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How To Insulate Sliding Doors In The Winter

A couple of years back, it had almost cost me a fortune to restructure my existing home. I had gotten new doors and new tiles for every room, besides repainting walls and getting new wallpapers. Many friends and relatives called it a foolish idea, but I knew what I was doing. Restructuring my home not only gave it a thorough makeover but also increased its market value by several notches. One of my favorite areas in the newly restructured home was the living room. And it had a lot to do with the patio doors I had installed. These sliding doors have been a highlight in my home, and I generally host my weekend parties in this area, for they provide a solid and uninterrupted view of the front garden. The flowers are usually in bloom all year, and this beholds a great sight for me and my buddies when we are drinking and having a chat during evenings or day time. Sliding doors are an essential part of modern home decor. They reflect elegance and sophistication and bring a lot of natural light indoors. Besides the living room, they can be a great fit for any indoor area overlooking open space, such as the balcony or the terrace.

How Do Sliding Doors Work?

The sliding door mechanism usually has one fixed panel and one movable panel.
The movable panel has a track set in place to move them from side to side, parallel to the wall. This track is set at both the top and bottom of the frame and contains plastic or metal rollers to help them slide effortlessly.

As they provide an excellent view, you can keep a watch on your kids or pets playing in the yard or lawn, besides using the natural light to finish reading your book or cleaning your living room. However, they come with their own set of challenges. Sliding doors need effective insulation for all seasons, as the homes can get too warm or cold during summers and winters, respectively.

We will identify how you can insulate your sliding doors during chilly winters, instead of resorting to building a fireplace every time the temperatures dip. Insulating the doors is also necessary as it saves you from paying hefty electricity bills that arise as a result of using heaters for extended periods.
Curtain for Sliding Glass Door

Get The Right Window Treatments

The sliding door mechanism is a complicated one, and you need to have window treatments installed in a way that allows for easy and convenient sliding of the doors, instead of being a hindrance in opening or closing them. Here are some window treatments that are best suited to sliding doors, and can keep the rooms cozy and comfortable during winters.

Panel Track Blinds And Shades

Especially designed for sliding and patio doors, these blinds and shades are a unique addition to your home that will upscale the appearance of any indoors. Graber, a top brand for window treatments, boasts of Natural Shades in a variety of colors such as Lipo, Chencun, Inan and Amour to suit a variety of preferences. Besides their light filtering abilities, these natural shades can provide excellent protection against cold weathers, and can be easily cleaned and maintained regularly through soil removal, vacuuming and dusting.
Patio Sliding Glass Door Panel Track Shades

Vertical Cellular Shades

Don’t we all love experimenting in home decor? And when they yield excellent results, the feeling can’t be more satisfying. Vertical cellular shades can be an excellent choice for your large patio doors, adding warmth, depth and elegance to your room with their sleek and sophisticated appearance. Choose blackout fabrics in them, which have a metallic layer that helps block 100% of the light through the fabric itself. Their cell pockets also help to trap the cold winds and do not allow them to go past the window, even as they keep the hot air from escaping the room, thus keeping the room warm and comfy. Besides being great insulators, cellular shades come with a range of fabrics and colors to choose from and provide a great deal of privacy.
Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Door

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters as an ideal window covering options have been there since time immemorial, and there is a good reason why these classic window treatments continue to stay in style. These beauties hardly have a better alternative, and they can be used as both exterior and interior window treatments. Coming in a huge variety of colors and designs, they add a classic touch to the room that is minimal and ravishing at the same time. Available in various materials, their most popular kind is wooden window shutters, for their fabulous furnish and the element of nature involved. With the installation of these eco-friendly window treatments, you can contribute to the environment as they do not use synthetic materials. They can also be recycled years down the line to create small chairs or stools. Clearly, an investment in wooden shutters is worth it; they are excellent insulators, can be great light filtering window treatments and also keep you safe and secure.

Despite their advantages, wooden window treatments are comparatively expensive. If you have budget constraints, you can instead opt for faux wood shutters. By keeping the base material like wood, these shutters are coated in PVC or other similar materials to give them a neat and fabulous finish. Unlike wooden treatments, they are water-resistant, which makes them ideal window treatments for bathrooms and kitchens as well. Needless to say, they can be pretty effective for sliding glass doors, keeping your home protected at all times.

Seal Gaps Through Weatherstripping

Even when you have the best window treatments, quilts and curtains, there may be times when the home is affected with the fall in temperatures. Instead of spending a fortune on new shades and blinds or getting professional help, you need to identify if there are any gaps, cracks or holes that need to be fixed. Weatherstripping requires sealing of such gaps. It can take various forms, of which adhesive-backed foam is the most common. It seals out the air while the cushioning effect reduces the noise that may come from slamming the window or door shut. Other forms of weatherstripping involve the use of spring-metal strips, serrated metal, and tubular gaskets, to name a few.

Caulk The Windows

One way to seal the gaps at the sides of windows, from which air can pass through, is to apply caulk. However, it must be noted that caulk is neither pretty to look at nor is it a design element that will enhance the appearance of your window space. Window caulking must be a smooth and efficient purpose and requires a certain degree of skill to blend it in with the structure. You can take help, but before doing so, ensure that the caulk you purchase is of high quality and is able to withstand diverse climatic conditions and humid rooms.

Add Thermal Curtains

One way to protect your interiors is to cover the sliding doors with thermal curtains in a way that doesn’t impact their movement. The thick layer of these curtains is made from thick materials like velvet, silk, and polyester blends to keep the warm air in the room from escaping and prevent the cold air from coming in. Their insulating properties not only keep you comfortable but also reduces outside noise. You can open them when you need a clear outside view, and close them when you need some privacy and a good night’s sleep.

To sum up, there are multiple ways in which you can insulate your sliding doors during the winter season. These methods can also be equally effective during summers. They help reduce your electricity bills by as much as 30%, thus avoiding the usage of heaters and other expensive ways to keep indoors at room temperature.

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