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How to Match your Curtains with your Furniture

How To Match Your Curtains With YourFurniture

Drapes to Complement Your Furniture

Framing your windows with long voluminous curtains or drapes helps to add style, personality and glamour to a room. Curtains and drapes are timeless and ageless beauties that never go out of fashion. Even with tons of shades and blinds flooding the market, the craze and demand for drapes still remain the same. They are gorgeous and when done right, they can do wonders for your house. For drapes to create the right and desired impact they need to be well measured. A poorly fit drape can be disastrous. They must be hung high from near the ceiling and see that they reach till just above the ground. Don’t skimp on size. It makes rooms appear bigger and ceilings higher than they are. Choosing the right color, texture and design is of key importance as curtains take up a substantial amount of visual space. Finally, they must match well and blend with the existing home décor.

A room has several objects which include the furniture, decorative pieces, cushions, carpets and last but not lease the wall color. When you are choosing your drapes you need to take all these into consideration so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb in your scheme of things in the room. In addition to this curtains need to be functional as well. They must be able to provide privacy, darkness, insulation to windows, light filtration and much more.

Things to Consider

When picking out the right curtains and drapes of your rooms it is important to consider the color and style of your furniture as well as the accent pieces in the room. If you are doing up your living room windows it is advisable to study the fabrics and textures that already exist in the room. This includes your couch, rugs, etc. to decide upon the color of your curtains. If you have a dark leather couch then you need curtains that can create a luxurious atmosphere to complement the richness of leather. Sheer curtains look stunning and help to add softness to the room.

Curtains with Dark Furniture

Warm Hues
If your room has sofas or furniture of solid color then do a quick survey of the room and identify three colors that can complete the dark furniture. For example, if you chocolate brown furniture, as it is an earthly color it will blend with warm hues. To create a natural and casual look you could draw on elements of the natural world like burnt orange, rust red or autumn-inspired shades of gold. Sage green too blends gorgeously with rich dark brown furniture.
Warm Hues Curtains
Cool Shades
You could also experiment with some cool color shades to hit off with your dark furniture. Warm colors are stimulating while cool hues like purple and blue are extremely soothing. Try combining light blue curtains with brown colored sofas and you will be overwhelmed with the retro look you will get for your room. You could also opt for some floral patterns using shades of blue and white or regal purple and cheerful turquoise.
Cool Shade Curtains
Neutral Palette
You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette to compliment your dark furniture. If you are hard-pressed for time and do not want to wrack your brains over the color of your curtains just go with cream, tan, white or sand-colored curtains. They are safe and impart a look that is appealing.
Neutral Shade Curtains
Vibrant Colors
If you want your rooms to make a bold and daring statement then do not hesitate to opt for vibrantly colored curtains to pair with your dark furniture. Cherry red, sunny yellow, bright pink or orange will create a lasting impact on your room. A little tip to make this work really well: weave these bright colors into the entire color scheme of the room by using them in smaller objects like a photo frame or small cushion to give an integrated and cohesive appearance.
Vibrant Color Curtains

Curtains to Compliment Grey Sofas

A common notion among people about the color grey is that it is boring. In reality, it is far from boring. You can put grey color o good use if you can pair it with some beautiful array of colors in the form of curtains, cushions, tables, and rugs. Nude shades work well with grey as do brighter colors. You can try using colors like fuchsia and turquoise blue in sheer material and see the stunning impact it makes on the room. You can try using similar color cushions for your grey sofas to complete the look. If your room is using a mix of grey white and dark brown furniture then you could opt for white lace or other sheer fabrics or use a mix of grey and white hues. They will create a stylish yet luxurious ambiance for your room.
Curtains for Grey Sofa

Curtains for your All-White Living Room

Do you have a living room with white walls and white furniture? Well, your room offers the best canvas to experiment with a variety of colors for your curtains. You can contrast the room color with some warm curtain colors. You could try beige as it boasts of inherent warmth and helps create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. You can use red, green, and royal blue or even go for multicolored patterns. Black and white stripes and checks will add just the right amount of drama that is needed to break the monotony of your all-white room.
Curtains for White Living Room
Type of Fabric
The fabric you choose must be able to complement the style of décor that you have chosen for your rooms. Your furniture style can be traditional, contemporary, modern, classical or minimalist. The drape or curtain you choose must be able to pull off the look created by the furniture.

Linen curtains have billowy fabric and are perfect for rooms that have a casual and contemporary feel. They allow natural light to pour in and drapes nicely.

Cotton or cotton blend is extremely versatile and can suit traditional or modern decorating styles. They can give off a casual feel and carry a formal look with equal ease.

Silk curtains are heavier and they look stunning. They are great for creating a romantic ambiance in a bedroom or in a formal dining space. They look grand and luxurious and can be paired with your dark wood furniture.
Velvet curtains are heavy fabrics and make the perfect fit for formal dining rooms, traditional and classic styled living rooms and regal bedrooms to go with your grand wood curved furniture.

Lace sheer curtains can complement any style ranging from modern, traditional retro, contemporary or casual. They add a romantic soft touch to your rooms and if you have heavy furniture they help to infuse warmth and softness.
Curtains and drapes offer infinite options in terms of color, fabric, design and pattern to pair with your gorgeous furniture, no matter what color and style. Integrate the color and texture of the curtains into your existing color scheme and let the magic unfold.

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