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How To Measure For A Sliding Screen Door

How To Measure For a Sliding Screen Door

A sliding screen door is a phenomenal way to let the air in but keep everything else out. These doors can fit exceptionally well in front of patio doors or virtually anywhere you feel like you could use a little air. While there are many shapes and sizes for such doors, it’s important that one knows exactly how to install a one. And by install, we mean how to measure for a sliding door and what you need to know before you try and install one.

Step One: Know Your Track

Tracks are what you’ll be using to make sure your screen door will slide the way you want it and not pop out unnecessarily. There are two types of tracks, T tracks and U tracks (also known as miter tracks) and both of these tracks are usable when it comes to sliding screen doors. T tracks are as the name calls them, tracks that hold a T shape which is known to be more secure and ensures your doors stay in place. Miter tracks are more of a plain U-shaped channel that will run from one end of the screen doors to another. U tracks are easier to deal with when trying for installation and quick removal. Once you’ve understood your tracks then take a measure of how much space you have and what length tracks you will need for installation. If you already have some leftover from another one you’re about to replace, just check if they’re sturdy and are the right size you need. While we suggest going for the T tracks in general, U tracks are easier to deal with during installation. The tracks decide how far your doors can slide within the confines of the door in the first place.

Step Two: Understanding the breadth of the situation

Here is where you take your measurements. A measuring tape will help you determine how wide you want and depending on where you install it, it may be limited to just the size of your door rather the size of the tracks. We suggest making sure the measurements match your patio door as you will want the screen door to slide freely along the tracks in question and leave no open spaces after closing them. When checking your measurements, it’s also best to check twice. If they don’t match up, then you may need to start again from scratch.

Step Three: Know Your Marks

If you’re installing a completely new door then you’ll want to make sure you know exactly where it will sit. For example, if you don’t already have tracks then it’s important to mark the frame before you even get the drill ready. Improper marking will result in you drilling a hole in the wrong place which is a pain to fix and after that, you’ll be back to square one. Most screen doors come with helpful templates to mark your holes before drilling. So like we said, be nice and check it twice or you may end up with more holes in your walls and that is just not okay.

Step Four: Go Shopping!

Here is the part where you go out into the world of well-made blinds and actually buy your door. It’s important that you choose the right measurements for your door. That said, if you have the tools handy, it’s better to go a little bit larger than you think rather than smaller. This is because it’s easier to cut a larger screen into a smaller size than the other way around. If you find that its off by a few millimeters or a little more, cutting your sliding screen doors (shaving off the edges mostly) will help you resize. However, overcutting could turn your door from being too large to being too small. Sometimes cutting may not be feasible depending on the material/construction of the door.

Step Five: Check if it works

Always make sure to test your door before you actually start any of the installation steps. Align it to your patio door and see if they fit and if the door has space to open.

Step 6: Get the doors on your level

Use a level to make sure your doors are even throughout. They will not align properly with your home or patio door unless it is completely level and this will bring you a great deal of frustration if discovered during or after installation. And that’s how to measure for a sliding screen door, it’s a simple and easy process that may take a little time, but the results are worth it.

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