautiful treatments for the sliding glass doors will allow you to bring panache to your space. In addition to this, you will also be filtering the sunlight that enters your home. Treatments for sliding glass doors will also give you that necessary touch of warmth and privacy. Before we delve into how to measure sliding glass doors to help you buy the perfect shades, blinds or curtains of your choice, you may want to take a look at the different kinds of sliding door window treatments available to you in the market.

Types of Sliding Door Window Treatments

  • Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are one of the most affordable kinds of window treatments available today. You can choose from various materials, textures, styles, colors, and patterns. The most common ones chosen are woven woods, privacy sheers, cotton mixes, and polyester blends. If you know how to measure the sliding glass door, you can easily install the curtains or drapes using the hardware that comes with most curtains and drapes available today. To have access to the doorway, you may tie the curtains or drapes back or may move it to the sides on the rod.

Drapery for Sliding Glass Door

  • Panels and Screens That Glide

Gliding screens and panels are a great alternative to the vertical blinds that are commonly seen in the market. These glide using a track and wheels that are mounted on the wall or ceiling. One clear advantage that these have is that they can be stacked completely away from the doorway when open unlike the other options of window treatments. You also have a variety of materials to choose from that include fabric, solar screens, and woven woods. It is best to use this kind of sliding door covering if your space follows a contemporary or modern concept.

  • Shades

Custom window shades are a group of window treatments that you can choose from for your glass sliding door. Before you choose these you have to be clear about the proper cleaning and maintenance methods. You are free to choose from the level of commitment you can make towards cleaning and maintenance of shades. You can also pick and choose according to your installation expertise, budget, and tastes. The various kinds of shades available are roman shades, rolling shades, and cellular shades.

Shade for Sliding Door

  • Blinds

Blinds are easy to install and maintain. They are also among the most affordable options available for window treatments. There are two kinds of blinds available – vertical and horizontal.

Now that you have the kind of glass sliding door covering you are going to choose in mind, take a look at how to measure the sliding glass door.

Blinds for Sliding Glass Door

How to Measure Sliding Glass Door

The method of measuring a sliding glass door is more or less similar to how you would do it for patio doors, French doors or other window treatments. You will need some basic things or tools to help you measure the glass sliding doors. These are tape, pen, and paper. You can also choose to use worksheets for measuring sliding glass doors available online.

Most sliding doors have a very shallow depth. This will not allow you to go for an inside mount. For this reason, you will find instructions for an outside mount for your sliding glass doors. You can also use the same instruction for an inside mount by choosing to measure the inside of the door frame. Let us start how to measure the sliding glass door with the width.

Measuring the Width

You will need to take three measurements to take the perfect measurement of how wide your sliding glass doors are.

  • Take one measurement across the top.
  • The next measurements across the middle
  • The last measurement across the bottom of the door opening.

Now, take the number that denotes the largest measurement and add up to 3 to 6 inches to it. This will take into account the number required for the maximum light coverage. The number that you now have will tell you how wide your sliding glass door coverings should be.

Sliding Glass Door Measurement

Measuring the Height

Your sliding doors need to be measured from the top to the bottom. Your starting point should be placed where the headrail is to be placed and not from where the door actually begins. To find this point, keep in mind that it is usually 3 to 4 inches above the point where the door begins. You will need to take three measurements here too.

  • Take a measurement at the very right end of the point of the headrail placement.
  • Now, take a measurement in the middle of the door at the height of the headrail placement.
  • Lastly, take a measurement at the very left of the door at the point of the headrail placement.

Choose the number which is the largest. This number will be how high your sliding glass door covering should be. You may use this number to make your order when you make the purchase.

Remember that if you are measuring sliding glass doors for the installation of vertical blinds, you will need to use the smallest measurements and not the largest. From this number deduct half an inch. This is the number you need to use while making your purchase. This is because the vertical blinds need to end slightly above the floor.

Now that you know how to measure the sliding glass door, go ahead and get the sliding glass door window dressing of your choice and make your dreams of an elegant living space come true.