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How to Make Curtains for Round Windows

How to Make Curtains for Round Windows

Windows are an integral part of architectural design. Just like a painter does not paint in the same way, architects too, take immense delight in introducing elements of interest through uniquely shaped windows.

Round windows, however, is not something new. It has been around for a long time. The origins of round windows can be traced back to Roman oculus, which were round, uncovered openings on the wall. Later on, these windows became a regular feature in cathedral and churches.

In modern homes, round windows are used mostly as an architectural statement. If you have a round window, you can be sure that it will be the focal point of the room. For something so conspicuous, you need a window treatment equally grand, if not more.

Drapes for Circular Windows

Are Curtains Grand Enough for Round Windows?

Curtains offer tremendous flexibility. The soft, flowing texture lends itself to endless variations, something that would make it a perfect solution for tricky windows. With curtains you also get endless design options, with something available for any look you wish adopt. Moreover, the fabric choice also allows you ample leg room to introduce varied levels of light control and insulating properties. With so much going for it, curtains are surely grand enough for round windows. Let’s look at some amazing ideas for dressing round windows with curtains.

How to Make Curtains for Round Windows

There are different ways in which you can dress a round window with curtains.

The Easiest Way

The easiest way to put a curtain on a round window is to treat it like a rectangular one. Hang a rail on the top or down the middle just like you would on a normal window. You just need to make sure that the rail looks nice, as it will be visible. Use rings to hang sheers, so that the shape of the window is visible through the fabric. If the light shines directly on your furnishings or walls, you can opt for blackout fabric, but that would detract from the beauty of the window.

Inside Mounted Curtains

You can also use hook-and-loop tapes to stick the curtains along the curve. Starburst curtains and balloon curtains are suitable for such installations, which would do away any drilling or complicated installations. This way you can preserve the neat finish of your spectacular round windows.

Use Flexible Tracks

Curtains can be made for circular windows, using tracts that run along the curve of the window. These tracks are pliable enough to follow the curve accurately, to give your window complete coverage. These curtain tracts run along the upper curve of the window, till halfway, to provide enough coverage for the whole window.

Use Drapes

For limited coverage, and a more decorative appeal, go for drapes that could hang from three pegs. Using three pegs, you can make a triangular shape across the window, giving it a mystic look.

What Type of Fabric Suits Round Windows Best?

When it comes to fabric choice, sheers are a favorite for circular windows. Voile and linen will accentuate a country look, while silk and polyester blend would make for a richer and more sophisticated finish. With sheers, the room will be flooded by a delicate glow that would accentuate the soft lines of the room. The fluid appeal of sheer curtains would also go with the traditional look of the round windows.

Your fabric choice would also be dictated by some practical considerations, like light control and insulation. If your window dominates a large section of the wall, you will have to think about insulation. A blackout fabric would be a more suitable choice in that case. Also, if light control is the focus, you can think about other windows treatment solutions other than curtains.

Some Other Options

The unusual shape of a round window opens up many new unusual possibilities. You can get as creative as you want, as the architectural novelty of these windows leaves plenty of room for experimentation. Some quirky ideas are listed below for you to try out.

Focus on the Glass

If you wish to make full use of the visual impact of a round window, concentrate on the glass that covers it. A beautiful stained glass or even frosted glass window would change the look of the entire room. However, you might have to give up on the view. But a stained glass would give you all the privacy you need without compromising on the look.

Window Shutters

Address a lot of practical issues with made-to-measure window shutters. The heavy material of window shutters come with a lot of benefits. On one hand, they provide excellent flexibility over the amount of light that comes into the room.

The slats can be inclined in any angle to adjust the direction of the light. So, instead of a steady beam, you can get fractured, slanted lines of light, which will definitely add to the aesthetic glamour of the room. You can also close the slats completely to get total darkness and privacy. The heavy material of shutters is also great insulators. So, if you have a huge window, the shutters would act as a formidable barrier against the natural elements.

Custom Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have that quintessential traditional look, that would go beautifully with a country décor. Depending on your style, you can opt for printed or plain roman shades, which would give a lot of coverage. You can also select from a wide range of fabrics to get all the functionalities you desire.

Custom Cellular Shades

When it comes to shape, cellular shades lend itself to endless variations. For this reason, cellular shades are extremely popular odd-shaped windows, especially in a chic, urban setting.

Cellular shades come with the dual benefit of excellent light filtration, along with heightened insulation. The fabric of cellular shades is made of hollow structures that trap air in, effectively turning the whole material into an insulating layer.

Celebrate the unique appeal of your round windows with these clever solutions and make it the focal point of your room.

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