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How To Layer Window Treatments for the Best Interior Appeal

How To Layer Window Treatments for the Best Interior Appeal

Window are shutters, curtains, blinds or shades. They add to the beauty of your home if chosen correctly, provide you privacy, and also act as a barrier between inside of your home and the sun. Window treatments give you a complete hold on the amount of outer light reaching your room. They help in regulating the temperature of your room, thus, keeping you warmer during cold winters and cooler during hot summers.

How to Layer Window Treatments for the Best Interior Appeal?

There are various ways in which you can layer window treatments. Some of the most unique and popular ones are:

  • Layering Draperies with Blinds or Shades

You can layer draperies with blinds or shades in contrast in such a way that both layers don’t interfere with each other. While choosing the base layer, go for the hard window treatments like real wood blinds, shutters or faux wood blinds or soft window treatments like Roman shades, cellular shades or roller shades.

Hard window treatments usually come in either wood texture and neutral colours. You can layer any type of draperies with any kind of pattern on the top of these window treatments. You can choose drapery of any colour or texture that matches your room furniture or flooring.

While layering the draperies with soft window treatments, try to choose one with the pattern and the other with a complementary solid colour. You can also mix and match contrasting prints by keeping in mind that one should be on a larger scale than the other.

  • Layering Sheer and Solid Draperies

If you want to give your room a soft and elegant touch, then layer blackout and sheer draperies. Blackout drapery gives you an undisturbed sleep by blocking light from entering your room. While sheer fabric allows the filtered light to enter your room. Some drapery hardware is available that allows both the fabric layers to move independently so that you can adjust them to control the light entering your room, as per your need.

  • Layering Draperies with Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most popular styles of window treatments. They can be layered with draperies to pop up the look of your room. Layering draperies with Roman shades will give your room a soft and cosy feeling. You can combine blackout draperies with light-coloured Roman shades. Roman shades will filter the light entering your room during the day and blackout drapery will keep your room dark for peaceful and undisturbed sleep during the night.

  • Layering Draperies and Cellular Shades

Cellular shades work well when you are living in extreme climatic conditions or have old windows.  These shades protect you from outdoor temperature by creating a pocket on the window that traps air. Layering the drapery on the top of these shades will give your room even more insulation.

  • Layering Draperies with Roller Shades

Roller shades and drapes also look great when layered with drapery. Without making your windows too cluttered, choose printed drapes with a solid shade or vice versa. To make it more versatile you can also mismatch two prints at a time but keep in mind that one print should be smaller than the other.

  • Layering Draperies with Shutters

If expense is no object and you want to give your room a royal look, then you can layer drapes over the shutters. Though shutters are quite costly, they add life and beauty to your windows and give your home a great resale value.

  • Layering Draperies with Woven Wood Shades

Woven shades are designer’s all-time favourite as they pop up the look of your room. They are made of several weaves that filter the light entering your room. Layering drapes over woven wood shades give your room a soft look and allows you more control over the light accordingly.


Though every kind of window treatment gives your room a unique and elegant look, combining different kinds of window treatments gives your room’s interior an even more eye-catchy appeal. From the myriad window treatments layering options, you can choose the one that suits your room decor best as per your requirements.

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