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How to Measure and Get a Quote for Your Awkward Window Shapes?

How To Measure for Akward Windows

Window treatments, besides elevating the style quotient of your home décor a few notches up, also enhance the energy efficiency, comfort factor, and privacy of your house. However, there are several preparatory steps involved in the process of getting window coverings for your house. Before purchasing your choice of the window coverings, you need to ensure that they are the right size, can be installed properly on the window, and are well-suited to your specific requirements.

Why Measuring Windows Before Purchasing Window Coverings is Important

To make sure that the window coverings fit your windows perfectly and provide complete coverage, you need to be aware of the dimensions of the window frame. While most window treatments are already designed keeping the standard window dimensions in mind, it is the size of the windows that can vary. Windows in every house don’t necessarily have to be the standard size. People tend to have specific stylistic preferences for the architecture of their houses and accordingly, the size and shape of the windows and doors may differ.

Some people prefer to include uniquely-shaped windows and doors to enhance the visual appeal and points of architectural interest in the house. The uncommon design makes them stand out from the regular and the mundane and also gives a unique look and character to the house. However, finding suitable coverings for awkward window shapes is just as important. While at it, you need to make sure that the window coverings fulfill your specific requirements such as privacy, heat control, or light control.

Besides that, the window coverings also need to sit on the windows perfectly. They should neither be too long or too short for the window frame. There should be enough free space around the window for the window treatments to function smoothly. To ensure that, you need to have the exact dimensions of the window handy along with a fair idea of the free space on and around the window frame.

This will help you get the dressings that are the right size and shape for your windows. Based on the available space and the dimensions, you can decide whether to opt for an inside mount or to go with an outside mount. Window coverings that fit the windows perfectly not only accentuates the look of the windows but also makes the entire space look neat and tidy. You get excellent coverage and functionality and the window treatments also function without any issue.

How to Measure Awkward Window Shapes

As the name suggests awkward window shapes are different from each other and hence the same method of measurement may not work for all such windows. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we will discuss how to measure some of the most popular awkward window shapes with separate instructions of each of them:

Arched Windows

• Step 1: For accurate measurement, you need to get accurate readings of both the height and the width of the window frame. Since the top section of the window is arched in this case, you need to take the width measurement of the base. This will be the maximum width of the window.
• Step 2: Measure the tallest portion of the arched window. This will lie in the middle of the arch opening. Starting from the top of the tallest point measure the height till the base of the window. This will be the maximum height of the window.

Windows With an Angled Top

• Step 1: Measure the tallest length to get the maximum height of the window. Mesure from the top-most point till the base.
• Step 2: Similarly, measure the shortest length to get the minimum height.
• Step 3: Measure the width at the base to get the maximum width.
• Step 4: Measure the length of the slope starting from the tallest point and ending at the shortest point of the height of the window.

Hexagonal or Octagonal Windows

• Step 1: Draw the shape of the window on a piece of paper and label each angle on the diagram.’
• Step 2: Now measure each corresponding angle on the window frame and write down the value.
• Step 3 Likewise, measure the distance between each angle point and write down the measurements.
• Step 4: Now, based on these values draw a new diagram that is of the same size as the window frame.
• Step 5: Take a cut out of this diagram and put it against the window frame to check if it matches the frame perfectly. This will help you get the custom window treatments that are an exact fit for your window.

How to Get a Quote?

Getting a quote is also an important aspect of planning your investment in window coverings. It is necessary for two main reasons. Firstly, getting a quote will give you a fair idea about how much getting the window coverings will cost. Based on the dimensions of the window frame, the cost of the window coverings will also vary. Bigger the windows, larger the window treatments you will need to cover them, and accordingly the cost will rise.
Secondly, you also get an expert opinion when you ask for a quote from a window treatment store or the professionals whom you may hire for installing the window coverings. Based on the window dimensions and your specific requirements and stylistic preferences, they will suggest the kinds of dressings that will be best suited for the same.

When you are trying to get window coverings for awkward window shapes, a lot of customizations are also involved and that can also push the cost up. The pre-fabricated window treatments are designed for regular window shapes. Hence, for a better fit and coverage, you need to get the coverings custom-made. It should not be a problem as many stores offer custom window treatments.

However, you need to note that there are very few custom options available where all the sections of the window coverings will be operable. In most cases, the awkward sections of the windows, once covered will not be operable and only a limited portion of the window coverings will be operable. For example, in case of window coverings for an arched window, the window treatments will be customized to resemble the shape of the arched window and sit flush on the window frame but only the rectangular or square portion of the window treatments sans the arched section will be operable.

This is a compromise you may have to make but the overall appeal, efficiency, and functionality of the window treatments will still be top-notch. You can call your preferred window treatment store and ask them for a quote based on the dimensions of the windows you want to get the coverings for.

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