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How To Make Your Curtains Look Good From The Outside

How To Make Your Curtains Look Good From The Outside

Everyone wants their house to look good and like to furnish the indoor space as per their stylistic preferences. The color of the walls, choice of the flooring, your taste in furniture, and other decorative elements not only enhance the aesthetics of the interiors but also give your home décor a unique appeal. Window coverings also constitute a valuable and impactful addition to your home décor.

Why You Should Consider Window Treatments for Your House

Window treatments not only accentuate your windows but also help make the indoor space more comfortable. They do so by preventing heat gain during summers and heat loss during winters, by effectively diffusing and also blocking the bright external light if you want, by safeguarding your privacy, by preventing glare and UV exposure, and by protecting the interiors from dust and also noise to some extent. The energy efficiency of your house improves and you end up saving money on your power bills.

But above all, the window coverings elevate the visual appeal of your windows and help make the window frame the focal point of any room’s décor. This makes the interiors look more sophisticated, homely, and symmetrical. The architecture of your house also comes alive when it is well-complemented by some tasteful home décor. Window treatments help you achieve the desired effect.

Why Curtains are an Ideal Option for Your House

Curtains are one of the most popular window covering options around the world. Irrespective of whether it is an office setting or your home, curtains always fit right in with the rest of the décor. This is largely due to their sheer versatility and a huge variety in terms of color choices, designs, and fabric options so that there is always an ideal set of curtains suitable for your specific need. The high degree of customizability also lends you more flexibility in terms of the choice of curtains that are available to you. If you are not happy with the standard offerings from various brands, you can always opt for a custom solution.

Curtains are very straightforward and simple in terms of installation and are also very easy to maintain. Lightweight and washable, curtains can be easily cleaned so that they continue to look great and add grace to your home décor. Replacing the curtains when you feel like is also very simple and you easily do it yourself. Available in all kinds of price points, curtains cater to all types of budgets and this is what makes them a truly versatile window covering option.
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How to Make Your Curtains Look Good from the Outside

When we talk about home décor, people mostly focus on the look and feel of the interiors of the house. However, the aesthetics of your house is not only determined by the appearance of the interiors but also the exterior of your house. The external portion of your house constitutes the first impression the guests will have for your abode. Ensuring that your house looks just as gorgeous from the outside as marvelous it looks on the inside is important if you want to make your house look beautiful and welcoming. Curb appeal is an important aspect of your home décor.

It helps to create an image of what the house might look like from inside. A uniform appearance of all windows creates a feel-good factor. Imagine going to a house where one window looks red from outside, the other black, etc.
Window coverings are always a crucial cog in the wheel irrespective of whether you want to beautify the external or internal area of the house. Windows are an important architectural element in the house and are highly noticeable points in the house. Hence, by dressing up the windows, you can make your house stand out, both from inside and outside. Curtains are a great option for dressing up your windows.
Drapery for Curb Appeal
However, to get the desired effect you need to ensure that the curtains are installed properly and that they complement the rest of the home décor. This pertains to how curtains can be made to look good when being looked at from the inside. But, you definitely would want your curtains to look just as awesome from the outside as well. So, is there something you can do differently to accentuate the look of your curtains from the outside? Yes, you can surely take some simple steps and that may make all the difference. Let us look at how you can make your curtains look good from the outside:

Use Transparent Glass for Your Windows

If you want your curtains to look great from outside, you need to first ensure that they are clearly visible. Hence, instead of stained or translucent glass, opt for transparent glass for your windows. This will allow the curtains to be visible from the outside.

Opt for More Noticeable or Bold Patterns

If your curtains are too plain or have micro prints or patterns, the design may not be clearly visible from the outside. As a result, your curtains won’t look prominent enough. Hence, you should opt for more noticeable, bold, or larger prints and patterns when selecting curtains for your windows. This will make your curtains look more prominent from the outside and thus more elegant and impactful. Additionally, some fabrics have a different color to the outside than what faces the inside, so make sure that the street-side of the curtain has the color and look that you are looking for.

Make Sure that Your Curtains Create a Good Contrast

The color of the external walls that house the windows is also important and worth considering if you want your curtains to look good from the outside. It will be a good idea to ensure that your curtains contrast well with the surrounding external walls. If the color of the wall is light, choose bold or more vibrant colors for your curtains, and similarly if the walls are darker in color, light shades will be apt for your curtains. The contrast will help enhance the visual appeal of your curtains.

Declutter the External Area Around the Window

If you want your curtains to look great from the outside, you need to make them look more noticeable and impactful. To do that, you need to ensure that the window frame itself looks prominent enough. A good way of doing that is to declutter the area around the window. If there are too many objects or even vegetation overgrowth around the window, it results in all these objects competing with the window frame for attention.

Thus your windows and the curtains installed on them don’t look prominent enough. Decluttering the space around the window help bring the focus back on the window frame. When your windows look more prominent, the curtains adorning them also come alive and look more appealing.

Keep the Curtains Clean and Tidy

An important aspect of having curtains in the house is to ensure that they are properly maintained. Dirty curtains or curtains that are not neatly installed, don’t make for a very good impression. If you want to maximize the visual appeal of your curtains and want them to look good even from the outside, make sure that the curtains are clean and neatly spread out when in use and properly pulled to one side when not needed. You may opt for different colored curtains for different rooms but you can give them a uniform appearance by going for the same colored lining.

These are some of the simple steps that you can take to make sure that your curtains look just as awesome and graceful from the outside as captivating they look on the inside.