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How To Lower Cordless Blinds?

How to Lower Cordless Blinds

The latest products in the market are cordless blinds that bring in a new form of ease and comfort of operation. These modern blinds do not have strings or rods hanging from the side that enable their lowering or raising but are operated by the lowest slat of the window covering. There are many styles and designs in the world of window coverings. In terms of operation, interest in motorized shades, and smart shades have grown, but cordless lifts remain as one of the most popular. The reason for such popularity and the advantages of these shades can be listed below:

1. They are less expensive than other ‘newer’ products
Cordless blinds are the simplest and the most basic ‘new generation’ product and reduce some expenses that you might find unnecessary.
Cordless Cellular Shades
2. They reduce risk
Cords and strings and rods that remain hanging from traditional window treatments have been known to cause a lot of harm to pets and kids. They are dangerous and some cases of strangulation have also been reported. The child proof blinds eliminate all these risks and get you a safer home. This will make your house more child safe. You should try to minimize the risks that some products pose especially when it can be so easily done. These products are very beneficial and also make your house more accessible to your little ones. Even in the case of pets, who are drawn to suspended strings and see it as a toy, they can save their lives. If you are someone who has to spend hours away from home and have to leave your kids and/or pets alone, you should consider installing these in your home.
Cordless Blinds for Kids Room
3. They give a very elegant look
Strings and the rods are known to lend a shabby appearance to your room from inside as well as outside. Sometimes, the slats are not stacked evenly and look untidy and undone. The cordless ones add to the elegance of the shades and make it look neater when lowered or raised. There are no unnecessary additions and due to this special appearance, they are also very popular in office spaces and libraries and so on. So, if you are someone who likes the crispness and fine lines to define your room, these are a good option to consider.
Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
If you are someone who is used to the operation of standard blinds and shades, the cordless ones might seem a little confusing to use. The good news is that they are not at all difficult to operate. A little guide on how to use them is all that you need. There are three types of cordless window shade solution and we will give you a rundown on how to operate each of them step-by-step. The three types are:
1. Cordless blinds with rails
2. Motorized blinds
3. Moving Panel Track Shades

How to Lower Cordless Blinds With Rails:

Pulling on the lowest slat
1. The cordless window blinds have a rail system according to which it runs along the length of the slats but is intertwined with it. Pulling on the lowest slat will effectively lower it. There are two ways in which the blinds are installed. If they hang from the top, the rail will be installed at the other end that is the bottom of the shade. Otherwise, if the window coverings are installed from the bottom of the window, the rail will be at the top. This movement should be gliding and should not give you much resistance or trouble. If it is difficult to pull on or gets stuck mid-way, do not try and apply force. This may break your shade. Call a professional or a local repair workshop and get it fixed or properly installed.

2. These window shadings can be opened in much the same way as they are closed. Pushing against the lowest slat in the direction that it hangs from will open them conveniently. A slow and easy lifting will do the job and any resistance or glitch should not be treated with force.

3. These cordless blinds also come with a wand that is in control of the slats. It is called the ‘tilt wand’ and operated in the same way that its name suggests. You will need to gently twist the band to effectively open and close. The direction in which it should be twisted depends upon the company and the store that you will buy your product from. Generally, a clockwise movement opens the blinds and an anti-clockwise movement closes it.

4. The rotating mechanism as suggested in the last point is an additional feature that gives you more control over light-filtering and sun-blocking in your room. Sometimes, they don’t come with a wand. This does not mean that you are deprived of the feature. The slat that you pulled and pushed at to open and close the window covering completely can be rotated to move the other slats accordingly. This is to say that if you move that one rail in the clockwise direction, all the other slats would also do so and in this way, you can rotate the slats and widen or reduce the space between them to control light flow.

How to Lower Motorized Blinds:

1. When these blinds are installed with a motor, they are operational through your phone or through a remote. If you have been provided with remote control, the control generally has clearly marked buttons that would tell you what to press in order to open, close or rotate the blinds.

2. If they are added to your smartphones or any other smart devices, you might need to install a manufacturer-specific app that will help you control the blinds in the way that you need to. A brief look at the user’s manual will provide you with clear instructions on how to deal with the company’s window treatments. Even the installation process would entail a brief demo, or a service agent will also guide you through it. It is not all difficult to operate these motorized window coverings and you will most probably be able to do it on your own. If not, you have many sources of help.

3. If you have lost the remote or have not been provided with a remote, you can easily click on the button that is attached to the panel that is suspended from the motor. The motor that is installed on your blinds or shades will have a small box-like structure hanging from it and you can press on the button to open and close it.

4. These motorized window blinds can also be adjusted to the time and/or temperature to open and close and you can set them to it. For example, if you wake up at 8 in the morning, you can set your window covering to open at the same time. The operation of these will be through the remotes or your phone’s details of which will be on your user manual. It is not possible for us to explain these to you because they are manufacturer specific.
Lowering Motorized Blinds

How to Move Panel Track Shades:

Panel track shades are moved along the length of the rod on which they are installed and are help from the top and moved left or right, according to you. Drapes, curtains, sheer shades are some examples of sheer shades.

1. They also come with a wand that can help you drag them across the length of the track. This has to be a smooth glide and if it does not happen so, call the service agent and have it fixed or reinstalled.

2. If they do not have a wand, you can do it with your hand. If your hand does not reach the top of the window covering, hold it from the middle and try to drag it in swift but shot jerking motion in the direction that you want to move it in.

3. Apart from curtains and drapes, they can also be made from other materials and can be arranged in slats vertically. The rotation and adjustment of these slats have to be done individually.