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How To Match Window Valances and Cornices With Your Blinds

How To Match Window Valances and Cornices With Your Blinds

Purpose of Valances & Cornice Boards

Very often, even after the decor and furnishings are done, something seems to be amiss. It is difficult to pinpoint the missing link and you may keep wondering what is off. You have ticked off everything that is needed to give your room a makeover or decorate a new house. But even with all elements safely in place, the look remains incomplete. This ‘something’ is a bit of drama and flair. It is that ‘extra thing’ that will help integrate your room into a harmonious whole and make up that difference between ordinary and extraordinary. You need to however resist the urge of going overboard which happens in most cases when you are trying to add a little drama to your rooms. Loud colors, bold designs, play of colors etc. can sometimes break the room instead of offering the finishing touch.

An easy way to add drama to your rooms is by choosing the right window treatment solutions. This however does not include only blinds, shades and drapes. What adds the real zing to your space are valances and cornices. These are also window treatments that cover only the upper part of the windows. While valances are made of fabric and hang loosely, cornices are wooden boxes, painted or stained or even upholstered. They are mounted over the head rail of window treatments and do an admirable job of hiding the ugly window hardware. They also add a layer of insulation by preventing warm air from escaping from the top of the windows. And finally, more than anything, valances and cornice boards impart an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. They help to define the windows and pull the room together. They become the focal point of a room and help set the tone for room decor.

Valances and cornice boards can be used with blinds, shades and drapes and together create a beautiful style for your windows. Your bare ordinary windows get a new lease of life with these window treatment solutions.

Decorative Window Valances

Valance Styles

Valances are made of fabric and they hang loosely along the side of the windows. You can choose from different valance styles to go with your drapes and blinds. Let us take a quick look at some of the valance styles that pair well with blinds and shades.

Stand-alone Valances

These are perfect to dress with blinds and shades. They are simple yet an elegant choice for your windows. They cover the top part of the windows and do not hang down along sides.

Balloon valances have a full and fluffy appearance true to its name. They are available in a variety of colors, prints and patterns. These valances look well with drapes and blinds. A patterned and bright colored balloon valance will go beautifully a beige or neutral colored shade or blind.

Swag Valances

Swag valances are quite elaborate. It consists of one large piece of material that can be hung on brackets or even draped over the windows. They hang loosely over the window and along the sides. They make a great choice for shutters and even blinds. If you are opting for gorgeous colored and designed swag valances, go for light colored shutters or blinds for a harmonious balance.

Swag Valances

Scarf Valances

These valances are draped over the window like a scarf. They are generally made of lightweight materials like chiffon, georgette and lace. They fall casually over the windows and look stunning. If you are opting for a light colored scarf valance then you pair them with a colored blind, shades or shutters like cherry red, wood colros like mahogany, burgundy or cherry and even a printed shade.

Scarf Valances

Valances with Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a common choice of window treatment in many homes. They can be made of PVC or wood and are mostly inside mounted. They offer a great opportunity for valances to complete the look. You can pair them with arched shaped valances wit floral designs to break the sharp edges of the window treatment and the room. You can even try experimenting with vertical stripped faux shade valance sans prints and frills. The vertical stripes juxtaposed with horizontal slats of you Venetian blinds help to create an illusion of height. If you have neutral colored walls and white Venetian blinds, you can finish off the look with some brightly colored and designed valances.

Valances with Mini Blinds

Micro or mini blinds come with slat sizes of ½” or 1”. They are lightweight and almost unnoticeable. This allows you to focus more on your valances. You can use bold colors, embellishments like tassels and fringes and choose from different shaped valances and prints.

Valances can look stunning with Roman shades, cellular shades and roller shades. There is no set recipe for matching the shades with valances. Go with the flow and avoid excesses. If your shades or blinds are brightly colored, or your Roman shades have prints, opt for softer shade of valances with simple shapes and vice versa.

Roman Shades with Valances for Bedroom

Cornice Boards & Blinds

Cornice boards are wooden box like structures covered on three sides and mounted atop the window. These boxes can have carvings and be colored or wood stained. You can use dark or light colors for your cornice boards. Burgundy, mahogany or cherry wood stained cornices look stylish and regal and can be paired with any blinds preferably light colored. If you are using upholstered cornice boards then you could experiment with designs and prints. These cornice boards use fabric to cover the wooden box. They are structured but you can use printed, colourful and designed fabric for these cornice boards. They look gorgeous with blinds and shades. If you are using a printed cornice board, avoid using printed window shades to maintain the aesthetic balance. If you are using printed Roman shades then it is safer to stick to neutral colors or any dark colors for your cornice boards.

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