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How To Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Place For Sleeping In

Girl looking out her bedroom window.

Getting out of bed in the morning should be a gradual, transformative experience that prepares you for the day ahead. Waking up feeling well rested is a good sign of a healthy sleep. People will go to great lengths to ensure they get the best night’s sleep possible. 

Circadian rhythms have long been predicated on sleeping at night, in a mostly dark or blackout space. Our sleep schedules have been built upon this over centuries of evolution. You feel tired and full of sleep debt if you don’t get adequate hours of sleep. Catching up on sleep is often difficult owing to the business of modern life, so it’s best to avoid sleep deprivation and build the optimal place to get the best rest.

Best Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Place For Sleeping 

Studies show that most working age adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Preventing sleep loss is one of the best ways to hit this mark each night. Making your bedroom adequate for your needs is the best way to do this, and the following tips will help you optimize your bedroom.

It should be cooled down

Your body temperature goes down when you are resting. Keeping your room cool allows you to be in the most comfortable and optimal place to get the right amount of sleep. The colder temperature allows you to lie down and relax, letting your body slip into a frame of mind that focuses on comfort and healing.

That is the key: comfort. Find the temperature range you feel the best at and try to keep the room at that temperature as the sun goes down. Use whatever method you need to, air conditioning, fan, and most importantly, keeping your windows covered.

Maintain the Darkness

Before going to bed, try to turn off or cover any electronic lights in your room. If you’re worried about finding your way to the bathroom at night, a motion-activated night light can help you find your way without disturbing your sleep.

When your windows let in light, or you sleep past sunrise, investing in ideal window treatment to keep your bedroom dark may be worthwhile. Blackout roller blinds offer the ideal solution to this issue. It fits perfectly inside or over a window frame, preventing night time street lights from entering your room. Roller shades offer an easy solution to your lighting control problems.

If you are looking for something that adds more insulation, then cellular shades are your best bet. Among window shades, they keep out the cold and hot air best by creating a barrier in front of your window with its pocket-like structure. Air is trapped in the pockets, creating the barrier, keeping your bedroom at the ideal temperature.

Should you want something with a little more design and pazazz, then roman shades are more ideal for your bedroom windows. They fold in large pleats, creating a picturesque style unlike roller and cellular shades. Roman shades will provide all the comfort needs you need, as well as giving your room a distinct look.

Blackout roller shades in bedroom.

Proper Bedding

Certain fabrics have “moisture-wicking” properties, which means they absorb excess moisture and keep you dry. Cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, and linen are examples, while polyester and synthetic satin can actually trap moisture and keep you warm.

Examine your pillows, mattress, and bedding to see if any of them are keeping you awake at night. Even if everything else is perfect, it’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, and using the wrong types of pillows for your preferred sleeping positions can cause pain and discomfort. 

Lastly, make sure to keep your bedding in good condition and use clean sheets. The usual recommendation is to change your sheets every week to keep them fresh and clean, keeping you comfortable every night.

Keep Clean

When you come into contact with dust and dirt, do you find yourself coughing, sniffling, or itching all over? Then you’ll probably end up tossing and turning in bed all night, preventing you from spending several hours in dreamland.

It is absolutely necessary to make sure your bedroom is clean. You can accomplish this by taking various steps, one of which is getting rid of anything that can quickly become dusty and dirty. Regular sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming is a must, as is regularly washing your bedding. 

Reduced Light 

When it’s dark, the human body is programmed to sleep. Thus, people who have trouble sleeping should reduce the amount of light in their environment. Electronics in bed should also be avoided because the blue light they emit, which according to sleep specialists, can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle.

The room can be kept as dark as possible using the ideal blackout window coverings. It is also recommended you limit any other type of light in the bedroom when it is time to sleep. So around an hour before bed, put the phone down, close the window shades, and begin your wind down.

Should you have any other electronics in the bedroom like a television or computer, find ways to conceal the LED lights that they may have even when they are shut down. Complete or near total darkness is the best environment for sleeping in. 

Wrapping it up 

Even within the house, the bedroom is your own little sanctuary. Rest, relaxation and recovery are all the things you want to achieve in your bedroom. Getting your bed, the lights, and the window coverings to be ideal for you. 

So say goodbye to waking up feeling groggy and tired, and say hello to waking up feeling energetic, alert and ready to win the day. Get the great night’s rest that you deserve, and build your perfect sleeping environment.

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