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How to Make Curtains With Two Different Fabrics

How To Make Curtains With Two Different Fabrics

Curtains can add class and glamour to any drab and boring looking house. Among all the window dressings available in the market today, curtains are perhaps the most old-school, but still the most elegant and chic. No matter what theme you have for your house, it is sure that you will find a curtain that suits it. The window dressing’s market is flooded with a vast variety of fabrics, colors, textures and materials that you can choose from to get the perfect curtained look for your windows.

But why stop at one single color, fabric, texture or material when you can have your curtains draped in a mix and match of the different colors, textures and materials. Do you have more than one favorite among the draperies you wish to hang on your windows? Let your imagination go wild and try putting them all on the wall. Do you have two different curtains that you love and are now wondering how to make curtains with two different fabrics? Don’t you fret as the answers are right below and what’s more? There are more than one way to do it!

How To Go About Making Curtains With Two Different Fabrics

Using contrasting curtains is a trend that is new and is seeing a steady rise in the lovers of the style. If you are considering following the trend there are a few things to remember while going about it.

• Don’t be hasty
If this is the first time you are venturing out into the world of interior décor, you must not hurry into the mixing and matching curtains. If the mismatching is done carefully and correctly, the result can be astoundingly beautiful but there are many ways that it can go horribly wrong too. Start small at first. Use curtains of the same color family and then you can get bolder with contrasting patterns and colors.

• Pair a solid color with a patterned fabric
Are you asking yourself how to make curtains with two different fabrics? Here is a foolproof way. You just cannot go wrong if you match a curtain of a solid color with a curtain that is of a solid single color. Go for colors or patterns that go with the general interior of your home and then add a complementing patterned fabric to it.
Match Solid and Patterned Curtains

• Be a rebel and go for a total mismatch
If you do understand the fine art of balance in colors and patterns, you can put it to use and go bold. Use completely different curtains in the same curtain hanger or if you have a glass door, hang essentially different curtains on either side of it. Just be sure that the curtains have something in common. It can be some pattern, a print or something very subtle to even be noticed. The result can be truly mesmerizing.

• Start by pairing up curtains
If you are still out in the market for curtains, you can start the process by putting all the curtains aside that you think can go together. Doing them visually will help you get an idea of how it would look on your windows.

How to Mix and Match Curtains for Your Home

• Layering the curtains
The question of how to make curtains with 2 different fabrics has an easy answer- layering,
Layering is perhaps the easiest way to achieve the two curtained look. It will have one of the two curtains peeking out from behind the other curtain. One way you can get this done using a double curtain rod. You can also sew the two curtains at the top leaving the sides and the bottom part open. Pair opaque curtains with sheer and light curtains or go for lace curtains with solid colored ones.
Layering Curtains

• Using linings
You can get the two different curtained look by using curtain liners too. Just choose a liner of a completely different color or pattern and lo and behold you have a surprisingly classy and rich look for your windows.

• Color blocking
Another easy way of doing the 2 fabrics, one curtain look is to use color blocking. Have 1/3rd of the curtain drape be of one color and let the rest be of a different color. Choose contrasting colors, white with a bold color, black with a lighter color or even two different hues of the same color family. The result will enchant the beholder.

• Same color different fabrics
Choose two curtains of the very same color but let the materials or the textures of the fabrics be completely different. For example, pair a solid light blocking curtain at the periphery of the windows and then let the middle of the window be draped with a sheer curtain. This will give you the added advantage of choosing whether to let the light in or not. You could use the light blocking curtain to shut the light off all the way or use the sheers to have a bit of privacy while letting the light in at the same time.
Mix and Match Curtains

• Same fabric different color
This is just a variation of the point above. You can just choose the same fabric for both the elements of your curtain, just let them be of different colors. It can be two curtains of different colors, it can be of different patterns or one of the two can be of a solid color and the other can be patterned.

• Different windows of the room with different colored curtains
If you have more than one window in your room, you can choose to drape one of the windows in one color and the other window with another color. You can let it be of tow colors from the same family, two textures in the same color or one window can be draped in a solid colored fabric and the other can be patterns that match with the chosen color. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can also go for completely different curtains and have it linked to each other using the furniture or other elements in the room.

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