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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Large Window Sill

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Large Window Sill

Windows, being an essential structural component of a house, has seen a lot of experimentation in size, structure, and sill width. These days, modern architecture favors bigger windows which come along with large window sills.

What is a window sill?

Window sill refers to the rack-like structure at the bottom of the window. It is built at the confluence of the window frame with the wall. It provides a structural foundation to the window so that it remains sturdy.  When it is placed outside, it helps in moisture protection, provides insulation and has decorative appeal.

Window treatments for optimum utilization of large window sills

One of the significant dilemmas homeowners face is installing window treatments where large window sills are involved. Traditional blinds might cover the window adequately, but they make the window sill inaccessible. In addition, when they are drawn, they practically cut off the window sill from the rest of the room. The homeowner needs to install a window treatment that can give sunlight protection, privacy and the chance to utilize the window sill optimally. In such a situation, roller shades are the perfect match. Roller shades can be installed inside the window frame and can be rolled down as per requirement without disturbing the things placed on the sill.

What is a roller shade?

Roller shades are made out of fabric and have a rolling mechanism attached at the top. They are fitted to the upper part of the window. The window covering moves from top to bottom in a standard roller shade. They also come with the motorized option so that the roller blind can be controlled with a remote.

Roller shade and large window sills

  • Roller Shades for a Large Window Sill with Decorative Objects:

A large window sill can be used to place decorative objects to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. The idea of utilizing window sills to place decorative pieces sounds very appealing. However, it is a struggle keeping these decor in pristine condition when excess light and heat causes them to fade and get damaged. Placing a curtain on the wall just keeps them unseen. A roller shade installed on a window with a large sill protects the objects and makes them visible as the shade operates freely behind it. Furthermore, the roller shades come with UV protection that help protect the decorations from fading due to exposure to harsh sunlight.

  • Roller Shades for Large Window Sill in a Kitchen

If the large window sill happens to be in the kitchen, then the most efficient use can be to put fresh herb plants there. In the same vein, the large window sill can be used to put the kitchen appliances on. Spoons and spatulas can be put in jars and placed on the window sills. But the presence of plants and kitchen appliances on the window sill compromises sunlight control and privacy. With a continuous cord roller blind, users can have the plants in the window sill along with the window treatment, which can provide the desired privacy. It is so because the roller shade operates behind the plants and is not bulky enough to topple them down the sill.

  • Roller Shades for Large Window Sill with Books

The presence of a large window sill in the living room can be a blessing. It can be used to place one’s favorite books. Similarly, the book sills can be used to place the office supplies like notebooks, folders and binders. Once set, the roller shade can be pulled down, and the books and the office supplies remain safe on the sill.

  • Roller Shades for Large Window Sill with Shelves

Large window sills can be a perfect place to mount more shelves to increase the storage space. Roller shades are the most suited for such sills as they are incredibly sleek. They allow the installation of multiple shelves without actually hindering the operation of any. With a continuous loop style shade, it becomes easier for the owner to manoeuvre the shades despite the multiple shelves. The additional advantage of a roller shade installed on a window with a large sill is that the shelves can be installed within the window frames. It has the advantage that they don’t protrude out and occupy additional space. A roller shade covers the shelves well and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room also.

Additional ideas to make the most out of large window sill

In addition to the ideas mentioned above, large window sills can be used for a lot of other practical purposes. Some of them are as under:

  • A Large Window Sill as a Seating Area:

A large window sill can easily be converted into a seating area. It will increase the seating capacity of the living room. At the same time, it will make the window sill the room’s focal point as it will now provide a great outside view to the person sitting there.  The only precaution to be taken here is that the window sill should not be very high. It should be around 15 inches to 19 inches from the ground, which is the standard height of a sofa. Decorative pillows and seat covers will add charm and grace to the sitting area on the window sill.

  • A Large Window Sill as a Day Bedding:

If a window and the sill are large enough, a good option is to transform it into a day bedding. It is a good option for all the creative-minded dreamers who like to spend time in the lap of nature. The day bedding overlooking a good natural scene from the window sill is the perfect place to relax and let one’s imagination take over.  Comfortable bedding with matching cushions will make for a bright and dynamic corner for the owner to spend some time alone and relax.

  • A Large Window Sill as a Reading Corner:

If the window is wide enough and offers a good view of the natural surroundings, then transforming it into a reading corner might be a good enough option. Such a reading corner will have a compact, comfortable and cosy feeling. In addition, the reading corner on a window sill always has an ample amount of natural light, which makes the reading experience good.  If one has to read during the night, a night reading lamp can be added to the window sill itself. If the space permits, then small shelves can be added nearby to store books. It will make the reading corner completely self-sufficient.

  • A Large Window Sill as a Home Work Station:

The large window sill can be used as a desk for the work home station in a small apartment. It enables the owner to utilize the space optimally and have enough natural light to do work. In today’s times with many companies offering work from home, many need a dedicated workstation at home. Utilizing the space optimally around the window sill is one of the best options available in smaller apartments.

It is apparent that a large window sill is very useful in any space. It can be put to a multitude of uses which can work with window treatments like roller blinds. Besides, the large window sill can also be transformed into day beddings, reading rooms, and modern-day homework stations if space is optimally utilized.

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