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How To Loosen The Tension On Your Blinds?

How To Loosen The Tension On Your Blinds?

Blinds and shades are a necessity in our homes that we simply cannot do without. Just like any other element of home decor, they come in various materials, shapes, fabrics, colours and types. So we have solar shades which are rolled all the way down from a roller at the top, Roman shades to provide a modern and traditional fusion, cellular shades for their crisp and neat folds, and so on. These shades can also be differentiated in the way they are installed on the windows. So just like the window treatments that are drawn by cords and operated by motorized controls, there are those that are better known as tension blinds.

In this section, we identify how you can differ between the regular mechanism and that involving the tension rods, and what you can do to operate them. Specifically, we will be talking about a quandary more often faced by homeowners: how to loosen the tension on your blinds.

What Are Tension Shades?

Tension shades offer a neat and subtle look which screams minimalism and lend the class to your interiors which your windows deserve. Being inexpensive and uncomplicated, they are relatively easy to set up and can be done when you are home. Their setup entails a coiled spring that is located on one end of the blind, which is controlled by a ratchet mechanism. Over the years, the mechanism may pose certain problems, minor as they may be. The spring tension may either become too loose, tight or uncoiled.

So when you begin to face such problems, there are a few steps that you can follow. Read below to find out what you can do when the tension on the rods becomes too loose or tight.

For Loosening the Tension

  1. Try to pull the shade almost halfway down the length of the window. Don’t force your way through, though. You wouldn’t want to break it by being too aggressive with this. If you can’t bring it to the halfway mark, try pulling down as much as it allows you to.
  1. Release the shade then, allowing it to go back up and wind back on its tube. This part is the testing phase that will help you make a mental note of the length to which it was pulled down.
  1. Take out the shade from the brackets. Now there might be a separate step-by-step procedure if you do not know how to go about it. Consult your manufacturer’s instructions, for every shade might have a different bracket mechanism. If the shades are high up, you might need the assistance of a stool or a ladder to take the shade out.
  1. The next step would require you to manually unroll the shade, to up to approximately half the length of the window. Ensure that you unroll it evenly once you turn and unroll the shade.
  1. Put the shade back and secure it with the brackets. Pull it down again to about 15-20 inches or to the half the length of the window, as you did in the first step. Check if you are still facing problems in pulling it down and if it’s too tight. If it is, then repeat the steps 2-5 until its working fine.

For Tightening the Tension

  1. The first step is more or less the one involved for loosening the tension: pull the shade down to half the length of the window. Step on a ladder and remove the shade from the brackets.
  1. Now manually roll the shade up the roller. Ensure that you do it slowly so that it rolls up evenly.
  1. Install the shade back and secure the brackets. Repeat the first step by pulling it down to test the tension. Repeat the steps if the shade is still loose and does not retract all the way up, until it starts functioning perfectly well.

Why Is It Necessary To Keep Your Blinds Functioning Smoothly?

So when you have roller blinds with the tension rod mechanism you may encounter some challenges along the way. Even when they come with the best quality materials and are built to last for decades, their setup needs to be monitored regularly so that you do not need to visit your manufacturer regularly and ask for a replacement every time. With a few DIY steps, as mentioned above, you can be self-sufficient and take care of them regularly.

A blind when not functioning smoothly can compromise on a lot of things. These window treatments bring privacy to your home, and keep the harmful radiations of the sun and the chilling weather at bay, especially when your apartment experiences moderate to extreme climates for a good part of the year. Sturdy blinds prevent the outsiders to peek inside your home, so if you have blinds that are too loose or tight on the tension mechanism, they may in time sag or break when ignored and left on their own.

Final note: Loosening or tightening the tension on your blinds is a very simple process that anyone can undertake. You just need to know how to remove the brackets, take out the blinds and put them back on for following the procedure. This is necessary from time to time as blinds protect the home and keep you comfortable.