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How To Maintain Roller Blinds

How To Maintain Roller Blinds

Whether you’re decorating your space for the first time or redecorating it for the fifth time, it is important to get a theme that’s pleasing to the eyes as well as easy to maintain. This involves picking out everything from home decor, to wall hangings, window hangings, and window accents.

Amongst all elements of home decor, window accents are the most under noticed and understated piece of home décor, but yet have the ability to add some personality to your space. Drapes, curtains, blinds, and shutters all provide the option of adjusting and filtering the light that enters your space to enhance the ambiance of the place. On bright sunny days, they can be left open to allow light to enter, whereas to set the mood for dates, movie nights and more they can be adjusted accordingly.

A commonly opted window accent is window blinds. They come with panels that can be adjusted using a lever to streamline the required amount of light. We have many blinds for various applications (such as our waterproof blinds), but one of the most common types of blinds that most people have is roller blinds.

What are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are constructed in such a way that they roll down vertically from the top of the window. It features a casing that is usually fitted on top of the window. The casing is wrapped with a fabric that rolls down. It is either comes with a cord on the side that needs to be pulled so that the blinds roll down or a sidewinding chain mechanism (normally comes attached with the blind).

These blinds are easy to operate because as the name suggests, all you need to do is simple tug the cord and let the blinds roll down to the preferred length. Depending on your preference and the design of your windows, the casing for the blinds can be placed inside a window recess or outside it. Depending on their build and design, they are also available motorized, making it easy to access it remotely, from any corner of the house.
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What are Different Types of Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds display a type of construction. It can provide many options when it comes to filtering lights as per your needs. To pick the right roller blinds, it is important to know the different types of roller blinds that are available. They are as follows:

Blackout roller blinds: These kinds of blinds are perfect for rooms where you want to the luxury of cancelling out the light. Blackout blinds help eliminate various sources of light when let down. It is highly recommended for the bedroom so as to bring that dark cozy feel when you go to sleep.
Light filtering roller blinds: Unlike blackout blinds, these kinds of blinds aim at providing shade and bringing in the optimum amount of light to any room. They help filter the right amount of light for any mood. It is ideally suggested for the study, kitchen, guest bedrooms, and living rooms.
• Sunscreen roller blinds: These are similar to the light filter blinds but with added features. It filters out the harsh UV rays emitted by the sun and also gives greater visibility to see what’s outdoor. It’s highly recommended from windows in the living room, dining area or kitchen, where a bit of light and a view will be greatly enjoyed.
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What are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds go beyond just aesthetics. Their functional nature suit almost all types of windows including bay windows. Their simple nature allows you to tailor any room with just the right amount of light according to your requirements. But there are so many other benefits to it, some of them are as follows:

• Roller blinds are very versatile. They come in a large variety of colors, patterns, and sizes so that you can pick the best fit that’ll tie together the ambiance of your space.
• Roller blinds are extremely easy to operate, it comes with a cord attached that needs to be tugged and the blinds come down. When you want to open up the blinds, just tug the cord and it will roll right back up and stay wrapped around the casing.
• Since roller blinds come wrapped around a casing making it is extremely durable. This is because the fabric stays rolled around the casing making me less susceptible to wear and tear.
• Compared to other kinds of shutters and blinds, roller blinds can be cleaned and maintained easily.
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During maintenance, can you steam clean roller blinds?
Due to their unique construction, roller blinds are susceptible to accumulate dust on top. Therefore, it is important to dust the top area of the blinds as well as the casing from time to time. While the occasional dusting will be helpful, one great way of cleaning roller blinds is through steam cleaning. But before steam cleaning, certain factors need to be taken into consideration like the material with which the blinds are made of or what the manufacturer of the blinds says. Make sure you check with your manufacturer first before steam cleaning your blinds, as it can damage certain materials!

It’s pretty simple to steam clean blinds. Here is a step by step guide on how to do the same:

• Use a funnel to fill in water into the steamer. Ensure that the reservoir is overfilled. Consult the manufacturer when it comes to the type of water that is being filled into the steamer. Depending on the steamer, some of them come with a brush attachment that needs to be attached to a hose.
• Wait for the water in the steamer to heat up, this will take 10-15 minutes depending on the brand and manufacturer of the steamer. Consult the manual for the same.
• Before applying the steamer, thoroughly check the hidden areas of the blinds to ensure that that the steam will not damage the fabric or casing.
• Move the steamer across the roller blinds so that it will loosen the dust. First, move it horizontally and then vertically for optimal cleaning.
• Use a dry cloth to wipe the dust and condensed water off the blinds.
• Make sure to rotate the blinds and continue the process for optimal cleaning.
• In case the water runs out from the steamer, make sure to refill and let the steamer to completely cool before heating it up again.