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How To Keep Light From Coming Through Your Curtains


Curtains are the most versatile and classic form of window treatments that are designed to give your windows an aesthetically pleasing appeal while highlighting the other decorative elements in your home interior. Their countless availability in colors and texture options can change the feel and look of your space in a substantial way. The main reason for getting window covering is protecting our decor from the harsh daylight and heat. The struggle of blocking sun rays using curtains is real Many people opt for blackout curtains because of their incredible light, heat, and noise blocking capabilities. However, the sad truth is that not all blackout curtains provide complete darkness. No matter how effective and functional they are, light can easily enter through the edges and top of the curtains. This can be annoying especially when you have spent huge bucks to create a dark cozy ambiance.No matter what window curtain you choose, you need to take some extra precautions to ensure 100% light blockage along with a pitch-black room atmosphere. Now, the question is how to keep light coming through the curtains? What are the ways to stop the outside light streaming through the curtains? But before we discuss those quick fixes it’s important to know why room darkening and blackout curtains are not effective in light blocking.

● Having wrong sized curtains is the biggest reason for the light spilling from the top and side of the window frame. Curtains are custom made and you can get one as per your window size and shape. So, either it might be the wrong measurement or the negligence of the manufacturer which leads you to get the wrong product. So, always go for a trust-worthy and reliable window treatment brand and double-check the dimensions before you place an order.
● If the curtains are not installed properly then you may confront light leakages. Make sure that the curtain rods and brackets are located properly and you hang the curtain in the right place.
● If the curtains are hung far away from the window frame, then you will see large light gaps from where light can easily enter your space. Make sure that the rods are installed near to the wall.

But even after proper installation and right fit curtain, there might be a little chance of facing the issues of light spilling. To avoid this hassle, you can follow some simple steps that will give your space an ultimate level of darkness and privacy!

Ways of Keeping Light Out of the Home

● Opt for Blackout Curtains:
When the primary concern is to block outside light that disrupts your daytime sleep, blackout curtains should be your first priority. Make sure the curtain fabric is long and wide enough to cover your windows adequately. Try to go for dark-colored and thicker fabric materials that can reflect most of the light. You can also attach additional blackout liner to enhance the capability of light-blocking features.

● Wrap Around Curtain Rod:
One of the best and quickest ways to stop light streaming through the sides of the window edges is changing the curtain rod. Select a curtain rod that enfolds around the window and let your curtains give the windows maximum coverage. To prevent the light from shining from the top, install a U-shaped curtain rod.

● Magnetic Tape:
This tape is another great way to prevent the sunlight from coming through the side of the windows. Apply this tape on the side and back of the curtain which will help the dressing to stick with the wall while enhancing the maximum light coverage and privacy.
Magnetic Tape for Curtains
● Apply Aluminum Foil:
To block the light from the side and top of the windows, aluminum foil is a great choice to go for. They are not only capable of blocking light but also keep your interior cool and comfortable throughout the year.

● Layer Another Window Solution:
Integrating other window blinds over the curtains not only increases the light-blocking capacity but also revamp the beauty of your decor in a unique way. Make sure the other window covering should match your curtain style and coordinate with the decor type.
Dark Blinds with Dark Curtains
● Install Window Valance:
Placing a decorative valance on top of the window can prevent sunlight from pouring through the top of the window. And if the valance fabric is wide enough (hanging on the sides), then it will cover the side of the windows as well.
Beautiful Window Valances
● Stop Window Curtains From Blowing:
Whether windows are open or your air conditioner is on full blast, seeing the curtains blowing looks amazing as they bring refreshing vibes inside your home. But this allows sunlight to enter your space also. Use pins or velcro strips to stop the covering from moving. Opting for heavyweight curtains is also a great idea as they are hard to move.

These are the top recommended ways of keeping light from coming inside. There are other ways too and it’s up to you which one you will go for depending on the needs. Consult with the professionals to get more ideas on this!