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How To Make Sure You Have A Private Bathroom

A large bathroom suite.

Your bathroom is a very private personal space, even more so than your bedroom. It is a place where a lot of personal business occurs, and you will definitely want to ensure your privacy. This is especially important if your bathroom has a window, or if it is a shared bathroom. So what are some ways you can ensure this for yourself? Well let us explore this together.

Frosted Glass

Windows are a wonderful thing. They allow natural sunlight and fresh air to enter your home. However, in the bathroom, any windows will have the drawback of exposing its constituents to the outside. So to counter this, we have a few suggestions.

The first suggestion we recommend is converting the glass on your window into frosted glass. Natural light will still be able to pass through it and illuminate your bathrooms, but they will keep others from seeing through them. When light passes through the frosted glass, it is scattered by the materials, making them impossible to see through.

If replacing the glass on your windows is not feasible, then the next best suggestion would be to simply find window coverings that will provide your needed privacy. One issue with bathrooms and powder rooms is that they can build up a lot of heat and moisture, so it is of utmost importance that you get window treatments that have moisture resistance. Some moisture resistant bathroom window treatments include:

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are usually made from a PVC composition, and they are ideal for bathrooms for this reason. Unlike real wood blinds, faux wood can handle the heat and moisture build up without any cracking or warping to its material. Faux wood blinds are also easy to clean because of their resistance to water so you don’t have to worry about using dry cleaning methods.

Just because the room at hand is the bathroom does not mean you should not have to decorate it. Far from the fact, it is usually a place where you spend a lot of time during the day, so making it a nice aesthetic and pleasant place to stay should be a goal for you as a homeowner. Faux wood blinds, as their name suggests, are made to imitate real wood blinds. 

Wooden blinds are made with the visual interest of people in mind, and often serve as a focal point for a room’s decor. However, they should not be used in bathrooms due to heat and moisture, which would cause them to warp over time. Faux wood blinds serve as a great alternative to this issue as it solves the problem of moisture, and brings the same visual appeal that you may want to get from wood blinds.

Brown faux wood blinds.

Vinyl Roller Shades

If light control is an issue for your bathrooms, then roller blinds (aka roller shades) are a great option for you. Most particularly, roller shades with vinyl as its fabric. Regular fabrics like cotton and polyester are not ideal in bathrooms, again due to the heat and moisture build up from water. Vinyl on the other hand, is perfectly fine in those conditions.

The core issue at hand is always going to be privacy, and light control goes hand in hand with controlling your privacy at the window. If you need to ensure that your time in the bathroom is completely secluded, simply roll the roller shades down and cover the window to prevent any outdoor light and outdoor eyes from being able to come and see in.

Final Thoughts

Spending time in the bathroom is a necessary fact of life. Going into the bathroom should be a moment of peace and security, without having to worry about anything else except accomplishing your business. Some of the tips outlined above should suffice in providing this for you, and if you feel the need to, you can combine them together. So make your personal bathroom space really private and keep unwanted visitors’ eyes away today with these methods.

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