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How to Make the Most of your Automated Window Blinds

Make the Most Of Automated Window Blinds

Home Automation and Automated Window Shades

Home automation has completely transformed the way you ran your house. Even a few years back you could not have imagined that a simple voice command could help you operate your appliances or enjoy remote access of your homes no matter where you were. They are too good to be true and we are often awestruck by the progress made by technology and their impact on our day to day lives. Be it heating your homes, getting your morning cup of coffee, raising your window shades, locking your doors or making your grocery list. Technology has touched your lives in a significant way and it is expected to only get bigger.

Homeowners are now on a constant lookout for convenient and easy solutions to their house tasks and automation has been a boon for them. So much so that even when it comes to choosing window treatments, homeowners are showing a significant preference for the motorized and automated shades and blinds. These shades make a significant addition to your homes and apart from the obvious fact that it is making operating these shades and blinds easy, there have many uses.

Making Most of Your Automated Shades

To know how you can make the most of your automated window shades and blinds it is important to know what are their features and benefits. This will ensure the optimal utilization of your automated shades.

Reduce Energy Costs
Come summer or winter, your energy costs seem to be sky-rocketing. Among other factors, a significant one is the poor insulation of your windows. This causes the cold draft to flow into the rooms during winter when the outside is freezing, forcing your heating to overwork to keep the interiors warm. Similarly during the summer, warm air flows in and cold air from the house escapes through the windows. This time the air-conditioners have to overwork to keep the air cool inside. In both cases, more electricity is being used to keep your interiors warm or cool. Window blinds and shades help to provide an additional layer of insulation to the windows. Automated blinds help you to raise and lower the shades effortlessly. With regular blinds you will have to run around pulling the cords up or down and that can become a painstaking task after a point. You schedule your shades to raise or lower at certain times or give voice commands and your work is done. It has been estimated that controlling your window treatments correctly can help save as much as 10% to 25% of your winter electricity bills.

Again, you can schedule your automated shades to open during mid-day when there is sunlight outside so that some warm air can flow in and keep the interiors warm during the wintertime.
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Improve Security
Gone are the days when windows shades simply help to block out the sun and provide privacy. Today these automated ones serve greater purpose and it is up to you to identify these benefits and make the most of it. When you go on a holiday you have your house lying idle and vulnerable. If your window shades are down throughout the day it is an indication enough for those unwanted intruders to know that the house is empty. With automated motorized cellular shades, you can counter this by scheduling them to open and close at certain times of the day to give the illusion that there are people in the house.
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Manage those Hard-to-Reach Windows
You have some beautiful windows in your home which you are extremely fond of but are placed at awkward heights which makes it difficult to operate the shades on a regular basis. With automated shades, you no longer have to think about these windows at all. A simple command or click of a button is all that you need to open or close the blinds. So those of you who love high windows but were discouraged from having them for your homes for fear of dressing them up efficiently and adequately, think no more.
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Ensure Better Sleep
Believe it or not, automated smart shades can help you maintain a proper sleep cycle and sleep smarter. While matching your sleep cycle to sunrise and sunset is the usual thing to do, it is important to remember that most people have a circadian rhythm that tends to be longer than 24 hours. There is a tendency to sleep late and sleep in for a longer time that can disrupt your circadian cycle. Waking up at the right time can help set it right and to do so you need to be exposed to bright light. The receptors in your eyes process that light and send signals to the part of the brain that helps maintain your circadian rhythm. In this effort, automated shades can contribute in a major way. Schedule the shades to be raised in the mornings so that natural light can pour in and help you wake up at a proper time every day. No one needs to step out of the bed in the darkness to draw the curtains or raise the shades.
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Automated Shades for the Aged People
Home automation works brilliantly for aged people as it reduces dependency on other people and allows them to live on their own. Automated shades are great for them as they don’t need to run around the house raising and lowering shades throughout the day. A voice command or a click on their smartphones help them to operate these shades.

Automated window blinds and shades can make a huge difference to your lives if you recognize their benefits and make optimal utilization of the same. Since they have the advantage of scheduled operation, make use of this feature to ensure maximum results and see the difference.