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How to Make Your Roller Blinds Blackout

How To Make Your Roller Blinds Blackout

What is a Roller Blind?

Roller Blinds are a very contemporary choice of window treatment for your homes. They are sleek, smart and offer a finished look to the windows and to the decor. They blend seamlessly with the existing minimalist decor and there is nothing extravagant about them. They do their job well. They are versatile enough to block out the harmful UV rays and allows diffused warm light to fill your spaces. Their design and functionality make them a very popular choice of window treatment solution in homes, offices, hospitals and hotels.

The Need for Blackout Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds give you optimal control over natural light. You get to enjoy sunlight sans the glares and the harshness that can cause a host of problems for your health and in your work. However, there are times when this diffused light is also not desirable in a room particularly if it is a bedroom we are talking about. Research has revealed time and again that for complete mind and body rest ambiance is very important. The room must be completely dark to help calm the mind. The absence of noise is equally important. For the absolute absence of light in the room, your window treatments play a critical role in your windows are the biggest source of light during the night hours. The problem is particularly severe during the morning time. There are people who work during the night hours and it is during the morning that they return home and hit the bed. The sun is up in full glory and a really effective window covering is needed to keep the sunlight at bay.

Dual Blackout Roller Shades

Get the benefits of a blackout and a light filtering or sheer fabric in one. Two separate rollers in one heading for ultimate versatility and light control.

Blackout Roller Window Blinds

Transforming Roller Blinds into Blackout Roller Blinds

Does this mean that you have to replace your existing roller blinds? This is not really feasible because it means incurring a significant amount of money getting blinds of all the windows replaced and window blinds don’t come cheap. The good news is if you have a sheer roller blind you can transform it into a blackout blind by adding a light-blocking layer into the fabric.

Step 1: Buy the Blackout Material
Basic blackout fabric is a heavy material that prevents light from penetrating the weave of the fabric. You could use plastic sheeting, bamboo, PVC, and heavy blackout fabric. You also need a lighter decorative material so that the blind looks attractive from the outside as well.

Blackout Roller Fabric

Order free samples and purchase Blackout Roller Shade fabric by the yard. Simply contact our sales team for pricing.

Step 2: Blind Removal
Remove your existing roller blinds from the brackets and place the blinds on the floor in an unrolled position. The street side of the blind should be facing upwards.

Step 3: Measurement
This step involves a very important part of the whole process and that is measurement. Any incorrect measurement will result in a disproportionate window blind for your house. From the left-center and right measure the length of the blinds. Take measurements at the top, center and bottom for the width. The largest measurement that you get for length and the width will be selected for your final reference. The decorative cloth will be slightly bigger than the blackout material. Place the cloths together, fold the wider edges of the decorative material over the blackout material and sew a seam.

Step 4: Make Fold to Hold Rod
You now need to make a number of folds in your fabric to support the rod. Fold the fabric into pleats and sew the rods into the bottom of each large pocket. This is important because this will allow the material to raise and lower when the roller mechanism is at work.

Step 5: Attaching the Roller
A loop needs to sewn at the top of the material to push the roller inside. Screw the roller into the wall and then you need to string the blind cord through the roller. The cord will need to be threaded through each of the rods. Now take the final end of the blind cord and give a tug. The roller should rise up. Repeat this step with both side of the roller so that you can raise and lower the blinds as you want.

Your blackout fabric has been successfully attached to your roller blinds and you can now flaunt your blackout roller blinds. You can use them in your bedrooms, media rooms and even in your photography rooms where complete darkness is desirable. While attaching a blackout fabric to your existing roller blinds is not too difficult you can choose whether you want to do it yourself or want professional assistance.

Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused by following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.