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How To Keep Blinds Cords From Tangling

How To Keep Blinds Cords From Tangling

Window blinds help you keep the sun out and control the level of temperature and light in your home. However, sometimes you may face the issue of tangling of internal ribbons of cords that simply makes you lose your peace of mind, wondering how to keep blinds cords from tangling.

The most frustrating aspect of blinds is their long and finicky cords which keep tangling mostly due to their popularity among children and pets, who enjoy playing with these cords and turning these into an entangled mess. Make sure that your pets and small toddlers get away from the cords of the blinds so that they do not cause malfunctioning of your blinds. Even blowing winds through the window also causes blinds cords to tangle which poses a serious threat to young children, so much so that negligence can cause even death due to strangulation.

The extent of damage caused by tangled blinds cords is such that approximately one child dies every month due to strangulation from tangled blinds cords in the US as well as in other countries. Hence it’s urgent to find out ways to keep blinds cords from tangling and make them child proof blinds.

Further, the tangled cords of the blinds also increase the risk of permanent damage to blinds. Yet we cannot avoid using cords since they form one of the key components of blinds. It is only through the cords that a user can raise or lower the blinds as per the requirement; however, in this process, loose cords can turn dangerous. So, it’s important for every user to know how to keep blinds cords from tangling to avoid possible injuries and their deadly consequences apart from saving the blinds from getting damaged.

To keep blinds cords from tangling, first of all, we must fix the loose cords and their guiding mechanisms that allow the users to lower or raise the blinds. While doing regular dusting of blinds, we must check the cords and keep untangling them even if they are just slightly tangled. Initially, the slightly tangled cords hardy affect the functionality of blinds but if left unchecked, they become more entwined. Hence one pertinent response to the question of how to keep blinds cords from tangling is to keep a check on cords on a daily basis. We must free the cords from any tangled slats and ensure that all the slats are flat and easier to work with the blinds. We must take proper care of cords to free them from tangling while we hang the blinds.
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Proper care of blinds is also required, since handling blinds in an inappropriate manner may also lead to tangles within the frame of the blinds. If the cords attached to the blinds are not pulled simultaneously it results in the cords tangling together. In this process, we need to also free the tangled slats in the cords to ensure that window treatment doesn’t collapse since it can collapse if the cords are pulled forcefully. To keep blinds cords from tangling, it is a must to, first of all, check the proper functioning of the mechanism of the window system. Malfunctioning of the friction clips which helps the blinds in recoiling also leads to the blinds cords tangling together. The users must immediately replace any damaged friction clips to solve this issue.

The tangled cords also gradually damage the blinds by breaking the slats. It is urgent for the users to know all the necessary information on preventing the blinds cords from tangling. Untangle the cords as much as you can either by cutting or by saving the tassels to attach to the point.

Whether you are installing your cords blinds or replacing them, by following a few simple steps, you can untangle your blinds very easily and add a touch of elegance to your windows.
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To start with, while hanging the blinds, you should first be acquainted with the following checklist:
1. After hanging the blinds, first of all lower, the blinds will help in ensuring the correct size of the cords and the extra portion can be cut to keep the cords from tangling together.
2. If possible, lower the blinds all the way to the bottom of the window in your living area to ensure that you have enough cords to make your blinds up or down. At the same time if needed you can cut down anyway to sort out the problem of tangling and make it functional.
3. This will help you ensure that you have enough cord available should it be necessary to cut the cords.
4. Hold the bottom of the blinds and pull the cords to the left at a 45-degree angle to slowly lower the blinds one slat at a time. Lowering them evenly prevents the cords within the framework from tangling.

5. We must ensure the proper functioning of the cord stop fixed in the blinds. Made of plastic, the cord stop holds the cords together while raising or lowering the blinds. So, to keep the blinds cords from tangling, the seamless functioning of the cord stop is vital.
6. The cord stop must be checked for its proper functioning and then the blinds should be lowered slowing slats by slats to ensure the cords are free of tangles.
7. A cord winder is also one of the best options to be installed to the cords and store excess strings within the unit. It can prevent your blinds from entanglements by restricting the cords from your little toddlers and pets who can reach out very easily and play with them.
8. To install your cord wrap beside the window of your room, you will need to remove the tassels first then slip the winder onto the cords of the blinds and screw it wisely to give the proper finish to your living room.
9. Adjust your blinds according to your needs by using the cord wrap. After that remove your blinds by unhooking the mounting clips and ensure minimal force to avoid damage of the recoiling of blinds cords.

10. The excess cords must be wrapped around the pulley of the cord or the handle of the window so that the loose cords don’t tangle together when they are not being used.
11. The key is never allowing the blind cords to hang freely and keeping the cords close to the blinds so that no one gets a chance to play with those cords be it kids or the pets.
The above-mentioned steps will help you fix the cords of your blinds. We hope you are now quite clear on how to get rid of the problem of tangling of blinds. But if the situation seems dire and the tangled blinds are unrepairable, it is advisable to take an expert’s advice to see whether a fix is possible.

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