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How to Make Sure Your Window Shades Have Proper Insulating Capabilities?

How To Make Sure Your Window Shades Have Proper Insulating Capabilities

Covering the windows in your house goes a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of your house. Besides accentuating the interiors aesthetically, window coverings also provide numerous other advantages. These advantages range from enhanced heat insulation to better light control, from superior blackout performance to protection of your privacy. You also get some extent of sound-proofing and dust protection depending on your choice of window coverings.

The Problems with Uncovered Windows

Bare glass windows fare very poorly when it comes to blocking out external heat and bright sunlight. Bare glass windows are very poor insulators and are unable to prevent heat gain inside the house during the hot summers and likewise, during the winters, these windows leak out the heat to the outside where it is cold and chilly.
As a result, the energy efficiency of your heat control appliances suffers. The air conditioner and thermostat in your house will have to compensate for the fluctuation in the temperature inside the house. This will result in your heat control appliances consuming more power. It reflects in the higher power bills and you end up paying more.

Why You Should Consider Dressing Up Your Windows

Insulating blinds help prevent such issues. You get better heat insulation as the window coverings help prevent heat exchange between the inside of the house and the outside environment. The interiors stay cooler during the summers and warmer during the winter. The heat control appliances don’t have to compensate for any temperature fluctuations and hence they consume less power. This helps improve the energy efficiency of your house and you save money on your energy bills.

Windows allow you to enjoy the view of the outside and also helps brighten the interiors by letting in the outside light. However, you want some control over the amount of light entering the house. This is important because during bright sunny days or during the mornings and the evenings when the Sun’s rays are slanting, you may face the issue of glare. Glare can hamper visibility inside the house, ruin your media consumption experience, and can also interfere with your sleep.

Window coverings give you more control over the light that enters your house by allowing you to diffuse the bright light entering the house. You also get the option to either block out the external light completely or to retract the window coverings and allow more light in if you want to brighten the interiors or want to enjoy the view of the outside.

Privacy is another major concern as bare glass windows become an easy target for the passersby to peep inside your house. Places such as your bathroom, your bedroom, and even your living room constitute your private space and you certainly won’t like people snooping on you. Window coverings help safeguard your privacy by preventing the outsider from looking inside the house.
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How to Make Sure Your Window Shades Have Proper Insulating Capabilities

Besides getting window coverings for your house, it is also important to ensure that those window coverings meet the requirements you may have for your house. Heat insulation is a major requirement if you want to prevent heat gain during summers and heat loss during the winters. If your house is located in an area where you have to brave extreme weather conditions, heat insulation is a must-have for your windows and doors so that a comfortable atmosphere and a constant temperature are maintained inside your house.

Window shades provide good heat insulation in general but you may have to make a few tweaks here and there to get the maximum out of your window coverings in terms of insulation capabilities. Let us look at some of the things that you can do in greater detail:

Prefer Outside Mount Over Inside Mount

There are two popular ways of installing window coverings on your windows. When you get the window coverings installed within the window frame, it is referred to as an inside mount. On the other hand, if you opt for installing the mounting brackets, that hold the window shades, on the wall above the window, it is referred to as an outside mount.

While inside mounts make the window shades look more compact and tidy, there can be instances of light bleeding and heat exchange through the gaps that may exist on the sides of the shades. Outside mounted window shades have no such issues as they completely cover the window frame. This helps ensure better coverage and in turn better insulation.
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Use Light Blockers on Inside Mounts

If you have inside-mounted window shades in your house, you can install light blockers on the sides of the shades to plug any gaps that may exist on the sides of your window shades. This not only helps ensure better coverage and blackout performance but also provides better insulation capabilities.
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Use a Blackout or Heat-Reflective Fabric or Material

Window shades, just like any other type of window coverings, provide you with awesome flexibility in terms of choosing the design, color, pattern, and also the material. Blackout fabric is thicker and ensures better heat insulation. Similarly, heat-reflective fabrics and materials also help prevent heat exchange between the inside and outside of the house, besides better light control and blackout performance. Hence, by preferring blackout or heat-reflective material for your window shades, you can get better insulation capabilities.

These are some of the easiest ways in which you can ensure proper insulation capabilities for your window shades. Since the window shades are quite easy to customize, implementing these measures is a task that is swift and quite simple.

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