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How to Measure and Install Internal Shutters for Your Doors

How To Measure And Install Internal Shutters For Your Doors
Doors are the staple of any home decor that allow natural light and fresh air to enter your space, making it brighter and livelier. There are multiple door designs available in the market including sliding glass doors, French doors, front entryways, and many more. All these doors offer different aesthetic and functional values for your interior. They take up a significant amount of space in your decor which leads you to confront many difficulties such as excess harsh light, uncomfortable temperature, and lack of privacy. And that’s when covering these doors become vital in order to protect your indoor from various elements of nature. There are different ways of dressing up these doors such as blinds, shades, curtains, but if you are looking to give doors a traditional feel, making them the main attraction of your house, then internal shutters an ideal option to opt for.

These shutters add a timeless classy touch to your doors and offer an abundance of benefits such as ventilation, light control, and protection. They come in real wood or composite wood, and different louver sizes to match your desired level of lighting, privacy, and insulation. You can adjust the louvers to fully open and close or in between to achieve the right amount of comfort and pleasure. Shutters are always a great option to dress up doors because of their affordability, durability, cordless control and insulative properties. You can customize them from a variety of textures and color options as well to elevate the look of the doors in a sophisticated way.
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How to Measure Internal Shutters for Doors

DIY measurement is the key to saving money and transforming your doors in an amazing manner. No matter what kind of door you have, the measuring process is the same for all. To get started, make sure to keep a measuring tape, pen, and paper with you. Most of the doors opt for outside mounting as the door depth is too shallow for inside mounting.

To get door width, you have to take three measurements, at the top, middle, and bottom of the door opening. Always note down the largest width and add a few inches to it in order to cover the doors in an efficient way while getting full coverage. To get the height, measure from top to bottom, on the left, middle, and right and take the largest height to place the order for your shutters.

When it comes to French doors, there is a small difference in the measurement as internal shutters are mounted directly on the door and designed with various hardware including handles, locks, etc. So, be careful while taking the measurements.

To get the width, measure the door across the top, middle, and bottom. Take the largest width and add extra inches to it for maximum coverage against light and protection. And to determine the height, measure from top to bottom on the left, middle and right. Always take the highest width and height while placing the order.

Note– The height of one side of the door can be different from the other side and that’s why it’s suggested to take three measurements. And always double-check the measurements before placing the final order because a single mistake can lead you to get the wrong shutter size and you will end up ruining both aesthetics and functionality of this door solution.

Disclaimer – The process of installing shutters can be done in multiple ways depending on the door type and position. So always check the product manual before placing an order or look for professional help while measuring and mounting them. ZebraBlinds takes no liability of any issue or damage caused during the procedure.

How to Install Shutters on the Doors

Once you are done with the measurements, it’s time to install them in order to enhance the beauty of the doors while enjoying various practical and functional values.

● Usually, shutters come with some filler strips to adjust the width of the shutters if necessary. But you can use them to determine layout as well. Take one filler strip to the front edge of the window frame, level, and mark with a pencil. Take a drill machine to create holes in the marked area.
● Insert the screws through the shutter frame and push the filler onto the screws.
● Mount the shutters on the windows and fix them using screws.
● Keep the shutters in close position and check whether they are properly aligned or not.
● To place the hardware, take a pencil and make a mark on the halfway down of the shutters.
● Drill the marks and fix the latch into the hole on the shutter. And you are all ready to operate your internal shutters.