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How to Keep Vertical Blinds from Blowing in the Wind

How To Keep Vertical Blinds From Blowing In The Wind

Modern Home Architecture

Home architecture has constantly been evolving and from the ancient gothic mansions to modern swanky houses, a lot has changed in terms of the design principles and the use of space. Modern houses are all about making the living space smart, efficient, symmetrical, and spacious. A major part of that also includes large glass windows and doors that give an expansive and open feel to the interiors. Elements such as sliding glass doors and windows are gaining in popularity and so are the smart home solutions that can interact with the space to provide an efficient and seamless living experience.

The large windows and doors allow more natural light to enter the house, making the interiors bright and lively. The interiors come alive and have a more welcoming appeal. Fun outdoors spaces such as the patio or the porch are also a common feature of modern homes with large patio doors to beautify the entrance. All these architectural elements come together seamlessly to give a ritzy outlook to the house.

Why You Should Dress Up Your Large Windows and Doors

While the big windows and doors make the house and the interiors more lively by bringing more natural light inside the house, this can be a problem as well at times. This is more pertinent when the weather outside is either too hot or too cold. Uncovered glass doors and windows are unable to insulate the interiors against the outside heat during summers or to prevent heat loss from inside during the winters. To prevent this heat exchange you will need to provide effective coverage to your sliding glass doors and other such large windows and doors in the house.

The large surface area of these windows also raises privacy concerns as bystanders can easily look inside the house through them. Hence you will need window coverings that can safeguard your privacy. As these windows and doors allow more bright sunlight to enter inside the house and that too for longer durations, glare can be a big issue that hampers visibility and media consumption experience. It can also cause UV exposure that can damage the furniture and drapery inside the house and cause them to discolor and whither away faster. Window coverings provide effective protection against both glare and UV exposure thanks to their excellent light control capabilities.
Large Vertical Blinds

Why Should You Consider Vertical Blinds for Large Windows and Doors in Your House

Vertical blinds are best suited for covering windows and doors that have a large surface area. This is probably the reason why vertical blinds are so widely used to dress up sliding glass doors. These blinds have wider and thicker slats that not only provide better coverage but also are more effective in preventing heat transfer. You get good light control and blackout performance along with these benefits.

Since these large windows and doors may be movable such as the sliding glass doors, you will need a window treatment solution that can move with the door or the window. You surely wouldn’t want to have to unmount the blinds every time you want to open the door or the window. Vertical blinds take care of this issue as you can mount them directly on the window or the door frame. The movable parts of the door or the window are in no way obstructed by the blinds and you get a seamless experience.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

How to Keep Vertical Blinds from Blowing in the Wind

Vertical blinds just like any other type of blinds are mounted on the top with the bottom part hanging freely. Now, there is no issue as such with this kind of setup in normal day to day usage as long as the window is not opened to let in some fresh air. While you normally won’t do that on a warm and sunny afternoon but when the weather is pleasant or during the night when it is not too warm out there, you may want to open your window at times.

When you open your window and the wind is strong, this may cause the vertical blinds to blow in the strong wind. This may create some noise or the blinds may get damaged if the wind is very strong. If you are trying to focus on your work or are trying to get some sleep, the noise may cause some distraction. The risk of the blinds getting damaged will also be a concern given the fact that installing any kind of window coverings in your house involves a significant expenditure and you certainly can’t afford to replace or repair your blinds too frequently.

So, is there some way of overcoming this issue? Surely there are several ways to tackle this issue and only involve some minor adjustments. Let us look at them in greater detail:

The vertical blinds blow in the wind because the bottom part of the blinds is hanging freely. So, if you secure the bottom vanes, the blinds won’t wobble or blow in the wind. You can either secure the bottom part of the blinds by adding weights to the vanes or by using connecting chains to keep them together.

You can also opt for heavier material such as wood and metal. As the material is heavier unlike the fabric vertical blinds that are much lighter, the weight of the heavier blinds can help prevent the blinds from blowing in the wind. Wooden vertical blinds can be a good example of the case in mind. By keeping the vertical blinds from blowing in the wind, you can prevent the noise and distraction and get sound sleep or keep the focus going when doing something important. Noisy blinds can also be embarrassing and a big put off when your guests come over. Using the aforementioned ways, you can surely prevent such situations and can enjoy the fresh air inside your room without having to compromise your privacy