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Simple And Effective Techniques to Correctly Measure Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

How To Measure Drapes For Sliding Glass Door

Your window treatments will look good on sliding glass doors only when they fit perfectly. As such, one of the important aspects you will have to pay attention to will be taking the right measurement.

So, let us explore the details which explain how to take the right measurements when installing window treatments on such doors.



How to Measure Drapes for Sliding Glass Door?



When measuring height, take the measurement from the floor up to the door frame’s top part. You need to add about three inches to this measurement to keep enough space for mounting hardware.

Thus, about three to six inches should be added based on how high the drapes need to extend over the door.

When it comes to measuring the width of window treatments for sliding patio doors, do the same from door trim’s outside edge on the left side up to outside edge on the opposite end.

Moreover, you should add about eight inches to the final width so that your drapes get about four inches on both sides to properly bunch when in open position. By keeping such additional width allowance, minor differences in measurement become irrelevant.



Measuring Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors



Consider Mounting Options: At the time of taking a measurement of blinds for these doors, you will have to do the same so that the blinds can be fitted with outside mount. This is due to the fact that most often the door lacks the required depth to support an inside mount.

Consider Moulding: Oftentimes the sliding door consists of an encasing, and while taking a measurement, you will have to consider it as well. Normally, you should add two inches to blind’s length for this purpose.

As such, you need to take the measurement from the floor and up to two inches above this molding. In case, there is no molding then you will have to take the measurement from the floor and up to two inches above opening’s top part.

When measuring the width of window treatments for sliding doors in the living room, start measuring from the molding’s outside edge in left to right direction. Additionally, you should add two to six inches for maintaining desired privacy.

In addition, if you want to install two blinds on your sliding glass door then you should measure the width from the molding’s outside part and up to the center. Moreover, you should add one to three inches for each of the blinds.



Measuring Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors



When measuring curtains for your sliding glass doors, take the width measurement from left to right of the door. For height, take the measurement from paneling’s top part up to the floor.

Additionally, you should add about three inches to your height measurement. These extra three inches will be compensating for the distance present between the top part of the door and the curtain pole.

Regarding the width, you can add extra inches at both ends, this way the curtains will be overlapping the door and the wall when in an open position.



A Few Other Considerations


Vertical Window Blinds 

Few of the aspects to consider with respect to measuring and fitting window treatments on sliding glass doors consist of:

  1. Checking if there is enough room on the door frame’s inside section. This will ensure that when the door is opened or slides, it will not be hitting the blind.

  2. Another thing to check is, will there be interference between the door handle and the blind’s operation when you are opening or closing the blind.

  3. Split the sliding door area so that 2 or 3 blinds are installed. This way each of the blinds can be independently operated.

  4. Make sure that stacking of vertical blind or the chain side is on door opening’s opposite side. This way you will have the assurance that it will not get stuck when the door is opened.

  5. When taking a measurement for height, ensure that enough space is left for rugs and mats that are kept on the floor.

  6. It is likely that the blind will be reducing the headroom present in your sliding door to some extent.

As such, you will have to consider whether the blind will be creating problems for those coming in through the sliding door when the blind is in the raised position or is stacked to one end (if it is a vertical blind). Based on the type of blind, headroom reduction is about:

    1. 70mm for roller blinds

    2. 50mm for vertical blinds

    3. Maximum 260mm for synthetic wood or wooden blinds based upon the height of the sliding door

If you are confused how to take the right measurements while installing window treatments on your sliding glass doors, then give us a call on our toll-free number (1-866-881-8682) and our experts will guide you in the right direction.

Our experts will try to understand requirement you have, type of window treatment you want to install, and amount of privacy you want your window treatment to provide.

After analyzing all the details, our team will suggest the best window treatment for sliding patio doors that will be right for them and we will also help you take proper measurements so that they fit perfectly on your sliding doors.

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