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How to Make Roller Blinds Using Your Own Fabric at Home

How to Make Roller Blinds Using Your Own Fabric at Home

Roller Blinds for Minimalist Homes

With minimalist and contemporary style home decor gaining popularity worldwide, there has arisen a demand for window treatments that can complement this simple yet elegant style of decor. The window treatment must be subtle yet powerful enough to make a statement and blend seamlessly into the existing color scheme and theme of the room. Low on drama and minus all the frill and extravagance is what people are increasingly showing an affinity for.

When it comes to window treatment solutions, homeowners are hard-pressed for choice as they are bombarded with a large number of options. But once you know exactly what you want and expect from your window treatments it becomes easier to settle on one. For minimalist home decor, the winner is Roller Blinds. These are simple yet smart and an amazing choice of window treatment for your homes. They have a single straight fabric rolled into a headrail and come with no pleats, folds and slats. They give a neat and streamlined look to the windows and to the room. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, prints, textures and designs to match the furniture and other furnishings in the room. You can choose from a variety of light-filtering, sheer, room darkening and blackout fabrics depending upon your need for light control and light blockage. Extremely versatile and functional, Roller blinds have already carved out a niche for themselves in the window treatment market. They are found widely, not only in homes but in offices, hospitals and hotels.
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Make your Own Roller Blinds at Home

And we share with a piece of exciting news particularly for those who love and enjoy a DIY project…. you can now make your own Roller blinds at home with your choice of fabric. Isn’t that amazing? It is simpler and easier than you think thanks to roller-blind kits. The fabric must be prepared before attaching it to the roller blind kit.

Taking Measurements
The primary step towards making your own Roller blinds at home is taking the correct measurements. This is of utmost importance as any error can cause several problems. They will cause functional issues, fitting issues, etc. before going for measurements you have to decide whether you want to go for recess fit or architrave fit.
For a recess fit (inside mount) have the measuring tape running from one side of the frame to the other on the inside. Make a note of the measurements deducting 5 mm for pin measure.
For architrave fit (outside mount) the measurements must be taken outside the architrave and no deductions need to be made.

Whether recess fit or architrave fit, for the height take measurements from the top of the frame to the floor. This is referred to as the drop measurement. The measurements must precede the purchase of hardware. This will prevent wastage. You will need a flat surface like a kitchen table to get down to work.

Gathering Materials
Make a note of and gather all the required tools and materials you will need during the project before you start work. You will need the following:

• 3 m double-sided tape
• Masking tape
• Sharp roller, cutting blade
• Roller blind kit which must include things like chain system, tube size, end brackets, etc.

Starting the Project

Armed with measurements and all required materials you can finally get down to work.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. If you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

Cut the Fabric Material: Make a cut as per the desired width of the fabric. Make markings using a pencil. Make sure that measurements are correct and straight from top to bottom.

Crease the Material: Make a crease on the line along which the cut will be made. Take a roller Stanley knife to make a clean cut on the fabric.

Attach the Material: Once the fabric has been cut it is time to attach it to the roller. Put double-sided tape on Roller blind tube running layers from side to side. the tube should be approximately covered 70mm across.
Now place the fabric on the flat surface and then gently put the roller tube on the material. Press firmly and attach them together.

Use a masking tape across the top part of the material and half of the roller tube.

Roll the Blinds: Roll the blind up evenly and along the straight line. Make slight readjustments to ensure that the material sits squarely on the roller or else the material will trail off to the side.

Finish Installing the Blinds: Put a crease on the bottom hem and fold it again. Use 2 layers of double-sided tape to help the pockets to hold. Now install the brackets and install the blinds on the windows.

Making your own Roller Blinds at home is hassle-free and easy. Follow the steps we have discussed above and proudly flaunt your hand-made blinds on the windows.